The power of ReFa lies in its expertly designed beauty technology. ReFa is revolutionizing skin care by helping to achieve firmer, more toned, beautiful skin.
“Made in Japan, major in Korea! This device is designed to replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that an aesthetician might include in a treatment. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation. It is platinum coated & the current carrying bearings within the rollers transfer microcurrent to your skin. Think DIY daily biolift! Oh and it’s solar powered.” 

carat_imageSolar or indoor light is converted into img9microcurrent:  Our bodies naturally carry a low electrical current that helps regulate circulation and contributes to skin’s overall healthy appearance. As we age, the skin’s natural current diminishes causing skin to lose some of its luster and glow. It is designed to help recharge your skin. Applying the ReFa to your face or body allows these microcurrents to transfer to your skin and help stimulate circulation. Using your ReFa daily can help improve skin’s tone, firmness, elasticity, and give you an overall more youthful, refreshed glow.

ReFa’s microcurrents are produced entirely from solar energy. So you can take your ReFa with you anywhere and never have to replace batteries or plug in to charge. The small solar panel located on the top of the roller handle absorbs sunlight or indoor light and converts it into a low level current that is emitted through the rollers to your beautiful skin.

CARATMassaging motion, Rolling stimulation: ReFa’s three-dimensional design was developed to replicate the same feelings you might experience getting a massage or special treatment in a spa or Aesthetician’s office. The rollers work together to carefully massage skin while the handle allows you to control pressure. With the ReFa you can enjoy this type of treatment in the comfort of your own home or wherever you might find yourself needing to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate your skin.

The ReFa CARAT is designed to replicate the gentle pinching and kneading sensation that an Aesthetician might include as part of your treatment. These actions stimulate your skin and the muscles below and increase circulation. The ReFa CARAT works on your body such as:

  • Jaw line
  • Face
  • Underarm
  • Waist
  • Inner thigh
  • Neck
  • Chest


waterPlatinum coating protects your skin and the ReFa: Designed with you in mind. Not only does it feel wonderful and produce excellent results, it’s made to last. In fact, the entire surface of the rollers is platinum coated to be both acid and heat resistant and protect your delicate skin. And it’s completely waterproof so you can add a relaxing ReFa treatment to make your shower or bath a truly spa-like experience.

  • Made in Japan.
  • Solar powered.
  • Waterproof.
  • Approximately 38 uA microcurrents (same as the human body).
  • Platinum (Pt) coating, ABS resin, brass, acrylic, silicone rubber, elastomer, stainless steel, nylon.
  • Instruction booklet, pouch, cleaning cloth included.
  • Size: 92 x 147 x 61 mm

*Also available: ReFa Body, ReFa S Carat (mini), and Refa High Tension Sheet Masks

Confessions of a Wax-Fearing Drama Queen

Alright, I admit it. Getting waxed is not my strongest suit. On my life skills list, it falls somewhere in between reaching things on the top shelf and trigonometry. It’s not something I’m proud of. I will say, I am half Mexican, first generation, so those roots run pretty deep (puns always intended). The struggle is real for me – every new esthetician that I see asks me what my ethnic background is, because I look like your average white girl until you’re up close and personal.

Is this too much information for you already? If so, I suggest you stop reading now, because it’s about to get even realer.

My first waxing experience happened on a table in my friend’s dorm room, featuring sugar wax, someone who may not have been licensed, and a bucket to catch my tears. Needless to say, I hobbled away bruised to high heaven with a patchy bikini line and a waxing phobia to haunt me for all eternity.

I am so not one of those women who scoffs at waxes, saying “I don’t even feel it anymore”. I don’t think I will ever be such a seasoned veteran, though I envy the lack of nerve endings that must make this sensation possible. Not gonna lie, it hurts, every single time. I get nervous like I’m about to sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl before I go in, and I start sweating through my shirt as soon as I get on the table.

