Mama, Love Your Skin!

As a busy working mom of 2 in the skin care industry, it’s important for me to feel good and look refreshed, hydrated, and youthful. Repeatedly, I hear moms say they don’t have time to take care of their skin. They don’t even have time to wash their face. Yet they want to age gracefully and have youthful skin. It’s time to take the time.

I have a few simple steps that are quick and easy to do. I’ve kept it simple so you will keep on taking the time to care for your skin.

Because it is important.
Because you are worth it. 

  • Cleansing- Cellcosmet gentle cream cleanser.
    It has jojoba oil and rose flower water. I find it to be a nice way to remove eye make-up and over all cleanse without stripping you of your natural oils.
  • Always double cleanse.
  • Toner- p50 pigm 400.
    Keeps skin balanced, even toned. Helps lighten those skin spots most mamas relate to and preps the skin for your next product.
  • Over the entire face – Cellcosmet ultra vital.
    It’s light and over-all hydrating without feeling greasy.
  • Daily face protectant.
    I have been liking Jan Marini, antioxidants, broad spectrum, SPF 33.
  • A little bonus, new to me and a favorite, Vintner’s Daughter active-botanical serum.  It helps to reduce signs of aging, strengthens collagen, and delivers oxygen to the cells to help protect the skin. I’ll use this a few times a week, especially if I’m outdoors that day.

I hope this helps the mamas in the world. The truth is, at this point in my life, I would rather get compliments on my skin than on a new pair shoes.

Suzanne Zelley

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Three Simple Beauty Tricks for Busy Moms

Any mom will tell you, some days it’s a blessing if we can even take a shower let alone put makeup on. As a mother of two little ones, I spend more time cleaning up something sticky than throwing on some mascara. Over the past few years, I’ve had to adjust my beauty routine to keep up with my hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, Rescue offers plenty of services and products that will keep moms looking like they actually had more than three hours of sleep. Here are my top “three busy mommy beauty tricks”:


1. Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

At Rescue, our Xtreme eyelash extension service is a game changer for women on the go. Each eyelash is gently applied to your lashes without damage with a safe hypoallergenic glue, which gives you gorgeous eyelashes only requiring maintenance to refill them every 2/3 weeks. In the summer, I spend a lot of time outside chasing my kids around, sweating, or taking a dip in the pool. Extensions give a long, voluminous look, that’s on par with my favorite mascara but without the downside of smudging, reapplying, or clumpy lashes. With my custom lashes, I can roll out of bed and throw on a touch of makeup in under five minutes!


2. Preventative Cleansing

In mom world, sleep is a king. But sometimes, taking that extra step to wash your face after putting the little ones down can seem like a hassle. However, preventative care can save money down the line and keep your face looking young. With toddlers running around, I needed to come up with a quick skin care routine. To start, use Lait U cleansing milk, which works to deeply cleanse the pores. Follow the cleanse with Lotion P50 to keep your face balanced and glowing. Next, apply a little Biologique Recherche Le Grand Serum, which helps to prevent aging, smooth the skin, and keep the face plumped. Finally, finish your bedtime routine with a bit of Environ moisturizer to keep the skin well hydrated. Voilà!––not only will your wallet thank you after you’ve gotten the kids off to college, but your skin will thank you too.


3. Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protection

The quickest way to age your skin is through sun damage. Jan Marini not only smells great, but it has excellent SPF coverage and a light, airy feel that won’t make you feel oily. Too busy for foundation? Try Jan Marini that has a bit of tinted bronzer to give your face a bit of color. With summer coming, it’s an easy step to pop into a morning routine to give your a face a fresh, dewy look.

Need a break from the kids entirely? Come visit one of our estheticians at Rescue for a full skin consultation, one of our premier facials, or simply relax in the spa as you sip your tea and let the stress melt away.


Jeni Dalponte, Esthetician of 14 years


Photography: Lauren McGrath
All rights reserved

Do AA, BB, CC and DD creams have you feeling diZZy?

AA creams, BB creams, CC creams and their newest alphabet member – DD creams – all claim to be all-in-one creams to replace products you currently use. While DD creams are the most recent to hit the market, we’re sure they won’t be the last letter in the alphabet soup to make its way into a cream. Jan Marini Skin Research has had an AA+BB+CC+DD product for years – Antioxdiant Daily Face Protectant in Sunskissed tints!

