Younger looking skin

Over my years of experience when I ask a client what improvements they would they like to see in their skin, one of the most common answers is ” younger looking skin”.

Wouldn’t it be easy if we can easily wave a magic wand and instantly tighten your skin and smooth out your lines?

Unfortunately we do not have that power but thankfully we have access to great technology including non invasive procedures that provide great results in little to no downtime. Yes, you can even receive these treatments on your lunch break!

The Refirme is an FDA approved skin tightening laser that requires 3-4 sessions spaced at about 3-4 weeks apart.  Each treatment is about one hour long for the full face/neck area.

Refirme uses elos technology which combines bi-polar energy and light energy into one procedure which makes it an effective method in wrinkle reduction and tightening.

Does it hurt? Although “beauty is pain” this procedure is a pretty comfortable treatment.  There may be some areas of slight discomfort but overall there is no downtime.   Your skin may be left slightly pink. You can apply make up and continue on with your day.

For optimal results try the Energy Lift facial which combines the best of two tightening and firming technologies: Refirme and Rescue’s signature Biolift treatment which involves  a customized blend of serums and noninvasive electrical currents used to plump and lift the skin also leaving you with a post facial glow and of course younger looking skin.

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“Vida” Monica Hernandez


Spring Renewal

Spring is the best time to receive a peel.  Long gone are the days that receiving a peel equals red, blotchy, burned skin like it was in the early 90’s.  These days peels are favored for anti-aging by most dermatologists and estheticians. They provide instant results very effective in evening out skin tone, diminishing fine lines, and pore tightening.  So either try a peel at home with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel (combo of lactic, glycolic, salicylic, and citric in one) or P50 “1970” followed by Lotion Kerato-Regulartrice (combo of extremely effective natural based acids from apple, grape, ginger, and sugar cane). Treat this as a one month beauty booster since over doing it with peels is not recommended.  Still the best way to start your peel routine is to receive a treatment with a Facial at Rescue. We offer a medical grade Alpha Beta Peel (combo of lactic, glycolic, salicylic, and citric in one), a TCA Peel (Trichloroacetic Acid), or a Fruit Acid Mask by Biologique Recherche (lactic and fruit acids)

That’s why we created a Spring Renewal Package designed to give you these great benefits from all the peel choices available. Your esthetician will help determine the best treatment for your skin type to ensure beautiful radiant skin!



Spring Cleaning

It’s quite obvious that skincare is my passion. I’ve been an esthetician for over 20 years and I love giving facials. My clients get fantastic results through facials with the help of microdermabrasion, electric currents, peels, massage, and lotions & potions. Still there are times when I need to reach for high tech tools that go beyond what these other treatments can do. This season at Rescue we have created our Spring Cleaning Specials that combine the latest laser technologies in skincare to treat various concerns and deliver results.

Springtime is the perfect time to clean up any sunspots or broken capillaries and for these issues we have ‘tried and true’ IPL Foto Facial. In approximately 2-3 sessions you can improve skin texture and discoloration to create a more even complexion.

If you’re struggling with those few unwanted hairs on your face I would encourage you to try our most effective treatment, light based hair removal.

For skin laxity we have a skin tightening treatment called Refirme. 3 sessions will really tighten up your face and neck.

Our most anti-aging, collagen producing, wrinkle reducing, tightening treatment is eMatrix. I can say from personal experience that I’ve performed numerous eMatrix treatments with amazing results. If you’re thinking you need a dramatic pick-me-up that offers long term visible results then this is the service for you. I like to call it a mini facelift!

Hardcore laser devotees love our Triniti Treatment which offers a trio of Refirme, IPL Foto Facial, and eMatrix all in one session. A triple dose of pain but a whole lot of gain… perfect for those who are time crunched and want results instantly, I’m already signed up!

Danuta Mieloch,  Owner of Rescue Spa

danuta mieloch










1. Valmont Infinite Radiance Essence Serum– This remarkable serum brightens, hydrates and protects from free radical damage. A must have for fall/ winter, when skin is tired and lethargic, two pumps before day cream is all it takes. It has a high concentration of vitamin C and contains reflective, active ingredients that illuminate skin.  It’s truly fantastic!

2. Valmont L’ Elixir Des Glaciers Eye Cream– This magnificent eye cream is our top shelf eye cream that is sure to win your heart!  It’s ingredients reduce, repair and reflect visible signs of aging and photo damage. AND…This eye cream last me about 12 months, it may seem like an investment at first, but a little goes a long way because of it’s concentrated elite components. Try in once and you’ll be hooked!

3. Environ Intensive Retinol 1, 2 or 3– This little gem is not for the faint of heart. Retinol should only be experimented with by the close instruction of your esthetician and/or Doctor. This gel like consistency has a high concentration of vitamin A and bovine colostrum, which aid in cell turn over and regeneration. It helps with problem skin whether you have dark spots, pimples or wrinkles. I use it as a spot or zone treatment about 3xs a week. Ask me about it!
* It’s best to start with Environs AVST line first, and then upgrade to Retinol.

4. Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color–  A very good client of mine gave me a free sample of this product a few years back and for this I am forever grateful! This is a  magical loose powder that I typically use everyday. It has a luminescent quality, great for sensitive skin types, and lightly conceals skin imperfections with out that heavy foundation feel. It’s free of just about everything and it’s high mineral content gives you gentle sun and free radical protection. It’s great all over the face, chest or even legs in the summer, if you’re sporting a sexy dress!  And…one jar has lasted me over a year!
*must be applied with large cheek brush for best result. Dip, shake and dust.

