YouTube Tutorial: Complete Skincare Regimen

A complete daily skincare regimen is the best way to achieve healthy, balanced, and glowing skin. Watch this Youtube video to as Rescue esthetician Joanna Kula shows us how it’s done!

Cleanse: “Any good skincare regime begins with proper cleansing. I advise everyone to develop a cleansing ritual, which will serve as the necessary foundation of good skincare. Without it, you simply cannot achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Everyone can benefit from using a mild cleanser like Biologique Recherche Lait U. ” –Danuta Mieloch, Rescue Spa Founder

Tone and Exfoliate: “A cult favorite, Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970 is a magic potion that does it all. It exfoliates, hydrates and balances the pH of the skin and it’s a prep step before any skincare. For those of you who prefer granule exfoliators over acidic formulas, opt for Valmont Face Scrub and massage gently into skin to slough off that layer of dead skin cells.” – DM

Plump, lift and hydrate: “Serums are the most potent elixirs, lighter in texture with deeper penetration than creams, and they are great for replenishing. They can also extend the life of injectables by replenishing moisture on the outer layer.” – DM

Moisturize: “All skin types need hydration and a moisturizer. A good moisturizer shields and protects your skin from harmful daily aggressors to keep it young and supple. It’s like wearing stockings in the winter; very sheer yet protective. Don’t forget to use eye cream and moisturize your entire body, too.” – DM

Protection: “Don’t forget to use SPF daily!”– DM

Relax and recharge with a well deserved daycation at Rescue Spa…

Look and feel as though you’ve just spent a week on an exotic resort.

We’ve all been there.  You’re a slave to the daily grind and the only escape you can imagine is a far flung exotic vacation.  Perhaps your instagram feed full of pristine beaches and tropical cocktails is to blame.  Before you clear a week from your schedule and travel half way around the world do yourself and your wallet a favor by booking a spa daycation!  Yes, a rejuvenating haven exists in Center City.  Allow us to show you the way…

Start things off with a  Scrub & Rub body treatment.  An invigorating full body exfoliation to detoxify and enhance.  Next, prepare to unwind with a sense enhancing aromatherapy massage.  Aromatic oils and light touch restore balance and harmony to mind and body.  Your esthetician of choice will leave your skin absolutely radiant with a Rescue Full Spectrum Facial.  Microdermabrasion, micro-currents, and LED Light Therapy light therapy to encourage cell regeneration, enhance elastin production, as well as immediately tone and lift the skin.  This head-to-toe experience even leaves your hands and feet pampered as they receive a Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure with rejuvenating mask and relaxing massage.  Choose trend color from our extensive collection of designer lacquers.  After a few mere hours spent at Rescue Spa you will look and feel if you just spent a week on an exotic resort… and emerge fully relaxed, newly improved and with a luminous glow.
DIY daycation – the Ritual

To begin unwind with an epsom salt soak.  Adding a few cups of epsom salt to warm bath water aids in exfoliating skin and soothes sore muscles.  Another great relaxation tool is self massage.  Warm your preferred oil and spend at least 15-20 minutes mindfully massaging the body, paying particular attention to the hands and feet.  This will help stimulate various reflexology and pressure points linked to various body parts.  There is good reason that massage has globally been an essential component of well being and vitality for centuries.We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  A daily skin care routine is essential.  Daily maintenance and diligence allow for luminous results, now and for years to come.  Boost your regimen once a week by performing your own facial following these steps:

1.  Double cleanse.  Massage Lait VIP O2 onto dry skin (over makeup) for a good sixty seconds. Splash. Emulsify.  Remove with a warm wet wash cloth or Konjac.  Repeat.

2.  Tone/Exfoliate/Hydrate/Balance:  Biologique Recherche P50 1970 exfoliating toner to a cotton into skin in an upward motion, repeating until the pad comes away clean.  This step alone is a game changer.  Try this technique on half of your face in order to truly observe the lifting results.

