What’s the deal with Biolift?

Biolift is essentially one giant upgrade to your traditional classic facial here at Rescue, and here’s why: electricity!! In the City of Brotherly Love, where our own Ben Franklin first harnessed the electric power of lightening, we here at Rescue are doing essentially the same for your face.

Sound a little intense for you? I thought so too. So I booked myself a Biolift with our very own esthetician Joanna Kula (Ben Franklin was booked for the day) to test it out – her credentials are pretty stacked, so I knew I was in good hands.

We started with a little Lait U cleanse, which for the record feels 1000 times better when a professional applies it. Joanna followed with the Valmont Face Scrub, full of tiny exfoliating granules that left my face feeling buffed clean and new, not to mention it smells like a dream. Of course, the ever-renowned P50 1970 followed. Joanna basically gave my face a bath in this toner, pressing the drenched cotton round into my skin to really deliver the product (a technique I’ve been trying to replicate). I can’t actually afford to spread that much P50 on myself every day, nor does Joanna recommend it, but for the occasional facials, the P50 party on my face felt phenomenal.

Then for the big shebang: the Biolift!!!

The electric current is delivered through two sponges that Joanna keeps in constant motion on the face. In areas that could use a little extra love, like the eyes, frown lines, jawline or the brow, she plumps the skin by using a pumping motion to really activate the muscles. That’s the sweet thing about Biolift – the electric current activates muscles in the face, penetrating the layers of the skin. Joanna explained it like this: Biolift is like going to the gym. If you work your muscles at the gym one time, you aren’t going to see lasting results. But if you go all the time, your muscles will build. And when its muscles on your face you’re beefing up, that means bye bye sagging skin, hello cheekbones!

And if you’re closer to my age and don’t quite have wrinkles that need filling or a jawline that needs tightening, fear not!! Biolift is still an amazing service for you. Not only will those few stress lines be filled for your big event – like seriously by permanent brow furrow was erased – but you will walk out of there with glowing, radiant skin. My face felt baby soft (it still does, a week later), fuller in all the right places, and finally hydrated possibly for the first time in my life. And it’s all thanks to the fact that Biolift’s electric currents send the products already on the skin even deeper into the epidermis – more so than a normal facial could. And who couldn’t benefit from that?

I cannot stress how beneficial Biolift is for younger women, as well as women with more mature skin. If you don’t believe me, take it from Joanna, who says “It is a great preventative treatment, especially for those who want to avoid plastic surgery later on. It helps to combat not only the effects of gravity on the face, but also helps stimulate collagen production, which is the reason why skin becomes saggy in the first place. Women start to lose collagen very rapidly in their 30s and it just goes downhill from there, which is why prevention is the so important early on.”


After the Biolift treatment, she spread Oligo-Proteines Marines Serum over my skin (amazing for dark circles), followed by Vip O2 Creme (light and oxygenating), finished with Serum Fluide VIP O2 for that million dollar glow.


If you’ve got a big night out on the horizon, I cannot recommend this service more. It’s the perfect quick lift for any special occasion that will have people begging you for your skincare regimen. In the wise words of that guy from Men’ Warehouse, “You’re gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.”


Feel free to reach out to me directly with any inquires at lauren@rescuespa.net

xo Lauren

Out With the Old Skin-In With the New

As summer begins to wind down, a lot of my clients are becoming aware that their skin, formerly tanned and glowing, is beginning to look a bit flaky and tired. My ethnic skinned folks are experiencing record levels of hyperpigmentation as well which is not so cute. I am recommending for everybody a cocktail of Environ’s Clarifying Lotion (which I’ve begun using) and C-Boost. The intense combo of anti-oxidant and alpha-hydroxy quickly whips the skin back into shape and you have the immediate result of a brighter fresher looking skin. On ethnic skin I’m seeing astounding results; dark marks are fading quite rapidly replaced by smoother even-toned skin. Who has time to wait?


For my brides-to-be with late fall and winter weddings eminent this is a great time to begin a brightening regimen. If however you are getting married within the next five weeks and your skin is o.k. now is not the time to try something new. Just be sure to book a short series of bridal facials to ensure fabulous looking skin.

Aren’t award winners great? I always want to know their secrets of how they reached that level.  A few weeks ago I interviewed our own multi-award winning owner Danuta Mieloch. Last week I was granted an interview with her contemporary, Christine Hays, Vice President of Spa Operations for Oberoi Hotels. The Oberoi Hotel has been named Best in the World by Conde’ Nast and their spa has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Excellent!

Hope everyone was safe and warm during Irene.

Love Ya,

Linda Harding

Philadelphia Magazine Blog: “Recue’d, Again. Kicking it up a notch.”

“Some months ago, I wrote here about my first in a series of pre-wedding facials with the amazing Danuta Mieloch at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.  I had been a little nervous about committing to a skincare regime, as I’ve long been the wash-and-moisturize-and-go type — but I wanted to make sure I looked every bit the glowing bride come October, so I was willing to step it up a bit if Danuta thought I should.

Happily, though, after that hour-long first facial (her facials pure magic, I swear it — lines seemingly just get buffed away), she told me just to tack on one little step to my nightly routine: a little of Biologique Recherche’s P50 exfoliating potion swabbed on my face. I have done exactly that, and when I showed up for my most recent facial, Danuta raved over my skin (which, admittedly, has been incredibly soft since the last appointment). This time, though, I was sent home with a daily-use sunscreen (SPF 25: Even though I’m extremely fair, Danuta says the real key to protection is re-application — more so than just using a high SPF) and instructions to apply eye cream around my eyes as often as possible, as that’s where my skin is its most delicate and dry.

Once again, my skin has showed an immediate improvement, and Project Glowy Bridal skin is making good and painless progress. I’ll report back in September, after the final facial, where Danuta promises some sort of Helen of Troy level glow. I believe her.”  

— Christy Speer

Attention: Philadelphia Brides To Be

Philadelphia fashionista’s are buzzing about the upcoming Nicole Miller extravaganza taking place at Hyatt at the Bellevue on March 5th. If the spectacular gown featured on her postcard is any indication,
attendees will be treated to an afternoon of bridal fashion fabulosity. Are you going?

Wedding season is definitely beginning to rev up. In the past 3 weeks I have performed the initial consultation/facial for five brides to be. Their weddings are scheduled from the end of March to November. If you have planned your nuptials for 2011 and haven’t yet scheduled for your bridal skin consultation, you need to be calling yesterday. With the harsh winter we’ve had so far if you haven’t had a facial in the past month, your skin may need tending to anyway. Why not just book an appointment now, mention that you are a bride and we can discuss your vision for your wedding skin before
treatment. My ethnic brides who have challenges with hyper pigmentation really need to address this issue sooner rather than later. The Environ skin care line has a very systematic approach to fading dark
spots by introducing graduated levels of active ingredients and vitamins to the skin. This line is also extremely effective for new moms with vestiges of “pregnancy mask” and sun worshipers who want to reduce the appearance of sun damage to their skin. Environ also has an acne program which yields great results that don’t take forever to achieve. I personally fell in love with their Gel Moisturizer during the dog days of last summer. Because it’s weightless and unscented it’s one of my go-to moisturizers for my male clients. This reminds me; don’t forget to schedule a facial for your fiancé. Men want their skin to glow on their wedding day too and Rescue Rittenhouse Spa is designed with both of you in mind.

Love Ya,

Linda Harding

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