BUT I have learned some tricks along the way that have taken me from trembling baby chihuahua on the waxing table to wincing wonder with a wax in the books every 5 weeks, and they’re coming at you live:


The power of breathing is a wonderful thing. It works in daily aggravations, child delivery, meditation, etc etc. Not so long ago, I learned this trick that has actually changed my hairless life: When the esthetician is applying the wax, deeply inhale. Right before the strip is pulled, begin a long, steady exhale that continues until the strip is gone. Focus on the breathing and find your om. It really is amazing. I’m not saying “you don’t even feel anything!”, but it’s certainly the closest I’ve ever come to it.


Help yourself out with some ibuprofen or a shot of tequila. It definitely works, no matter what the haters say.


No, not the burger place (not that I’d disagree with treating yourself after a little wax). The greatest gift an esthetician can give, in my humble opinion, is a quickie wax. I was in a bind last week in desperate need of some hair removal. I booked a Lotus Wax with our very own Chrissy Dress, esthetician extraordinaire and fitness guru on the side. I kid you not, this woman had me in and out of her room in 7 minutes flat. That’s including dressing, undressing, cleanup, and coaching/entertaining me through it all (her stories can actually distract you from the fact that hair is being ripped out of your tender little body). She was professional, hilarious, and lightening fast, which you know I appreciate most of all.

My Mexicanness is real, especially in the ingrown hair department. I’ve tried all the serums, creams and sticks that my bank account can support, and here’s what I’ve found. You need a one-two punch if you really want to nix the ingrowns for good – exfoliation and prevention (see next). First, grab yourself an exfoliating glove or towel for the shower. If you’ve got a serious situation downstairs, start by using it daily with your body wash all over. Later on, you can switch to using it twice a week. It’s amazing for getting rid of dead skin cells that are trapping the ingrown hairs, leaving you buffed and beautiful. Your ingrowns will start to expose themselves, not to mention the rest of your body will feel like a baby’s bottom. Throw it in the laundry with your towels on hot weekly to make sure it’s nice and clean.

Even though you feel like you’re the ingrown exterminator come shower time (just me?), exfoliating is not enough. You need to fortify your efforts with some product to leave on the skin throughout the day or night. I recommend the PFB Vanish, a roll-on gel (no cleanup) that specifically targets screw-shaped hair that winds itself into the skin. Apply twice a day if you’re in cleanup mode, or once a day if you’re merely trying to prevent ingrowns. This stuff works fast (within 48 hrs) – a trait that I’m into when it comes to body hair maintenance if you can’t tell. This also works wonders on the beard area, so le boyfriend can use it too!


  • Shower. Come in nice and clean. It helps the wax stick in all the right places, prevents bacteria from entering hair follicles, and keeps our estheticians keep doing what they’re doing and not switching careers.
  • Wait until your hair is at least 1/2 inch long (aka a pinky nail’s length) to get waxed, otherwise you’ll go through all the drama of a wax and walk out still hairy. Wax needs substantial hair to attach to, so grow it a little. If you’re a first timer with a hippie situation going on, give the whole region a trim down to 1/2 inch, trust me.
  • Don’t even think about shaving in between!! Put down the razor. Gone are the days of stubble in your nether regions – your hair will grow in slower, finer, and less aggressively all around. The first wax is always the most painful, because the hair is coarse and the roots are deep. As soon as you shave in between waxes, you basically start over. Give yourself (and your water bill) a break and stop shaving!
  • If you’re using feminine washes (which I do not recommend for a host of reasons), beware. They cause the wax to adhere to your skin, not your hair, so be sure to stop the feminine washes at least 2 days before the wax.
  • Try to get your bikini area waxed in the middle of your cycle. The closer you are to that magical time of month, the more painful it will probably be. If you’re in a bind and need that last minute wax before vacation, mentally prepare.