  • ***Do a double pass.  This allows for your skin to really absorb the benefits of P50 1970, which in turn prepares the skin for the next step…

3.  Mask.  Mixing Masque Vivant with Masque VIP O2  is a favorite of many beauty editors, is suitable for does double duty allowing skin to reap the brightening benefits of VIP 02 as well as the purifying benefits of Vivant.

4.  Massage.  Spend 5 minutes massaging the face with Valmont Renewing Pack in order to increase circulation.

5.  Replenish.  Follow with the serum of your choice.  For added results, mix and match multiple serums to address multiple concerns.

  • Oily Skin:  Complexe Iribiol.
  • Redness & Rosacea:  Serum Erythros.
  • Hyperpigmentation:  Super “H” Serum by 3Lab.
  • Hydration & Glow:  Use Serum Fluide VIP O2 as a finishing
    serum to seal in hydration and oxygenation. Excellent for all skin
    types and extremely important for city dwellers!

6.  Moisturize.  Apply your preferred moisturizer.

*Please feel free to contact for a tailored recommendation.

Hydration: The Essence of Health

I see clients on a daily basis. During the initial consultation I often notice the tell signs of dehydration; dark circles, fine lines, pigmentation and acne are more than skin deep. Great skin is a reflection of what one puts in their body (digestion) as well as how one takes care of their skin.

Proper skin care is very important, here are my recommendations:

1) Cleanse gently.
2) Exfoliate with the p50 formula appropriate for your skin type (essential to balance the pH of your skin and to ensure proper hydration).
3) Use a hyaluronic acid serum like Valmont’s hydra3 regenetic or Biologique Recherche’s Serum Yall o2 to keep skin plump & hydrated and, yes, looking younger.

Babies are born with a high level of hyaluronic acid, which keeps their skin plump and smooth. Unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic acid in skin diminishes with age, most significantly after age 40.  While it’s not possible to maintain that perfect dewy baby-skin, it is possible to help restore the skin’s hyaluronic acid content and give grown-up skin a younger, fresher, smoother, more supple and hydrated look. Applied topically it increases hydration, improves elasticity and also reverses free radical damage. For those who get injectables hyaluronic acid prolongs the plumping effect.  All skin types, even oily, can benefit from using hyaluronic acid serum.

4) Mature and drier skin types should always apply moisturizer to prevent transepidermal water loss and to lock in the moisture .

To maintain optimal hydration we need to focus on proper nutrition and drinking plenty of water. Water is the body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60% of our body weight. All systems and organs in our bodies depend on water. We need water even for healthy bones.  As much as 75% of the body weight of a newborn infant is water, whereas some adults are as little as 45% water by weight.  When you become dehydrated the body pulls water from your tissues (skin) to maintain the concentration in your blood.  When this happens your eyes may look sunken, skin may feel drier it’s not going to be as elastic or supple, and so you will look much older.
The first symptom of dehydration is not thirst, it’s usually fatigue, feeling tired.
Healing with water is legendary… staying hydrated properly is scientifically proven to be essential.
At Rescue we emphasize the importance of hydration.  We prepare infused water daily and offer it to clients upon their arrival.  We offer two choices that I recommend to everyone to make at home as well:

1) Filtered ionized water infused with orange, cucumber and mint.
2) Filtered ionized water infused with lemon and lime (my favorite beauty booster in the morning).

As for nutrition (Philadelphia has amazing produce markets) try to incorporate a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, local fish, meats and cheeses.  Avoid processed food, sugars, white flour, soda, and hydrogenated fats to maintain a healthy body and skin.  Focus on incorporating healthy protein, whole grains, skin healthy fats like omegas 3, 6, & 9 from foods like avocado & coconut, as well as probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system.  A healthy liver is responsible for healthy skin.

