Brows that enhance (and even seem to improve) your bone structure.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what does that make for the eyebrows? Can you say really fabulous custom drapery? The eyebrow, if properly shaped, can take years off your face and even improve bone structure. Well, the former is true but the latter is actually taken from the October issue of Allure Magazine, Best of Beauty Directory. Allure Magazine named me the Best in Brows for Philadelphia saying “Brows that enhance (and even seem to improve) your bone structure”. Women come to me saying “I’m growing out my brows” or “just clean them up, I like the shape”. For the clients growing out their brows, I ask the following questions: how long has it been since you’ve had your brows tweezed or waxed? have you ever had thicker eyebrows? are you using a growth stimulator? Some women think by not doing anything to their brows, they will just fill in on their own. The trend of thicker, highly groomed brows is here to stay. Not all of us were born with Brooke Shields’ eyebrows. And that’s okay. Making the most from what you have is where I come in. After I make my assessment, I like to tint the brows so that the lighter hairs become pigmented and enhance the fullness. Trimming and shaping are next. I use hard wax which is gentle for the most sensitive eye tissue and follow up with tweezing to perfect the arch. And speaking of arches, remember your brows are sisters, not twins. Faces are not perfectly symmetrical and brows may not be exactly the same. My final recommendation is to begin using RevitaBrow every night, NO TWEEZING, and come back in 4 weeks. Learning to use a brow pencil can make this process less painful and I am happy to teach all of my clients proper filling and defining techniques. Schedule your Designer Brow Shaping today and I promise you’ll have more beautiful brows in 30 minutes.
Feel young, look younger!

Rescue Esthetician,






Samantha Lowe

Quick Fixes for Winter Hands

Like the weather, our bodies change season to season, and the winter months can be especially hard on your hands. Exposure and dry conditions can wreak havoc on your skin and cuticles. This can lead to dryness, eczema, cracking, and unhealthy cuticles.


Be proactive about the health of your hands this winter and take some time to show your hands a little love. We have two quick and inexpensive fixes for those winter hands.

Qtica Oil Gel ($12)

This is one of my favorite products for this time of the year, it is a cuticle oil in gel form that contains more than 12 essential oils. It penetrates into the cuticle and heals; all good to helping maintain healthy looking cuticles.

Application: Start by applying a dab to cuticles and massage in, it melts into the cuticle and locks in the moisture.

One minute manicure: ($12)

This is a great product for the woman who’s always moving (who isn’t) and has no time to heal those dry cracked hands. This product contains dead sea salts along with oils to help get rid of that dry skin and leaves hands moisturized with a soft glow.

Application: Apply a dime sized amount into hand and massage in for a minute. I always tell clients to pay attention to the areas in-between the fingers and around the cuticles because these areas are the most likely for dryness and cracking to begin. And remember – a little goes along way!

Hope to see you soon for a manicure!

Nail Technician,





Kelly Jean Collana


Electric Facials (as seen in ELLE)

For more than 15 years Danuta Mieloch, owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa has been using  electric in her facials.  Finally the buzz about microcurrents has reached the mainstream!  Electric currents provide painless, non-invasive results to stimulate the muscles in the face (unlike botox), and delivers immediate lifting and plumping effects.  Rescue’s estheticians are personally trained by Danuta to use the most exclusive, state of the art microcurrent machinery available.  Still skeptical?  Schedule a Biolift or Energy Lift facial and see the results for yourself!

More:  Read the article in ELLE

Staff Pick: Environ

I love Environ’s C-Boost and Clarifying Lotion. They are my go to products for brightening and smoothing hyper-pigmented, rough skin. Both are non-greasy and very light in texture with virtually no aroma. C Boost contains vitamin C which stimulates collagen; it keeps the skin tight and helps to eliminate fine lines. Clarifying lotion can be used as a spot treatment as well as all over to fade dark spots due to sun exposure or hormonal activity. Together they deliver a one-two punch that Floyd Mayweather would be jealous of.






Linda Harding


Fall Look 2011


Out of the season’s none but autumn displays such a glorious array of warm colors, and this season’s new makeup shades are bold reds, passionate plums, gold, navy blue, green, brown, and burgundy. Illuminate nature with hues and textures that jump from the earth, whether it is smoky eyes, lush lips, precious metals or deep, purple this fall there are plenty of fashion forward makeup choices.

A smokey look doesn’t have to be a frightening one. The aim is sophistication that smoulders with lightness of touch, allowing this look to work for both day and night.

With eyes being strong, keep lips simple. Choose a light neutral shade with a touch of gloss for finished yet relaxed look.


Luxurious lips take on this effect when draped with depth. Try deep wine, velvety crimson, bronzed brick, and red. Whatever the color selection, let the lips lead and the rest of the makeup follow, balance the look with a soft neutral shadow on the eyes. Choose one with shimmer to make the eye pop.

When applying dark lip color use a lip brush for preciseness and ease.

Schedule a complimentary makeup consultation, so I can help you achieve the look you want!

Makeup Artist & Designer Eyebrow Shaping Expert





Maria Gulraiz


NEW at RESCUE! Travel Size P50 “1970”

“If you are like me, packing liquids in your checked luggage makes you a bit fearful. Who hasn’t had a bottle of shampoo or perfume open during a flight? P50 “1970” from Biologique Recherche is now available in a 1.7 ounce travel size.  So now your favorite skin care product can travel with you, right where it belongs…in your carry on cosmetics case.”







Samantha Lowe

Put on those dark nail colors without any guilt!

It’s officially fall! So now you can put on those dark nail colors without any guilt. Whether you’re a plum, blue or gray kind of girl there’s a fall color for everyone!
I’m going to run through some of my top picks to start you off.

Essie’s Carry On (matte)
Zoya’s Jem (metallic)

Chanel’s Blue Rebel (matte)
YSL’s #44 (metallic)

Essie’s Smokin’ Hot (matte)
Zoya’s Tao (metallic)


Nail Technician,






Sally Man

Allure Best Of Beauty: Brows and Facial