Let me know if you have any additional questions, concerns, fears, or even your own horror stories. I’m always here to talk at!

xo Lauren

Three Simple Beauty Tricks for Busy Moms

Any mom will tell you, some days it’s a blessing if we can even take a shower let alone put makeup on. As a mother of two little ones, I spend more time cleaning up something sticky than throwing on some mascara. Over the past few years, I’ve had to adjust my beauty routine to keep up with my hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, Rescue offers plenty of services and products that will keep moms looking like they actually had more than three hours of sleep. Here are my top “three busy mommy beauty tricks”:


1. Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

At Rescue, our Xtreme eyelash extension service is a game changer for women on the go. Each eyelash is gently applied to your lashes without damage with a safe hypoallergenic glue, which gives you gorgeous eyelashes only requiring maintenance to refill them every 2/3 weeks. In the summer, I spend a lot of time outside chasing my kids around, sweating, or taking a dip in the pool. Extensions give a long, voluminous look, that’s on par with my favorite mascara but without the downside of smudging, reapplying, or clumpy lashes. With my custom lashes, I can roll out of bed and throw on a touch of makeup in under five minutes!


2. Preventative Cleansing

In mom world, sleep is a king. But sometimes, taking that extra step to wash your face after putting the little ones down can seem like a hassle. However, preventative care can save money down the line and keep your face looking young. With toddlers running around, I needed to come up with a quick skin care routine. To start, use Lait U cleansing milk, which works to deeply cleanse the pores. Follow the cleanse with Lotion P50 to keep your face balanced and glowing. Next, apply a little Biologique Recherche Le Grand Serum, which helps to prevent aging, smooth the skin, and keep the face plumped. Finally, finish your bedtime routine with a bit of Environ moisturizer to keep the skin well hydrated. Voilà!––not only will your wallet thank you after you’ve gotten the kids off to college, but your skin will thank you too.


3. Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protection

The quickest way to age your skin is through sun damage. Jan Marini not only smells great, but it has excellent SPF coverage and a light, airy feel that won’t make you feel oily. Too busy for foundation? Try Jan Marini that has a bit of tinted bronzer to give your face a bit of color. With summer coming, it’s an easy step to pop into a morning routine to give your a face a fresh, dewy look.

Need a break from the kids entirely? Come visit one of our estheticians at Rescue for a full skin consultation, one of our premier facials, or simply relax in the spa as you sip your tea and let the stress melt away.


Jeni Dalponte, Esthetician of 14 years


Photography: Lauren McGrath
All rights reserved

What’s the deal with Biolift?

Biolift is essentially one giant upgrade to your traditional classic facial here at Rescue, and here’s why: electricity!! In the City of Brotherly Love, where our own Ben Franklin first harnessed the electric power of lightening, we here at Rescue are doing essentially the same for your face.

Sound a little intense for you? I thought so too. So I booked myself a Biolift with our very own esthetician Joanna Kula (Ben Franklin was booked for the day) to test it out – her credentials are pretty stacked, so I knew I was in good hands.

We started with a little Lait U cleanse, which for the record feels 1000 times better when a professional applies it. Joanna followed with the Valmont Face Scrub, full of tiny exfoliating granules that left my face feeling buffed clean and new, not to mention it smells like a dream. Of course, the ever-renowned P50 1970 followed. Joanna basically gave my face a bath in this toner, pressing the drenched cotton round into my skin to really deliver the product (a technique I’ve been trying to replicate). I can’t actually afford to spread that much P50 on myself every day, nor does Joanna recommend it, but for the occasional facials, the P50 party on my face felt phenomenal.

Then for the big shebang: the Biolift!!!

The electric current is delivered through two sponges that Joanna keeps in constant motion on the face. In areas that could use a little extra love, like the eyes, frown lines, jawline or the brow, she plumps the skin by using a pumping motion to really activate the muscles. That’s the sweet thing about Biolift – the electric current activates muscles in the face, penetrating the layers of the skin. Joanna explained it like this: Biolift is like going to the gym. If you work your muscles at the gym one time, you aren’t going to see lasting results. But if you go all the time, your muscles will build. And when its muscles on your face you’re beefing up, that means bye bye sagging skin, hello cheekbones!

