Miss Pennsylvania’s RESCUE Testimonial

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Rescue Spa. My masseuse listened to my concerns and tailored my deep tissue massage to my needs. The esthetician I worked with examined my skin before applying anything and again especially customized my facial. My skin was glowing for an entire week. Rescue was voted Best of Philly and I heard about them through word of mouth so I decided to give them a try. My expectations were exceeded. The staff is very friendly, the facilities are clean and peaceful and the services are the best in the city. Thank you for your help Rescue!”

Amber-Joi Watkins
Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011


All Eyes on Neck

For the past several years, New Yorkers have been migrating here to Philly in record numbers. One of their major influences, aside from inspiring every restaurant to offer dining al fresco is that our standing on the fashion chic-o-meter has gone up considerably. I mean, is it possible to even find anyone who is not rocking a scarf around their neck East Village style? Which means that even while your neck is somewhat protected against the elements it is also victim to the assault of different fabrics constantly rubbing against it.

To the rescue (no pun intended) Valmont’s Prime Neck– a deliciously light luxuriant hydrating crèam that not only soothes the delicate neck tissues but helps to restore the lift and texture of that tender area. I personally used this cream like crazy last week to maintain the moisture levels of my neck and décolleté while attending a tech conference in a hyper-air conditioned building and then later during beach time. Because I try to pack for trips as lightly as possible, it also doubled as a night treatment for my eyes and lips. For those women who have been good about taking care of their face but not so diligent about their neck and chest it’s a great product to help improve the area dramatically. I will be using this moisturizer all winter under my turtlenecks and winter gear to ensure a great looking décolleté come holiday season.

Do I need to specifically address my winter brides on this issue? You know who you are. If the neckline on your bridal gown is v, draped, square, plunging or strapless you need to pay huge attention to this area of your body as well.  We’ll chat about further when you come in for your bridal facial.

Btw I had the opportunity last week to interview the vibrant Tracey Archer of Sandy Lane Spa in Barbados, Conde Nast winner for Best Spa in the Caribbean 2011. Stay tuned for my live chat with her but in the meantime check out my latest interview with Aude Koch, Directrice of La Mamounia Spa in Morocco, winner of Conde’ Nast’s Best Hotel Spa in the World 2011.






Linda Harding

Holiday Nails

For the holidays change things up a bit. Put aside those reds for something more exciting like Chanel’s line of sparkles and metallics.

Graphite, a lovely deep gray solid glitter, gives you the holiday sparkle without making your nails look like Dorthy’s shoes.

Can’t decide on what metallic to wear? Peridiot has three colors intertwined. A pinch of silver, hint of green all stirred into a pot of rich creamy gold.

If you’re not all into the statement of color, but still want to step out of the box try Quartz. Chanel did an incredible job blending champagne, gray and brown. Making Quartz a perfect neutral that’s not at all the usual.

Nail Technician,






Sally Man


Vogue’s Best Dressed: Brow Guru, Maria Gulraiz

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa’s makeup artist and threading expert Maria Gulraiz was named Brow Guru in the current issue of Vogue’s Best Dressed Special Edition magazine!

“Gulraiz uses the fast, painless, and precise method known as threading for sensitive types in search of structured, face-framing brows.”

Take advantage of  Maria’s expertise at a fabulous price by booking our For Your Eyes Only holiday special which includes a Designer Eyebrow Shaping and Just Eyes makeup application.  (Appointments are booking up fast!)




Looking for Results?

Revitalize your skin’s appearance with Refirme (aka skin tightening) services at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. Refirme is a non-invasive laser procedure, which involves no downtime and minimal pain. This revolutionary technology has two phases.  The first phase consists of tightening collagen that is already present so the result is immediate.  The second phase occurs more slowly as the skin initiates a natural wound healing response and creates new collagen which provides long term tightening.  So what’s not to like about disappearing wrinkles?  Reclaim a more youthful appearance with Refirme treatments!