Here I’d like to share my “Skin Glow” juice recipe.  I use an Omega juicer, but any juicer will do the trick. 🙂

1 Cucumber
A few sprigs of Parsley
2 stalks of Celery
A handful of Kale
1 Apple
1/2 a Lemon
1 small piece of Ginger

Increase your energy and super hydrate with this simple juice… and don’t forget to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Spa,

Danuta Mieloch

Stride Into Summer with a Smart Sun Approach…

Sun exposure without protection is the most damaging thing you can do to your skin.  Here are some tips for a safe and fun time in the sun:

  1. Use a broad spectrum UVA (aging) UVB (burning) SPF of at least factor 30 every day.  UV rays reflect, that’s why you need to wear sunscreen even while in the office, car, and shade.
  2. Reapply SPF often. Every 2-3 hours. Give your skin time to absorb sunscreen before exposure (about 15-30 minutes). Use liberally.
  3. Don’t forget your lips, neck, hands and all other exposed areas.  Remember to wear a hat & sunglasses to prevent squinting and damage to your eyes.
  4. Avoid staying outdoors in peak sun hours 10am-3pm.
  5. Some medications & products (antibiotics, cortizone, retin-A, acids, etc) increase risk of UV damage.  Check with your doctor.
  6. To get that sun kissed look we recommend applying self tanner before you go into the sun. James Read’s sleep mask is so convenient it works while you sleep!
  7. There is no such thing as a healthy tan.  If you like a bronzed look do it gradually using Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Bronz Repair for face and body .  It revs up melanin production while protecting from both UVA and UVB rays.
  8. After sun and swimming apply After Sun Repair and Huile Benefique to keep your skin hydrated.  When you’re back from vacation be sure to use Tan Enhancing Lotion to prolong the glow you got from Adaptasun Bronz Repair!
  9. Your summer skincare routine should be simple.  Switch to lighter serums and moisturizers such as Cellular Water Gel,Gel Adn Silkgen.  Use multitasking products like French women favorites: Lait Concentrate by Embryolisse any time for face, hands, feet, and body.  Exfoliate regularly to get rid of build up. Instead of mascara try an eyelash tint.  Visit our salon for an instantly fresh look via a summer haircut & glaze. At home and on the go be sure to protect your tresses with Rene Furterer’s suncare line.  Don’t forget about your brows. Forgo pencil in the summer and try a shape & tint for an effortless summer look.  Strong brows & bright lips are in!
  10. Sit back, relax, let the good times roll. Make sure to enjoy this summer and take a vacation.

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue SpaDanuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch


The 28 Day Challenge!

Will you take the challenge? What if I told you, you have the power to change your skin drastically in 28 days. Ever wonder how your Rescue esthetician keeps her skin glowing and plump, all year round? If you’re simply just cleansing and moisturizing, and especially if you’re using a moisturizer with an SPF built in, chances are your skin is not showing it’s best self.

Imagine an artist using only two colors of paint on a canvas, how limited they would be, or a chef with only two ingredients, how bland their meals might taste. That same logic applies to the skin. Not unlike the painter who needs to layer colors, we too encourage layering in our Rescue skin care regimens. Lines will become less defined, pores will appear smaller, and you will have a glow that gives the illusion of more youthful skin.

The 28 day challenge= cleanse + exfoliate + serum + moisturize + sunblock = Amazing skin!

The layering process begins with the cleansing process, milk, foam or gel. A Rescue favorite is the Osmoclean Pure Cleansing Gel by Institut Esthederm. You and your esthetician can decide what’s best, I encourage switching seasonally.

Next, you will want to exfoliate, we recommend the amazing P50 1970 by Biologique Recherche, but there are other great ways to exfoliate. For example, the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads are an excellent alternative. This step will also count as your toner step.

