Danuta’s Winter Essentials

It’s important to take special care of your skin in the winter. Here are a few things you can do to keep skin moist and healthy all season long… 

  • Use a humidifier when the air is dry.
  • Put moisturizer and oil on your body immediately after bathing.
    Create a ritual of applying oils like Body Oxygenant followed by MSRH Corps.
  • Wear natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, because they allow your skin to breathe.
  • Cover up when the air is dry, to hold moisture in.
  • Focus on proper nutrition and drinking plenty of water.
  • Avoid things that trigger allergic reactions. Use detergent free of dyes and perfumes.
  • Mature and drier skin types should apply and reapply moisturizer to lock in moisture.
  • Let’s not forget hands (telltale sign of age). Apply hand cream and cuticle oil often.
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves while doing home chores and while outdoors.
  • Practice a good skincare regimen:
  1. Dry skin can happen at any age, but it’s most likely a concern if you’re 50 or older. This is because the glands that make oil for your skin get smaller as you age and produce less.  Many popular soaps and cleansers “clean” your skin by removing oil. This strips the skin, which often causes dryness or breakouts to worsen. At Rescue we always recommend a gentle milky cleanser like Lait VIP o2. Use with a washcloth to buff away dry flaky skin and reveal the fresh skin that lies beneath. Washcloths are super gentle on the skin and most importantly, they don’t cost much. 🙂

  2. Once your skin is properly cleansed it is extremely important to balance the pH of your skin. Our favorite product for this step is Lotion P50 1970.During the winter I personally use P50 1970 at night and P50W in the daytime (this gentler formula is fantastic for winter). *A reminder to the health conscious: all Biologique Recherche products are paraben-free and safe to use.

  3. After you’ve applied P50 follow with a hylarounic acid based serum to keep skin plump, hydrated and, yes, looking younger! Babies are born with a high level of hyaluronic acid, which keeps their skin plump and smooth. Unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic acid in skin diminishes with age, most significantly after age 40. While it may not be possible to maintain perfectly dewy baby-skin, these serums help to restore the skin’s hyaluronic acid content. Applied topically hyaluronic acid increases hydration, improves elasticity, and reverses free radical damage. All skin types, even oily, will benefit from using hyaluronic acid serum. *For those who get injectables it prolongs the plumping effect.

    LayerWinter skincare is like your winter wardrobe, it’s all about layers! I always layer my serums, starting with the lightest texture and finishing with the thickest. Here is my current mix of serums and creams for daytime: AmniotiqueLe Grand Serum, Yall o2, Creme Dermo RL, and Fluide VIP O2.

  4. Your evening routine is another story. Winter is time to bust out the big game changers like MBR’s liquid surgery serum, followed by MBR Extraordinary Cream. Mind you I’m over 50 and the names alone provide a feel-good-factor (I’ll take liquid surgery anytime, no pain or risk involved).

    For younger gals I suggest Environ’s Cquence 3 serum. It’s packed with peptides, vitamins, and retinol to address antiaging in one simple step.

    I also highly recommend keeping the skin challenged by alternating your regimen every other night. Currently I’m alternating MBR Extraordinary cream with BR Le Grand Creme (*available in January).

    For a dry skin solution I love Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum – a clean beauty favorite of celebrities. It has a loyal following for good reason. This cult product is a powerful sustainably crafted oil that delivers skin all the essentials, moisture, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.

    Valmont Regenera II is another winter staple. It’s a rich cream-balm that solves dry skin, lips, cuticles, patches, etc. Love… love… love!

  5. Rescue Spa Facials are always geared to problem solve. Whether it’s dry skin, brown spots, redness, irritation, or inflamed acne, Rescue Facials are always customized to focus on what your skin needs. With the right combination of products and high-tech tools, our estheticians can really create change in the skin over time to help you achieve your greatest complexion.

  6. Last but not least. Cold weather is the best time to develop healthy rituals and ceremonies. Taking care of my skin is a daily practice.
    Create your own magic, have fun in your mini beauty apothecary ….
    Light a candle….
    Mask often….
    Take a bath…
    Get cozy in slippers and wrap up in cashmere …..
    Practice self love, cultivate wellbeing, sing, dance and feel like a goddess ….

Happy Winter :)))

Rescue Spa Founder,
Danuta Mieloch

The Double Duty Product Diana Loves

“I never thought this masque would be suitable for oil-prone skin at my age, but, recently, I was pleasantly surprised to discover other wise. In this post I would like to focus on the benefits of adding this masque creme to a regimen.”

Masque Creme Biofixine is one of the earliest products from the Biologique Recherche line, a lifting and brightening masque that can be used in so many ways! I never thought this masque would be suitable for oil-prone skin at my age, but, recently, I was pleasantly surprised to discover other wise. In this post I would like to focus on the benefits of adding this masque creme to a regimen.

Biologique Recherche Masque Creme Biofixine is a toning anti-wrinkle treatment, both a mask and a cream. It is an innovative multifunctional product that tones and smoothes the epidermis, improves skin elasticity, helps unify the texture of the skin and prevent visible signs of aging. It features a re-plumping effect and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soothed.The grape seed oil and green anise extract help fight free radicals while the white clay purifies. This BR oxygenating complex brings life back to your skin.

Here’s how I use it as a masque: After cleansing my face with the Lait Vip O2 and a thorough application of P50 1970, I follow up with an MC110 booster in the areas that need some extra attention. I prefer to apply the Masque Creme Biofixine all over my face, neck and décolletage in a thin layer and let it work it’s magic! 20-30 minutes should be sufficient. Then I remove it with a damp cloth and follow up with Fluide VIPO2 for more glowing skin. Before an event or after a long night out, I recommend leaving the masque on for up to 2 hours for extra purifying and plumping benefits.