Shannon Mansor


Jana by Zoya

Come to Rescue and enjoy a manicure and pedicure with Ana Maria. The color of the week and season is Jana from Zoya, this nail polish doesn’t chip away and my clients love the color. The colder season is here so it’s important to take care of your hands and feet with our ultimate manicure & pedicure. These services are 45 minutes long each and include a hydrating mask, massage with organic oil, and finish with moisturizing lotion. Your hands and feet will feel rejuvenated, replenished, and ready for what winter will bring.

Nail Technician,






Ana Maria Hernandez

Teen Facials

Adolescence is a transitional stage in everyone’s life both physically and mentally. Its especially challenging when it effects our skin. We all wish there was a miracle cure for those unsightly blemishes. How many times has it spoiled a special event or date because your skin was broken out? Starting a healthy skincare regimen early has proven to help premature aging and reduce chronic acne. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is greatly affected by hormones, stress and genetic factors that can be the cause of acne. Proper skin care along with regular facial treatments can help greatly in balancing the skin to reduce acne breakouts. Our Estheticians at Rescue are trained to determine the right course needed for each individual’s needs. We can help in educating you on how to take care of “your skin”. Teen facials are the best place to start to help balance and purify your complexion. No more shying away from pictures because that pimple is staring you in the face; healthy skin is here to stay.







Connie Henry

How to achieve the most radiant skin

What do you do to your skin everyday? You probably cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect. For me, a skincare devotee I believe beauty has evolved and doing what our mothers did is no longer good enough. After all 30’s are the new 20’s, 50’s are the new 40’s, and 70’s are the new 50’s! You no longer have to wait for your high school reunion. We are going global, everyone and their mother is on facebook, comparing how each other looks. Doing the bare minimum in the skincare world is no longer good enough. In the age of Botox injections, lasers, and plastic surgery, it seems hard to keep up. Today I’m here to talk about an evolving skincare routine. For myself I layer up with many products twice a day and I change my routine every 2-3 months, as I believe skin gets used to products and it’s efficacy plateaus. But I also customize my serums and creams on a daily basis since my skin may one day feel prone to breakouts where as the next it feels dry and dehydrated. Our skins are forever changing, depending on the cycles, seasonal, monthly, daily, etc. Therefore when I’m dedicated to creating my own serum mixture my skin looks the most radiant. My all time favorite serums are Complexe Iribiol for breakouts, Fluide VIP O2 and Silk Plus for hydration, and Infinite Radiance Essence for a Vitamin C boost. Winter is the toughest time of the year for our skin and we should all change our skincare routine with the season. Try to switch on and off with active ingredient products like Retinol or Vitamin C by Environ to AHA Creme from Biologique Recherche. These are the strongest anti-aging products I use. Yet swapping them for hydrating serums and a richer moisturizer from time to time allows the skin to regenerate and rebuild. Skincare should be fun, it’s like switching your wardrobe for the colder season. You’ll layer more, cover up more, and keep your look updated. Instead of flat, dull, and sallow skin opt for dewy, glowing, skin every winter day. My advice is to customize a haute couture skincare routine just for you!


Danuta Mieloch


Holiday Wish List

Peel & Reveal Facial: Prep your skin for the holidays with a mild peel and our famous Rescue microdermabrasion (which helps even out the skin tone).  Lackluster skin becomes history as gorgeous, glowing skin is revealed. ($150)

Pomegranate Mani/Pedi: Enjoy the rich antioxidants and luxurious aromatherapy of pomegranate. Soak, scrub, and polish your fingers and toes to a glowing perfection. ($75)

For Your Eyes Only: Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. With the help of Rescue’s expert makeup artist, a Designer Eyebrow Shaping and Just Eyes makeup application guarantee you’ll be glamorous!  Relax and leave the holiday party primping to us.($50)

Cozy Hot Stone Massage: Take comfort in the warmth of a 60 minute Hot Stone Massage. Our talented massage therapists are here, ready to warm you up, slow your pace, and ease your body through the chilly months ahead. ($120)

VelaShape: Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution!   VelaShape will leave you smooth, sexy, and cruise ready in no time. ($150)