Then, we have serum! Serum is a wonderful way to specifically resolve your skins weak points. Serums supplement your skin much like vitamins supplement your body. We don’t rely on food alone to get everything we need, so we take vitamins, herbs and/or juice. Serum does exactly that! Everyone can benefit from serum, regardless of skin type. There are some serums that are considered “finishing serums”, which means you add them to the end of your routine to seal and protect the skin from the elements. Refer to your Rescue esthetician for guidance on what serums are best for you, and when to use them.

Next we have moisturizer. We highly encourage separating your SPF from your moisturizer. It may seem a bit unorthodox, but the reason is simple… Molecules! Everything has a molecular structure, and SPF’s have a much larger molecular structure, which is part of why they protect us from the sun. They sit topically and shield us from harmful rays, BUT, long term use of this kind of product can cause skin to become clogged, lethargic and even wrinkled from dehydration. You want to feed your skin with a moisturizer that will penetrate deeply, nourish as well as, balance the skin. Using an SPF moisturizer alone will not achieve these results. Mixing your serums and moisturizers together is an amazing way to strengthen your skin, as well as, emulsify your cream for better absorption. Next time you go to moisturize, try a few drops of serum mixed into your cream. Remember to always use an upward stroke when moisturizing or masking. Like yoga or physical therapy, you want to counter stretch those muscles which increases blood flow, firmness and drainage.

The final layer is SPF, of course. Be sure that your block says “broad spectrum” on it. CC, BB or tinted SPF creams are also great, but keep in mind they can have a very low SPF. Depending on the season, you may want to layer with another SPF powder/bronzer, or simply use a sunblock following your non-SPF moisturizer. I encourage all clients to try our Dr. Dennis Gross CC Cream, they just reformulated their product and it’s a great way to even out skin tone, as well as protect.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Well fear not, Rescue has an amazing staff just waiting to help, and we have lots of options with a variety of price ranges. As an incentive to get started on your 28 day challenge, Rescue is giving 10% off on all serums if you mention this blog! So, pop in and see what serum is best for you and get started on showing your best self!  Or shop online at and use promo code TIRZAH at checkout!

Esthetician, Tirzah Fowler

CAUTION: Wear sunscreen only in daylight and remember to remove it at night!

Here we are… it’s only April but it feels like July already!  On that note I would like to remind everyone to use a broad spectrum sunscreen.  This year the FDA is proposing a major overrule in all things sunscreen and SPF related.  Currently SPF in the USA is only measured by UVB protection (the rays that cause sunburn).  The higher the SPF the longer you can be in the sun without burning or reapplying.  However it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deeper and contribute to skin aging and the risk of skin cancer.  You can try to read ingredients on every sunscreen label and its mind boggling.  All the names and things you’ve never heard of.  A little trick I use is to think of “A” as Aging and “B” as Burning.  By this summer the FDA will enforce products to disclose the UVA and UVB protection.  Not sure what number SPF to use?  According to new rules all sunscreen will be broad spectrum protecting us from burning and premature aging, which is great news.  All sunscreens must stop at SPF 50 and give warning if they are less than SPF 15.  Also “sweat proof” will go to the wayside but “water resistant” will remain. We’ll start seeing new labels soon, which means lots of products will need to be reformulated.

The debate is still going on whether chemical or physical sunscreens are better.  In my opinion chemical sunscreens breakdown faster and have to be applied more often, whereas physical sunscreens (containing usually zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) are considered safer and they’ve been around longer.  Surely you remember sporting a white painted nose in the 1980’s! This is the type of sunscreen I personally suggest for younger kids.  No matter what type of sunscreen you choose to use make sure to bathe your kids at night. This allows their skin to breathe and assures that they won’t have prolonged exposure to chemicals on their body.  Keep in mind that sunscreens also have expiration dates and most expire 6-12 months after they’ve been opened.  It is best practice to start with fresh products every summer.  In Europe and Japan sunscreens are considered “cosmetics” which allows more ingredients to be used in their products.  That’s why I personally prefer European sunscreens like those by Institut Esthederm, a French award winning skincare line with exceptional sun care.  This is not to say that there aren’t great American sunscreens such as Jan Marini’s Antioxidant SPF 3o.