Here’s how to use it as a cream: Application is the same as above but this time I make sure to apply a very thin layer on and massage it upwards until it is completely absorbed. The next morning, my skin is visibly brighter, smoother and awake! I like to use Masque Creme Biofixine as a cream after a grueling and exhausting day or a long-haul flight. You should try it this way too!

Masque Creme Biofixine is on the pricier side of products, but, in my opinion, it is worth every penny! Try it for yourself and discover why I consider this masque a favorite and call it the best route to beautiful and glowing skin!

Rescue Spa NYC Lead Esthetician,
Diana Yerkes

Winter Skin Savers

Now that the cold temperatures have reared their ugly head, it’s no surprise that many clients are experiencing dry, red, flaky skin, along with increased sensitivity and eczema flare-ups. In order to keep our skin healthy and hydrated during the rough winter months, I’d like to share a few of my favorite winter skin savers.

Make sure to keep your cleansing regimen as gentle as possible. You never want your skin to feel stripped or tight after washing. Switching to a more emollient cleanser such as the Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser, will help to keep your skin balanced and properly hydrated.

For daytime, the goal is to create a barrier against the wind and cold and prevent moisture loss. I particularly like Valmont Priority Cream because of the protective properties and calming effect. It truly soothes and effectively protects even the most delicate skin, with the added benefit of SPF 30. For a boost of hydration, or if you plan on being outdoors for extended periods of time, you can layer a serum such as Valmont Hydra 3 Serum underneath.

For nighttime, Valmont DNA Repair Serum is absolutely essential, especially for eczema-prone skin, as it helps to strengthen and repair the skin’s natural barrier. Applying a rich moisturizer like Cellcosmet Cellular Night Cream will also help to heal and regenerate the skin while you sleep.

For a little pampering, I like to apply a mask such as Nature by Valmont, Moisturizing with a Mask, once or twice a week. It feels like a soft cushion on the skin and will instantly re-plump, rebalance and replenish skin that has been ravaged by cold temperatures and dry air.

Lastly, I recommend running a humidifier at night to prevent dehydration caused by indoor heat. This is one of the best and least expensive things you can do to keep the skin functioning properly during the driest of winter months.

I hope these tips will help your skin beat the winter blues…

Stay warm,

Joanna Kula, Esthetician

Right now? It’s All About Winter Protection!

It’s All About Winter Protection!



Simple New Year’s Resolutions

I always think about my New Year’s resolutions this time of year. Since my resolution every year is to learn to play piano and speak French and I never quite get to it, this year I’m going to keep it simple. I’m still on a sugar high and post holiday cheer so naturally my first resolution will be water,  making sure I’m drinking enough. I encourage all of you to do the same.  When I’m not drinking water I’ll be drinking Green Tea (since apparently it helps you burn 100 calories a cup, ha!).  Next I resolve to increase my physical activity, which always makes me feel better. So that means more walking and more yoga for me.

January is really harsh on our skin. So I’ll do whatever I can to plump and rehydrate my environmentally stressed skin. For a boost in hydration any hydrating mask will do. I suggest Masque Visolastine Embroyonnaire and Renewing Pack. To infuse skin with moisture I approach my winter skin care the same way I approach dressing, layer up. I use various serums like my newest loves, Le Grand Serum by Biologique Recherche and Cell Lift by CellCosmet. I then follow with the most hydrating moisturizers like Creme MSRH.  If my lips are chapped I coat them with Regenera II which is the richest most moisturizing cream on earth, it’s even good enough for high altitudes and skiing.  Speaking of skiing, when you’re on the slopes don’t forget to protect your skin with SPF.  It may be cold but the sun is still very strong.  January is the perfect time to rethink our diet, hit the Vitamin Shoppe for a new vitamin regimen, and keep the colds away.  I would like to extend my best wishes to all of our followers and clients for a healthy, happy, and beautiful 2012!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa,


Danuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch


How to achieve the most radiant skin

What do you do to your skin everyday? You probably cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect. For me, a skincare devotee I believe beauty has evolved and doing what our mothers did is no longer good enough. After all 30’s are the new 20’s, 50’s are the new 40’s, and 70’s are the new 50’s! You no longer have to wait for your high school reunion. We are going global, everyone and their mother is on facebook, comparing how each other looks. Doing the bare minimum in the skincare world is no longer good enough. In the age of Botox injections, lasers, and plastic surgery, it seems hard to keep up. Today I’m here to talk about an evolving skincare routine. For myself I layer up with many products twice a day and I change my routine every 2-3 months, as I believe skin gets used to products and it’s efficacy plateaus. But I also customize my serums and creams on a daily basis since my skin may one day feel prone to breakouts where as the next it feels dry and dehydrated. Our skins are forever changing, depending on the cycles, seasonal, monthly, daily, etc. Therefore when I’m dedicated to creating my own serum mixture my skin looks the most radiant. My all time favorite serums are Complexe Iribiol for breakouts, Fluide VIP O2 and Silk Plus for hydration, and Infinite Radiance Essence for a Vitamin C boost. Winter is the toughest time of the year for our skin and we should all change our skincare routine with the season. Try to switch on and off with active ingredient products like Retinol or Vitamin C by Environ to AHA Creme from Biologique Recherche. These are the strongest anti-aging products I use. Yet swapping them for hydrating serums and a richer moisturizer from time to time allows the skin to regenerate and rebuild. Skincare should be fun, it’s like switching your wardrobe for the colder season. You’ll layer more, cover up more, and keep your look updated. Instead of flat, dull, and sallow skin opt for dewy, glowing, skin every winter day. My advice is to customize a haute couture skincare routine just for you!


Danuta Mieloch