And if you’re closer to my age and don’t quite have wrinkles that need filling or a jawline that needs tightening, fear not!! Biolift is still an amazing service for you. Not only will those few stress lines be filled for your big event – like seriously by permanent brow furrow was erased – but you will walk out of there with glowing, radiant skin. My face felt baby soft (it still does, a week later), fuller in all the right places, and finally hydrated possibly for the first time in my life. And it’s all thanks to the fact that Biolift’s electric currents send the products already on the skin even deeper into the epidermis – more so than a normal facial could. And who couldn’t benefit from that?

I cannot stress how beneficial Biolift is for younger women, as well as women with more mature skin. If you don’t believe me, take it from Joanna, who says “It is a great preventative treatment, especially for those who want to avoid plastic surgery later on. It helps to combat not only the effects of gravity on the face, but also helps stimulate collagen production, which is the reason why skin becomes saggy in the first place. Women start to lose collagen very rapidly in their 30s and it just goes downhill from there, which is why prevention is the so important early on.”


After the Biolift treatment, she spread Oligo-Proteines Marines Serum over my skin (amazing for dark circles), followed by Vip O2 Creme (light and oxygenating), finished with Serum Fluide VIP O2 for that million dollar glow.


If you’ve got a big night out on the horizon, I cannot recommend this service more. It’s the perfect quick lift for any special occasion that will have people begging you for your skincare regimen. In the wise words of that guy from Men’ Warehouse, “You’re gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.”


Feel free to reach out to me directly with any inquires at

xo Lauren


Miriam Morales of Scripts of shares her experience with P50…

I’m really excited to be sharing this #beautypost with you guys! You know I’m a product junkie and love testing out new stuff. I’ve slowed down just a bit when it comes to skin care products though because I was (still am) trying to clear up my skin and get it to a healthy place again. Guys, I found something so amazing I just had to tell you all about it! Let me back up a bit…

There one too many occurrences where Biologique Recherche, a French exfoliating toner, was mentioned as a holy grail. Really? I was curious (obviously) and spent an entire week, every day, for HOURS reading reviews. I love reading reviews because they do help get a sense of what to expect with a product. Between and Rescue Spa almost every single review was positive…like, astonishingly positive. Only about 2% were negative. However, they all basically said the same four things: 1. the smell is horrendous, 2. it stings/burns a bit when applied on the skin, 3. it’s pricey, 4. there might be a purging phase. I’m not going to lie, the purging part if what freaked me out the most. I could not deal with more breakouts. But I decided to give it a shot anyway.

Biologique RechercheI got the P50 without phenol and they didn’t lie! This stuff is expensive. A 1.7oz bottle is $27, with shipping it came to $37. Since I was trying it out I got the smallest bottle to see how I’d like it. Yes, it stings but after awhile you get used to it. Yes, it smells bad, but who cares? You get used to that too. On the first day I only used it at night to see how my skin would react and then use twice daily. Well, well, well, the morning after…man, y’all don’t even know! I noticed a huge difference!. I couldn’t believe that with just one use what it did to my skin. A miracle I tell ya.
Biologique Recherche reviewMy skin was noticeably a lot clearer. In under 2 weeks my blemishes and dark spots were clearing up. Those 1.7oz went quick! It was a must for me to continue using this toner so I ordered the next size up, 5.7 at $57 and with tax it came to $67. Told you it’s not cheap but it’s so worth every penny! The right side of my face was bad, like really, really, really, REALLY, bad. It is clear now and the dark spots are fading away. Even the large pores on my forehead that decided to take center stage are getting smaller and smaller. My makeup goes on more smoothly and just looks better period. And, I don’t feel like I need so much! Which is great because summer is right around the corner and I don’t like to wear too much makeup on my face in the blazing heat.

If it did all that in just under a month I can’t wait to see how my skin looks in 3 months. This product completely transformed my skin. I love it. Now that’s not to say that my tea tree oil and other organic natural stuff are dunzo, no, no, no. They’re still good for every now and then use like the days/mornings/evenings when I decide not to use my Biologique Recherche. Because I mean, the stuff is expensive and I’m trying to make it last!

So what do you think? Will you give it a try?


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