Savvy sun protection is not just about the products you use, it’s also about the application.  Apply thoroughly and often!  Don’t forget lips, hands, ears, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat to protect your scalp.  No matter how good you are about using your sunscreen during the day can you please please please please not forget to remove it at night?  Water resistant sunscreens tend to stick to skin like glue.  It takes extra effort and extra cleansing to remove all traces. I recommend using a Clarisonic brush with Institut Esthederm’s Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser or our latest and greatest edition the Eve Lom cleanser with muslin cloth system.  Whatever type of cleansing you choose be sure to follow with P50.  Apply your serum and moisturizer at night to allow the skin to rejuvenate and breathe away from the sunscreen chemicals.

To demystify sunscreen its anti aging effects are only available in daylight and in the sun.  At night your skin should be slathered in wonderful serums and creams to recover from a long day of chemical exposure.  For those of you that use a day cream with SPF at night also you should seriously reconsider this. You want to limit your exposure to the chemicals and also allow your skin to breathe and regenerate.  If it were possible I would add a warning to all sunscreen labels that said “CAUTION: Wear sunscreen only in daylight and remember to remove it at night.” Hopefully the FDA is reading my blog post and we’ll see this advice appear on sunscreens down the line!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa,


Danuta Mieloch


Love the skin you’re in

Being an esthetician for 20 years I often hear women say “I hate my skin.”  For me there is no such thing as bad skin, yet there is skin that is not taken care of properly and it shows immediately.  It makes me think of Helena Rubenstein’s famous quote “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

On an average day I take care of many faces and every skin type, color, age is unique and magnificent in it’s own way.  But as everything in life there are always things you can improve upon.  I’m endlessly interested in how I can fix or improve a wrinkle, a spot, discoloration, texture, hydration, pore size, etc.  There are many things I can do in my treatment room but the most important thing one can do is to love and take care of your own skin.

February is the best time to start the appropriate skincare regimen.   Make sure you cleanse twice a day, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and protect for the whole month of February faithfully I can assure that you’ll see improvement by March.  If you are in doubt take a picture before and after.  Since February is the month of love… I’m promoting love for yourself and the skin you’re in!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Spa,

danuta mieloch






Danuta Mieloch



To Exfoliate Or Not To Exfoliate…That Is The Question!

No seriously Ladies, that is the big question! So often clients come into my room claiming they’re skin is dry and sensitive and when I ask them about their skin care regimen, most are not exfoliating properly. What happens is dead skin creates a build up which inhibits the skin from functioning properly. This will eventually create problems like dehydration and congestion which leaves the epidermis (the outermost layer) feeling rough, “dry” or broken out and will ultimately lead you to finding yourself in my room completely frustrated and losing hope. This is where it gets gross… When I look at a client’s skin under that magic lamp of mine, what I usually see is a combination of old, dead skin cells glued together with topical garbage like sunblock, make up, sunless tanners, junky moisturizes and of course, environmental dirt. It’s not pretty. This garbage, if neglected, will eventually lead to sallow, lethargic skin that lacks of tone, luster, appropriate hydration levels, or even worse, can lead to adult onset acne.

So, the bottom line is, if you aren’t 21 anymore…chances are your skin isn’t shedding like it used to. Studies show younger skin renews itself every 15-30 days, but as we age (ahem.. all you 30 somethings and up) that renewing process more than doubles! That’s right, this means you could be wearing last seasons skin, eww gross! We don’t wear last seasons fashions, so why wear last seasons skin? Got it, Good.

So how does one exfoliate, you ask?

