Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color by Maria Gulraiz



Summer Makeup Look by Maria Gulraiz and the Chantecaille deets used to achieve this naturally glamours look…




  • Coral Lip Definer (available in spa)
  • Lip Chic Mandarin (available in spa)



by Maria Gulraiz

Latina Beauty Aficionado & Cosmopolitan (Chile) writer Trini Id visits us in Philadelphia

Latina Beauty Aficionado and Cosmopolitan Chile writer Trini Id visited us in Philadelphia, all the way from Chile!  Check out the half page feature on Rescue Spa en espanol.

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Para seguir maltratándonos con la Caro nos fuimos directo a nuestra invitación al Rescue Spa. Un muy exclusivo Spa en downtown Philly donde su dueña (Danuta Mieloch, polaca hermosa con más de 20 años en USA) decidió hacer algo bien hecho para todas las mujeres. El spa cuenta con servicios de: manicure, pedicure, faciales, masajes, maquillaje, perfilado de cejas, sauna, duchas de vapor, barra de café y snacks y una boutique con las mejores cremas anti-aging.

Vida Colon, una latina americana con una piel envidiable, nos hizo el tour por las maravillas de todas las marcas de origen francés y suizo que cuenta Rescue. Entre estas destaco Cellcosmet, Valmont y Biologique Recherche (la favorita de la dueña, por lo que tengo muchas expectativas puestas en ella). Cellcosmet es suizo y usa células preservadas para la iluminación y rejuvenecimiento de la piel y Valmont también apunta a la cosmética celular más la utilización de componentes de agua glaciar.

Pero en total Rescue tiene más de 30 marcas exclusivas y muy “high end” que para ser sinceras uno no sabe por donde empezar! Empezamos por lo importante: un perfilado de cejas con la premiada por Vogue Magazine, María Gulraiz . Muy talentosa y apasionada, María nos perfiló las cejas de manera maestra con una pasión que pocas veces he visto. Y si bien estuvo su buen rato en mis cejas (que además tiñó con henna natural para darme un aspecto de más densidad) el resultado fue perfecto!

Mi mamá siempre me ha alejado de esas cejas delgadas casi dibujadas, y María comparte la filosofía que una ceja gruesa y bien perfilada da un aspecto joven y natural. Y para terminar nuestra estadía de casi 3 horas en el spa, nos dimos un sauna exquisito y arropadas en batas blancas nos hicimos la manicure más perfecta que me he hecho en estas tierras. Hoy, a más de 2 semanas de haber ido, aun la tengo en mis manos mientras escribo (un milagro).

Definitivamente la experiencia fue increíble y uno se puede mal acostumbrar con la excelencia de Rescue Spa. Yo lo extraño al menos.


For those that can’t read Spanish here is a (super) rough Google translation:


To follow maltratándonos with Caro we went straight to our invitation to Rescue Spa. A very exclusive Spa in downtown Philly where its owner (Danuta Mieloch, beautiful polish with more than 20 years in USA) decided to do something well done for All the women. The spa features services: manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, makeup, eyebrow shaping, sauna, steam showers, coffee bar and snacks and a boutique with the best anti-aging creams.

Vida Colon, an American Latina with an enviable skin, made the tour of the wonders of all brands of French and Swiss origin that has Rescue. Between these feature Cellcosmet, Valmont and Biologique Recherche (the favorite of the owner, so I have many expectations placed on it). Cellcosmet is Swiss and uses cells preserved for lighting and skin rejuvenation and Valmont also cell targets more cosmetic components using glacier water.

But overall Rescue has more than 30 exclusive brands and very “high end” that be honest you do not know where to start!

We started so important: a shaped eyebrows with awarded by Vogue Magazine, Maria Gulraiz. Very talented and passionate, Maria outlined eyebrows and taught with a passion that I have rarely seen. And while it was his good time in my eyebrows (also dyed with natural henna to give me a look more density) the result was perfect! My mom has always taken me away from those eyebrows thin almost drawn, and Maria shares the philosophy that a thick eyebrow and well profiled gives a youthful and natural appearance.

And to end our stay of almost 3 hours in the spa, we found an exquisite sauna and were clothed in white robes.

We had the most perfect manicure I’ve in these lands. Today, more than 2 weeks have gone even have it in my hands as I write (a miracle).

Definitely the experience was amazing and one can hardly accustom with Rescue excellence Spa. I miss at least.

