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CellTeint: the unicorn of tinted moisturizers

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never met a tinted moisturizer I like. They’re either all moisture and no tint, or they provide some strange form of streaky coverage that never quite sits right on my skin. I always have … Continue reading

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Please join us Monday September 22nd for our 10 Year Anniversary Event!

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Transition Into Fall

Exfoliate the post summer gunk away! Use a gentle massage technique while scrubbing for drainage and manual lift. In addition to your normal routine with P50 “1970” introduce a fruit acid cream for a month. Target and repair post summer … Continue reading

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Staff Pick: Cellcosmet for Rosacea

Rosacea is a frustrating skin condition that begins subtly, with the intermittent appearance of redness along the cheeks and nose. Often one of the problems women face is how to eliminate the buildup of dead cells on the face without … Continue reading

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RESCUE SPA Men’s Picks

Picks By Michael Living in the city can be stressful not only mentally but physically as well. Between the sun’s UV rays, car exhaust and who knows what else air-born junk in the environment it can be brutal! All these … Continue reading

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RESCUE Celebrates Earth Day!


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Men Want to Look Good

Everybody knows that men want to look good too. Most of them don’t want to have a big deal made out of it, but it’s on their mind (don’t let them tell you otherwise). Nor do they want to spend … Continue reading

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Beauty Aficionado 2012 Skincare Event


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Simple New Year’s Resolutions

I always think about my New Year’s resolutions this time of year. Since my resolution every year is to learn to play piano and speak French and I never quite get to it, this year I’m going to keep it … Continue reading

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Cell Lift Serum: NEW at RESCUE!

Cellcosmet’s brand new product, Cell Lift Serum is on every skincare guru’s wishlist this year! A unique cellular and phyto serum.  CellEctive CellLift Serum provides immediate action that increases with each use for spectacular results: Long-lasting ultra-tightening effect Visible ultra-smoothing … Continue reading

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