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Monika Kozlowska – Rescue Spa Aesthetician 

Just as the skin has many different layers so does my beloved skincare regimen, as each one serves different values to your skin.  Biologique Recherche products allow each individual to create a unique program for their personal best skin.

My recommended five step regimen starts with a cleansing milk such as Lait U to cleanse, hydrate and balance your skin.

Second? Lotion P50 Original “1970 toner… a treatment in itself!  Well known as a“facial in a bottle” it tops the charts in terms of a product that does it all.  The phenol is antibacterial and balancing, the salicylic acid gently exfoliates your skin, and the lactic acid hydrates.  Seriously, a perfect combination!  After the first use, your skin will be glowing and pH balanced which is so important in order to keep the skin’s natural barrier and protection healthy.

Third. Here come the Quintessential Serums (one for each skin type)!  They are all water based with active amino acids or peptides meant to treat skin imbalances.  Use them after  P50, they penetrate quickly and set your skin for the final step: Moisturizer.

Last but not least BR offers the most sophisticated finishing serums which provide instant and long lasting effects.  They are formulated with botanical extracts, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid,  as well as potent moisturizing and oxygenating DNA extracts.  They can be applied both under or over moisturizer for a radiant and natural finish.  Finishing Serums aren’t to be overlooked, they prolong and protect the effects of your entire skincare regimen.  *They also create a great makeup base.

There is technically one more step worth mentioning … Sunscreen.  Yes, it should be applied separately because every well-respected line keeps SPF separate from their creams in order to maintain the benefits of the active ingredients in both products.

tried and true products…




P50 ORIGINAL “1970”









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Study Shows Men Spend Just as Much as Women on Skincare Products But what exactly are men spending it on?

A young man shaving in the mirror
A young man shaving in the mirror

Hold up. Everything you thought you knew about gender and beauty stereotypes is wrong. According to this study, men and women are spending the same amount of money when it comes to beauty products. But how can this be? Men are supposed to be ambivalent towards skincare and things that are typically classified as “feminine”… right? What are they doing? What, exactly, are they using? We’ve hit up the estheticians of Philly’s most renowned spas to finally debunk the mysterious beauty habits of men and really break down the best in men’s skincare.

  • First things first, men are getting just as many expensive products and treatments as women. Esthetician Joanna Kula of Rescue Spa in Rittenhouse sees her male customers routinely buying the Biologique Recherche P50 exfoliating toner. The P50 toning lotion ranges from $27 for a travel size bottle (y’all!) and $94 for a full 8 oz., which goes to show that men will definitely cough up some dough when it comes to beauty.

Valmont Skincare Event: 2 days of Beauty

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Two special Valmont Days dedicated to enhancing your beauty.

September 27th 9am to 5pm
September 28th 9 am to 5 pm

Valmont ambassador, Jessica Bonnetain, will provide complimentary skin analysis and personalized recommendation.

Exclusive offers during this event:

Receive a complimentary Valmont discovery facial (value $95) with purchase of 2 Valmont products*

Free skin consultation and personalized skin care advice

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Valmont Art Exhibit / Fall VIP Cocktail Party

16115_Valmont-InvitationRescueSpa_5b (1)Rescue Spa and Valmont invite you to experience Collection d’Artistes: by Didier Guillon. A pop up exhibition of 9 leading artists of the Valmont universe, showcasing Valmont’s passion and the connection between beauty and art.

Featured Artists:
Bénédicte Blanc Fontenille
Didier Guillon
Frederic Amat
Jane Lebesque
Joan Artigas
Leonardo Cimolin
Quentin Garel
Yves Belorgey