Fall/Holiday Makeup 2015


“I used future skin foundation in Cream and HD perfecting powder. On the lids Le chrome eye duo in Tibet, upper eyeliner in Raven Luster Glide silk infused eyeliner, and under eyeliner in slate. A few coats of longest lash mascara. Cheek Gelée – Happy Hydrating Gel-Cream Blush for a little glow. St. barth bronzer , Lip definer in tone, with a layer of Larkspur lipstick.” -Makeup Artist, Maria Gulraiz

Maria Gulraiz on Makeup: Fall 2012

Now that the brutal heat waves & sweaty weather are finally behind us, Fall is upon us and it’s time to venture into deep & mysterious colors once again. Fall, much like our moods can sometimes be subtle & flirty or even fierce & feisty. So whether you prefer super poppy shades or classic neutrals, we’ve got a way to transform and transcend your makeup routine for the season.

Make your best features stand out! Let your eyes do all the talking by applying dramatic makeup and leaving the lips bare.  Heavy eyeliner is au courant, so try using a Chantecaille Jet Gel liner pencil to outline the entire perimeter of the eye.  Haven’t tried the omnipresent red lip yet? It’s the quickest and easiest trick in the book.  Just be sure to choose a color that is right for your skin tone and reapply as necessary.  The most important thing to remember is not to emphasize both eyes and lips together as it may be overwhelming. Stick to emphasizing one feature or the other.

Maria Gulraiz, celebrity makeup artist since her breakthrough to VOGUE 2011 Best Dressed Special Edition, prefers a natural yet defined signature look this season using light & instinctive colors. Seamless foundation is her key to looking natural and radiant. To achieve an unmistakably flawless base her go-to product is Chantecaille’s Future Skin foundation. This oil free foundation transfers water into the skin without the use of oil so it is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used daily since it doesn’t clog pores!

The Chantecaille elephant palette has the perfect autumnal colors to create your signature Fall look with this classic collection of colors.

Ivory – a soft, pearly beige inspired by the African Elephant’s tusks use as a highlighter on the brow bone or all over as a base.

Grasslands – an on trend green inspired by the color of the lush savannah grass after the rainy season.

Red Earth – a strong copper which color mimics the rich, red African cliffs.

Iron Ore – a glistening deep gray with flecks of gold, mirrors the way the minerals shimmers in bright African sunlight. The perfect color for a smokey eye! Use a wet liner brush to define your eyes starting at the outer corner of your eyes with a thick line (as seen in the picture).

Cheek Shade Fun – Fun is a soft apricot with a  hint of shimmer that lends a kiss of color.

Lip Chic Amour a pretty pink shade which creates the perfect balance to color rich eye makeup.

Lip chic Isis – light bronze with just the right amount of shimmer for fall!  Isis offers the even coverage of lipstick with the high shine and plumping effects of a gloss. Added collagen gives lips a boost, leaving them fuller and more youthful in appearance without any irritation. As always, paraben-free.

Luminous Gloss Fig– a rich pinky brown that is beloved for its adherence, rich texture and dramatic brilliance and up to 6 hours of long lasting wear.

Update Your Summer Look

Today’s solstice marks the official beginning of summer! Whether you’re braving the city heat wave or staying down the shore you still want to look your best.  If you already wear a broad spectrum SPF daily and practice a good skincare regimen then your summer beauty routine is going to be a breeze. Here are some pointers to further enhance your natural beauty while beating the heat & humidity…

  1. Ditch the liquid foundations and opt for a little tinted moisturizer with an SPF.  A little goes a long way for a fresh and dewy complexion.  *Try applying with a damp sponge for even coverage.
  2. Try bronzer. The golden tones will give you a healthy looking sun-kissed glow.
  3. Exchange your high definition powder blush for a natural flush with crème blush.
  4. Matte lips can be a bit too dramatic for warmer weather.  Instead try a neutral gloss or brightly colored lip stain.
  5. Heavily concentrated fragrances can quickly become overpowering on hot days.  A lighthearted roll-on perfume like Kai is easy to throw in your bag and smells delightfully fresh.
  6. Smoky eyes are too intense for the beach.  Instead sweep a golden shadow on your lids to keep your look light and modern.
  7. Don’t: succumb to raccoon eyes.  Do: use a waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara
  8. Save your dark nail polish for Fall & Winter.  Nudes, Neons, and Pastels will keep your look updated & cool.
  9. Lightly filling in or enhancing your brows will enable you to wear less makeup and place the emphasis on your eyes.  Comb brows in place with a clear gel or a mousse to keep them in place all day.
  10. Rehydrate & Reapply often.  UV Incellium spray instantly refreshes, hydrates, sets makeup, and adds extra protection with SPF 8.