Ultimate Summer Product Pick

Summer is in full swing and I’d like to talk about my most favorite product for the next couple of months.  You probably guessed it already, it’s sunscreen.  Here at Rescue we have an array of sunscreens to choose from.  From Institut Esthederm we have products that promote sun protection and repair (a European favorite) to Environ’s zinc based sunscreen full of antioxidants (South African approach).  Yet my absolute favorite right now is Jan Marini’s Physical Protectant SPF 45. It has self adjusting tint, suitable for any skin type. Great for oily skin since it’s zinc based.  UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage that is FDA approved. Water resistant. Full of antioxidants but NO Parabens (a favorite in the USA).

Don’t forget a hat and umbrella and stay in the shade. Remember that staying out of the sun is the best anti-aging prevention!

Danuta Mieloch, Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Spa Philadelphia

danuta mieloch



Red, White, and Blue…

We’re seeing stars… and stripes!  Independence Day inspired Nail Art by Sally.

Schedule an appointment for Nail Art at Rescue Spa:  215.772.2766

Summer Sun Staples


5 Must Have Beach Products: Esthetician, Connie Henry

I’ve spent a good 30 years of my life growing up at the Jersey Shore — long before it was a monument to “poofs,” and ridiculous orange spray tans. My summers were blissfully spent lounging on the beach, cruising the boardwalk at night and eating greasy Mack and Manco’s pizza with my family. But similar to the Jersey Shore cast, as a teenager I was obsessed with keeping up on my “perfect,” summer tan. It wasn’t until I finally became an esthetician 20 years ago that I realized some sun damage cannot be undone. There were too many beach days where I would carelessly sans the SPF to lather up with baby oil and bake in the sun for hours. Although my passion for the beach has never dwindled, I am much more cautious as to how I expose myself while I’m there. It’s a common myth that one cannot get a tan with SPF on or achieve the same level of desired darkness. SPF however, merely filters out the toxins that can cause skin cancer but in no way prevents someone from getting a tan. Picture your skin as one of the sand sifters we all had as a kid; while the seashells are stuck on the top the sand still could filter through to make the perfect sand castle. While the seashells are the dangerous UV rays, the sun’s natural benefits are still able to penetrate the skin. Skin cancer is no doubt scary and while other cancers attack specific organs, skin cancer can spread anywhere…even your lips. So before you decide to forgo the beach or hide under an umbrella in fear, I’m here to introduce my “5 Must Have Beach Products,” for this summer. So you can enjoy the sun, while still keeping your skin happy and healthy.

1. Jan Marini SPF 30 with Antioxidants: Even if were not at the beach, our skin is still at risk. Jan Marini’s SPF 30 is not only light weight and water proof, but it can be worn under make up without giving you that “greasy,” sun block look.  Regardless if I’m hitting the beach or the pool, I wear this product every day underneath my regular foundation as an extra preventative.

2. Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads: Dr Gross’s Alpha Beta Glow Pads are essentially a self-tanning wipe. But before you shrink away from this thinking you’ll turn orange, these pads give you a beautiful glow and a healthy, sun kissed look. And an extra bonus, they have an anti-agining exofiliant in them as well as antioxidants. Now what kind of tanning bed can do that?

3. Chantecaille Lip Screen SPF 15: When skin cancer first comes to mind, we rarely think of the lips being affected. But any time out in the sun leaves your body exposed, especially such sensitive skin such as the lips.

4. A Good Sunhat: It’s great that big, floppy sunhats are back in style because this is one of my top “must haves,” for the beach. Sunhats protect not only the face, but the sensitive skin of the scalp while keeping you cool.

5. Institut Esthederm UV inCellium spray: A new product, with a patent product called “Uv inCellium,” that helps your skin protect itself while hydrating your skin. Love to have that natural “dewy,” look? This product is perfect on the face and body to give it a light, refreshed look. Wear it over make up to fix it, or spray down when your outside. By far my top product of this season.

Rescue Esthetician,

Connie Henry

Kelly’s Summer Picks

With summer right around the corner, I’d like to share with you my essential picks for the upcoming season. First and foremost, every anti-aging skincare regime must contain a proper measure of protection. The old saying, “the best defense is a good offense” is absolutely true. We’re all P50 devotees, it is in fact negligent to be exfoliating (manually or chemically) without protecting our complexions. My favorite defense is Jan Marini Antioxidant SPF30 moisturizer. This moisturizer is lightweight, non-comedegenic and smells wonderful.

