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Prepping for a big event? Here is everything you need to know.


Hair? Check.  Shoes? Check.  Skin? Not so much?  Whether you have scored an interview for a job you’ve worked your whole career for or are a bridesmaid in yet another wedding we all want to look our best.  If you haven’t been keeping up with a consistent ritual, I recommend a facial 2-4 weeks before the event.  Never underestimate beautiful skin. It can be your best accessory.

To get started, I turn to some Rescue favorites. First begin with fresh, clean skin.  Lait U from Biologique Recherche is a gentle,  vegetal based cleanser perfect for removing makeup and preparing skin for exfoliation. Oily, congested and dull skin will benefit from a second cleanse using the 5% Glycolic cleanser from Anthony Brands. Massage in and leave on for 2 minutes for extra exfolliation. Follow with a healthy application of P50 1970. The tingle alone will get you excited for what comes next. Apply a nice layer of Prime Renewing Pack from Valmont, lie down and massage. I like to elevate my knees for a true Rescue experience. Take about 5 minutes to relax and plan your look.
If you have oily skin, Masque Vivant for 15 minutes will liven up most complexions.  More combination skins will benefit from Masque VIP o2. (Or you could mix them together for a truly brightening experience.) Complex Royal over the moisturizer of your choice will be sure to make you glow. If you are a nervous Nelly and suffer from hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) Anthony Brands makes a product for you.  Apply No Sweat Body Defense to your forehead, back or under your bust to keep you dry and comfortable during the big event.  Now, the next part is easy. Take a deep breath and don’t forget to smile.

Samantha Lowe

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With only a few weeks left until Labor Day…

With only a few weeks left until Labor Day, it might be tempting to soak up the last of that summer sun.  Although many cite a “healthy,” dewy looking glow, as one of their top reasons they love the warm weather, the sun can be a mixed-blessing for your skin.  Sure the sun offers us plenty of Vitamin-D, but after thirteen years as a licensed esthetician I’ve seen the downsides the face can take after a beating from summer weather.

Apart from skin cancer, pores can be easily clogged with the products we use to protect them from the harmful UV rays. While you may see a decrease in outbreaks after a day at the beach, summer humidity draws out plenty of unpleasant oils and toxins in the skin that many are not aware of.  Ultimately, the glow we experience is usually a combination of sweat and oils that quickly turn the face into a breeding ground for bacteria.  If breakouts seem to plague your summer fun, getting a facial is a great way to detox the skin.

Deep pore cleansing the skin through the extraction methods we use in our Classic Rescue Facial is a surefire way to cancel out much of the post-sun damage. After a  purifying cleanse, exfoliation applied to the skin helps increase circulation and rejuvenate the cells by scrubbing away the dead skin.  Exfoliation doesn’t just keep your face silky smooth—it resets the skin to reverse uneven complexions.  If you often find yourself looking blotchy during the summer, on top of feeling extra-oily, sun is likely the culprit. The sun often causes pigmentation issues that lead to uneven skin tones.  Yet, giving the pores a good scrub is only a part of the process. Because the sun zaps many of the skin’s natural vitamins in the heat, a hydration mask can help to reset the balance in the skin.

Although these are the issues I’ve most commonly seen when a client neglects their summer routine, (call it one-too-many late night cocktails with the girls and forgetting to wash your face or dozing off on the beach for a few hours,) a quick consultation with an esthetician can help you combat the damage that’s been done and steer your skin back onto the right track.

As an esthetician, only part of my job is customizing the facial so that it will maximize the healing benefits for your skin. Serious care and consideration is put into every post-consultation so that you have a tailored home care regime that will keep you protected longer after the facial is through.

But don’t let that deter you from enjoying the rest of your summer! Just remember, keeping up with facials in the summer is not just healthy—it is absolutely necessary.

Esthetician, Jennifer Dalponte

Parisienne Facial

Valid March 1st -May 31st 2013

If you can’t drop everything and jet set to Paris for a facial treatment at Ambasade De La Beaute Biologique Recherche, look no further than Rescue Rittenhouse Spa for an equally luxurious facial.

The same techniques used by the estheticians in Paris are used right here in Philadelphia with the famous Biologique Recherche Remodeling Machine and Lift CVS treatment. Electric currents and manual exfoliation instantly lift that veil of winter dullness.  Erase years from your face and reveals beautiful, youthful glowing skin!  ($200)

Valentine’s Day a la Rescue!

For Him

Give him a Sports Massage, our therapists will soothe his aching muscles with our classic intensive deep tissue treatment.

CellMen Wash N Shave, everything he needs for a clean shave.

For Her

Give her the Spoil Me Package, Valentine’s Day is all about her! So pamper her with a Classic Rescue Facial and Harmony Essence Massage.

Voluptuous, Witching, Sensual.  Loukhoum

For Anyone

The gift of pampering and relaxation, Rescue Gift Certificates!



Valentine’s Day a la Parisienne!

This Valentine’s Day take your loved one on a quick escape to Rescue Spa where we have the quintessential beauty treatments of Paris!  Experience what famed French women have been doing for years. 

Paris Remodel & Lift Facial A 90 minute age defying treatment that includes a combination of manual lifting and electric current innovated by Biologique Recherche Spa.  Your loved one will feel like she just left Champs de Elysse 32. For extra vavoom, Champagne optional! ($200)

Biarritz Algae Body Wrap This special marine algae body wrap is designed to help the body eliminate toxins. To revitalize, tighten, and slim the body.  One of French women’s secrets on how to stay famously slim. ($100)

St. Tropez Mani/Pedi Our favorite new take on the classic French Manicure/Pedicure. Chanel ‘Top Coat Velvet’ (the perfect matte polish) with High Gloss Tips.  Tres chic! ($75)

Honeymoon Massage Melt away side by side with a 60 minute Couples massage, celebrated with a glass of bubbly. ( $200)

Offer Valid February 1-29th 2012