Microcurrents to the Rescue!

When surgery isn’t an option for you , but loose skin is making you look older than you are… what should you do ? Microcurrent therapy is the most popular option. It is a type of non-surgical facelift which uses electricity to accelerate the production of collagen by improving facial and neck muscle tone. It also lifts the jowls and eyebrows. Microcurrent therapy produces the best results when followed by a home regimen that can produce effects of a facelift .

Some creams and serums also available on the market include Cellective Celllift serum with high performance active ingredients to help prevent facial micro-contraction (Botox like effects). Follow this serum with Cellective celllift cream or it also comes in a lighter version. These creams restore volume to the skin and correct cutaneous sagging jowls .

Let’s not forget about our eyes. For all signs of gravity and droopy eyelids try Valmont Serum Majestueux Vox Yeux prior to using any Valmont eye cream.

Microcurrent facials and these products are available at Rescue Spa.

by Edith Gondek

Serums for life!


I have been using eye creams and serums since the tender age of 28, and sware it has made a large impact on how my skin looks today. It is important to have a good skin care regime. One should think of skin care regimes as a marathon and not a sprint. We live to be 100 years old these days, and that’s gonna take some maintenance.
One serum I have been swooning over latley is VG Tensil by Biologique Recherche. This serum from Paris smooths fine lines, firms, tones, and helps with cellular renewal. Some key ingredients to this magic potion are hazelnut olgopeptides,  rye and manioc extracts.
I apply VG Tensil to my face (avoiding the eye area), neck, and chest area till it absorbs. I may not be busty, but who doesn’t want a bit of firming action? For complete application I use approximately 20 drops, applied to finger tips, pressing in an upward motion for optimal results.
This is one of many serums I like to add into my regime, I may not use this daily, although at least three times a week. Keep in mind, like Saks 5th Ave shoe floor, there are many serums to select from. Serums can be used together for optimal results or separately for a more targeted concern.
I hope everyone has at least one serum they are in love with, and if not feel free to message me with concerns or questions and I’ll be more then happy to steer you in the right direction!



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