5. Pure Essential lavender oil– Yup! Good old fashioned lavender oil, I keep this in my kitchen, next to my bed, I take it camping or to the spa for use in my treatments. Lavender has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. I use it to treat burns which helps promote healing and stop the sting fast. It’s great on bug bites instead of harsh steroidal products. Also, you can put a couple of drops in your vaporizer at night to help you sleep and soothe dry sinuses in the dry winter months.  Safe for kids whether it’s a cut, scrape or burn… Every Mom should keep this little healer in her purse! Purchase only “pure forms of Lavender oil”, which can be found at Whole foods Market.

6. Weleda Baby Calendula shampoo and body wash– You don’t have to have kids to buy this product! This is a baby body wash that I use on my body in the shower daily. It’s wonderful for skin that is sensitive, dry, itchy, sunburned etc… This body wash is a silky, luxurious texture that is formulated with hand-picked Biodynamic calendula, it soothes dry winter skin, eczema, or if you just want to maintain healthy glowing skin all year long.  Get rid of your ph striping, hard, moisturizing soaps and give this wonderful healing body wash a whirl!  It can be found at whole foods market. * Do not use as shampoo on adults, but great for kids.

Rescue Esthetician, Tirzah Fowler

‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season for get-togethers and events that reunite us with folks we haven’t seen since this time last year. Full focus on looking fantastic, this is not the time to be blasé about your skin. Take advantage of Rescue’s Peel and Reveal special; a skin brightening facial that uses microdermabrasion and a gentle peel to unearth your holiday fabulosity in all its glory. And while you’re here for your facial you might want to rethink your moisturizer if you’re still using your favorite summer product. The temperatures
have been on the mild side but just like the holidays, winter is coming. You might want to go a little richer to protect your skin from the colder air. On my wish list (for both of us) is Valmont’s Regenetic a luscious lightweight whip cream of a moisturizer that super hydrates the skin superbly without adding undue weight, important for oily or combination skin.

Also, now is the time to consider what your favorite sexy holiday dress will be revealing. Schedule a moisturizing body scrub and hydrating wrap and you will be assured of having skin creamy enough to compete with that cheesecake you’re trying to stay away from.

If you’re like me, love to travel and are constantly seeking out warm weather places with great spas, consider vacationing in Barbados which just went totally WIFI as of 11/11/11. Check out my interview with Tracey Archer, spa manager of The Spa at Sandy Lane. This spa was recently voted Best in the Caribbean by Conde’ Nast and is a 2011 Leading Spa of the World. This is another interview in a series with award winning spa administrators beginning with our own Danuta Mieloch.

Peace, Blessings and Joy,

Linda Harding


Over the years the most consistent complaints we estheticians hear are, “I hate these brown spots, how can I get rid of them?”, “Oh my God, I’m turning into my grandmother, I have these horrific hairs sprouting from my chin! HELP!!!!!”, “My pores are huge, how can I make them smaller?” “I don’t expect to look twenty-five, I just want to look as good as I can for my age.” For the true skin care devotee, there is a point where the jar, tube or bottle ends and more intensive treatments are required. Fortunately, we possess the latest and greatest technologies in the field of modern cosmetics to address the aforementioned dignities of fathertime……. For pigment irregularities, we perform a service called Fotofacial. This treatment employs both optical light and radio frequency to eradicate those unsightly brown spots and dilated capilllaries. This service can be performed all over the body: face, neck, chest, hands, arms and legs. It takes about forty-five minutes and you can expect results almost immediately with little to no downtime. Pore size, skin elasticity, texture and color are all improved by E MATRIX. This technology effectively treats mild to moderate wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, post acne scarring and firms and tones the skin. Energy is applied to the skin in a matrix and the untreated skin around the treated spots accelerate the healing process and amplifies the results. Fall is the perfect time to begin permanent hair removal with sophisticated ELOS technology at Rescue Spa. This unique and innovative technology combines both light and radio frequency to thermally damage the hair follicle. Unlike the antiquated lasers previously used for hair removal, light energy is converted to thermal energy which heats up the hair shaft and follicle. Radio frequency is then attracted to the already preheated follicle, thus intensifying the heat and ultimately destroying it. Both energies are applied in one pulse for a safer, more effective and less painful treatment.

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Kelly Cronin

Summer in the City

Last Friday as my husband and I strolled down Walnut Street trying to burn off some calories from overindulging at Sansom Street Oyster House we came across a portrait in the making. A gorgeous bride posing for the photographer in front of Rittenhouse Square, wearing a wonderfully sumptuous creamy dress with the train swirling in front of her. She was flanked on either side by seven groomsmen, immaculately tuxedoed in black. Her bridesmaids all wore a vibrant shade of fuchsia which looks best on tanned skin, which they all had. As I watched them I wondered if they were spray tanned, sun tanned, self tanned? (Because that’s the way my esthetician mind works). Anyway, it struck me that as we creep toward the end of summer most skin can use a good professional body treatment, like a hydrating wrap. Wraps are great to remove the dry buildup that accumulates from too much sun exposure. And even if you are still beach bound on the weekends and determined to tan it up until October, it’s still a good idea right about now to give your skin a treat by sloughing away the old tan to make way for the new.

If taking time out for a body treatment cuts into your summer fun time then pop in to Rescue and pick up some body care from Lalicious. This product line has some of the most la luscious products ever. Body scrubs, cleansers and butters with names like Sugar Kissed and Vanilla Whipped that smell good enough to eat. And they make perfect gifts for your college freshman girls heading off to school. Put them in a cute basket (suitable for dorm room storage) and wait for the hugs.



Congratulations to my very talented, witty and beautiful client Gina Colantonio for, celebrating the two year mark for her very popular blog “Here Comes Gina”. This is my go to blog for hot picks from books to fashion to house wares but I only read it in private because she makes you laugh out loud.


Linda Harding