Ultimate Summer Product Pick

Summer is in full swing and I’d like to talk about my most favorite product for the next couple of months.  You probably guessed it already, it’s sunscreen.  Here at Rescue we have an array of sunscreens to choose from.  From Institut Esthederm we have products that promote sun protection and repair (a European favorite) to Environ’s zinc based sunscreen full of antioxidants (South African approach).  Yet my absolute favorite right now is Jan Marini’s Physical Protectant SPF 45. It has self adjusting tint, suitable for any skin type. Great for oily skin since it’s zinc based.  UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage that is FDA approved. Water resistant. Full of antioxidants but NO Parabens (a favorite in the USA).

Don’t forget a hat and umbrella and stay in the shade. Remember that staying out of the sun is the best anti-aging prevention!

Danuta Mieloch, Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Spa Philadelphia

danuta mieloch



Passage To India

The wonderful thing about working at an award winning spa is that you have access to some of the best products and services in the world. The bad thing is that your level of expectation at other spas is very high and you have no tolerance for service that is mediocre.

That however will not be my concern next month. Moontide Consulting aka Linda has been invited to train the spa therapists at the Oberoi Hotels in India for the month of April. The Oberoi Hotel Group has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for luxury and excellence and is ranked by Travel & Leisure magazine as #1 in the world!

I will be training at seven locations including the Himalayas, Agra which hosts the spectacular Taj Mahal, gorgeous Udaipur, site of the James Bond flick Octopussy and Mumbai which I hear is like New York City on steroids. I will take a very serious arsenal of Rescue’s products with me to ensure that I’ll look presentable after the 14 hour flight even if my internal clock is going haywire but I’ll consult with Rescue owner Danuta as well, who has quite a few air miles logged from her frequent junkets to Paris and Poland. My thoughts are to take Biologigue Recherché P50 (of course), mist like crazy with their
L’eauxgenante and layer Valmont’s Hydra 3 serum & cream which delivers 15x the amount of hydration three levels deep into the skin. (This will work while in the Himalayas too because of the cold and high altitude).

Upon arrival, I’ll give my skin a good dose of Valmont’s Renewing Pack and then transition to a daily regimen of their Elixir Eye Crème, Neck and Adaptation which is great for combination skin. Environs’ sun block is also essential.

I miss my co-workers already (there’s no place like home) but I’m very excited to try the Ayurvedic treatments that our Indian cohorts offer and learn something new. I’ll blog as I go along and hopefully return to Philly with a more global outlook and vision for the future.