Our latest and greatest at Rescue, which I adore, is the Eve Lom Cleanser. It contains a unique blend of aromatic oils that cleanse, decongest and soothe the skin. The cleanser is paired with a muslin cloth which helps stimulate circulation, opens the pores and exfoliates the skin. It is divine and I look forward to cleansing my skin with it daily. Your skin is left feeling velvety smooth.

Last but certainly not least, is the new Hydra3 Regenetic Serum and Cream from Valmont. This powerful duo restores and invigorates the barrier function of the skin. Through use of their specialized patented hyaluronic acid combination, it’s actually able to plump up your skin. Think of this pair as “topical filler”, no more need for resorting to those awful needle delivered treatments in your face.

That being said, I hope that everyone will enjoy my summer pick goodies as much as I do!


Kelly Cronin

CAUTION: Wear sunscreen only in daylight and remember to remove it at night!

Here we are… it’s only April but it feels like July already!  On that note I would like to remind everyone to use a broad spectrum sunscreen.  This year the FDA is proposing a major overrule in all things sunscreen and SPF related.  Currently SPF in the USA is only measured by UVB protection (the rays that cause sunburn).  The higher the SPF the longer you can be in the sun without burning or reapplying.  However it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deeper and contribute to skin aging and the risk of skin cancer.  You can try to read ingredients on every sunscreen label and its mind boggling.  All the names and things you’ve never heard of.  A little trick I use is to think of “A” as Aging and “B” as Burning.  By this summer the FDA will enforce products to disclose the UVA and UVB protection.  Not sure what number SPF to use?  According to new rules all sunscreen will be broad spectrum protecting us from burning and premature aging, which is great news.  All sunscreens must stop at SPF 50 and give warning if they are less than SPF 15.  Also “sweat proof” will go to the wayside but “water resistant” will remain. We’ll start seeing new labels soon, which means lots of products will need to be reformulated.

The debate is still going on whether chemical or physical sunscreens are better.  In my opinion chemical sunscreens breakdown faster and have to be applied more often, whereas physical sunscreens (containing usually zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) are considered safer and they’ve been around longer.  Surely you remember sporting a white painted nose in the 1980’s! This is the type of sunscreen I personally suggest for younger kids.  No matter what type of sunscreen you choose to use make sure to bathe your kids at night. This allows their skin to breathe and assures that they won’t have prolonged exposure to chemicals on their body.  Keep in mind that sunscreens also have expiration dates and most expire 6-12 months after they’ve been opened.  It is best practice to start with fresh products every summer.  In Europe and Japan sunscreens are considered “cosmetics” which allows more ingredients to be used in their products.  That’s why I personally prefer European sunscreens like those by Institut Esthederm, a French award winning skincare line with exceptional sun care.  This is not to say that there aren’t great American sunscreens such as Jan Marini’s Antioxidant SPF 3o.

Savvy sun protection is not just about the products you use, it’s also about the application.  Apply thoroughly and often!  Don’t forget lips, hands, ears, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat to protect your scalp.  No matter how good you are about using your sunscreen during the day can you please please please please not forget to remove it at night?  Water resistant sunscreens tend to stick to skin like glue.  It takes extra effort and extra cleansing to remove all traces. I recommend using a Clarisonic brush with Institut Esthederm’s Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser or our latest and greatest edition the Eve Lom cleanser with muslin cloth system.  Whatever type of cleansing you choose be sure to follow with P50.  Apply your serum and moisturizer at night to allow the skin to rejuvenate and breathe away from the sunscreen chemicals.

To demystify sunscreen its anti aging effects are only available in daylight and in the sun.  At night your skin should be slathered in wonderful serums and creams to recover from a long day of chemical exposure.  For those of you that use a day cream with SPF at night also you should seriously reconsider this. You want to limit your exposure to the chemicals and also allow your skin to breathe and regenerate.  If it were possible I would add a warning to all sunscreen labels that said “CAUTION: Wear sunscreen only in daylight and remember to remove it at night.” Hopefully the FDA is reading my blog post and we’ll see this advice appear on sunscreens down the line!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa,


Danuta Mieloch