There are a few mediums that can be used to exfoliate. First, is the good old fashion Scrub, but it’s not for everyone. A scrub includes any granular substance or gommage, this type of exfoliant is a what I like to call manual exfoliation. It’s kind of like sanding down an old antique before you refinish it. It’s a good prepping step that can polish and smooth the epidermis, but do keep in mind it doesn’t penetrate the dermal layer (lower and deeper). The problem with scrubs besides the lack of penetration, is that if used too frequently or if it’s too harsh, it can lead to irritated red skin, where the appearance of broken capillaries can get worse over time or for those of you struggling with acne, it can over stimulate sebaceous glands thus making break outs worse! This is bad, very bad. If you’re prone to redness, broken capillaries, thinner skin, acne or are under 17, I would skip scrubbing all together. One of my favorite scrubs is Valmont’s “Exfoliant” which uses crystallized algae to gently exfoliate the epidermis, it’s even great for you Rosacea folks! Please see your local Esthetician to help you figure out your skin type.

Then there are Alpha beta hydroxy acids… If I could play music here and move clouds with beams of light, I would. Alpha beta hydroxy acids are amazing and great for all skin types; however, rules do apply.

The most common and simple alpha hydroxy acids are glycolic, lactic, citric and malic acid. These awesome acids are derived from food, like sugar, milk, citrus fruits and apples, YUM! The will skin like this, trust me. Alpha hydroxy acids improve skin because they have little, tiny, cute molecules small enough to penetrate the outermost layer and reach the dermal layer (lower and deeper layer). So essentially, AHA’s cause dead skin cells to become unglued, slough off, dissolve, pack their bags and say Sayonora! This makes room for the regrowth of new skin, and this is what gives you back your youthful glow. Wrinkles will be less defined, evil sun spots will fade, and the overall texture and color of your skin will slowly transform. It’s truly amazing!

Now, Beta hydroxy acid, last but definitely not least.

The ultimate Beta hydroxy acid is salicylic acid. This acid is similar to the alpha in that it does all those magnificent things I listed above, but while Alpha hydroxy acids are water soluble, Salicylic acid is lipid (oil) soluble. So what in the world does that mean? Salicylic acid is actually able to penetrate a single pore containing sebum (oil) and exfoliate or loosen up that build up and help that pore purge, YES! This means see ya later blackheads, and peace out white heads!

So the moral of the story is to say YES to exfoliation and to look for products containing alpha beta hydroxy acids. Keep in mind, especially you sensitive types, that these acids are active, stimulating and vasodilate (expand) the capillaries. This means feeling a heated rush or tingle is very normal, as is a flushing of the skin, do not be alarmed, this is temporary. This means blood flow is being increased and circulation is being improved in the skin, all of which is good. It’s kind of like yoga for the face. Remember, no pain, no gain, so stop whining and get on board!

Now, using just beta or just alpha or too much of one without the other can cause various problems like redness, itchiness and/or peeling. So, finding a product that has mastered achieving that delicate balance of alpha beta acids can be a difficult and painful process. But look no further than Lotion P50 by Biologique Recherche, it is a remarkable product, it’s a toner and exfoliant in one, and a best seller here at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. This product, completes me!

See one of our trained Estheticians to get started on your new exfoliation routine right away!

– Tirzah Fowler

How to Exfoliate

Esthetician Tirzah Fowler of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa in Philadelphia, demonstrates how to properly exfoliate.

The key to exfoliation is the product and how you use it. We highly recommend that you use P50 by Biologique Reserche. P50 acts as a toner and exfoliant to the skin. It removes dead cells and impurities that build up on a daily basis, improves strength and hydrates the epidermis, as well as balancing the surface pH of the skin.

Step 1: After cleansing, place several drops of P50 on a cotton pad.

Step 2: starting at the decollete and moving upward to the neck and face, apply using a gentle patting motion without rubbing and avoiding the eye area. Allow the product to dry.

Step 3: if you have oily or thick skin, you can repeat this step once again.

Visit Rescue Rittenhouse Spa’s online store to browse a full line of luxury beauty products including Biologique Recherche’s P50 lotion and other skin care products.