NEW at RESCUE! Attar de Roses by Keiko Mecheri

Attar de Roses by Keiko Mecheri: A single perfect rose given to you by a brand new love at a magical romantic moment. The sort of rose you press in a book and keep forever. This is a very wearable take on rose – warm and soft, with delectable berry-like undertones. The base of musk, wood and leather is understated and gives this a bit of a skin-scent feel, as if rose petals had melted on your skin. While many rose scents are quite grand, this one strikes us as fresh and pretty. It’s not the whole garden – it’s a single, honeyed rose, newly picked and drenched in happy memories.  Simply lovely.

Philadelphia Magazine Blog: “Recue’d, Again. Kicking it up a notch.”

“Some months ago, I wrote here about my first in a series of pre-wedding facials with the amazing Danuta Mieloch at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.  I had been a little nervous about committing to a skincare regime, as I’ve long been the wash-and-moisturize-and-go type — but I wanted to make sure I looked every bit the glowing bride come October, so I was willing to step it up a bit if Danuta thought I should.

Happily, though, after that hour-long first facial (her facials pure magic, I swear it — lines seemingly just get buffed away), she told me just to tack on one little step to my nightly routine: a little of Biologique Recherche’s P50 exfoliating potion swabbed on my face. I have done exactly that, and when I showed up for my most recent facial, Danuta raved over my skin (which, admittedly, has been incredibly soft since the last appointment). This time, though, I was sent home with a daily-use sunscreen (SPF 25: Even though I’m extremely fair, Danuta says the real key to protection is re-application — more so than just using a high SPF) and instructions to apply eye cream around my eyes as often as possible, as that’s where my skin is its most delicate and dry.

Once again, my skin has showed an immediate improvement, and Project Glowy Bridal skin is making good and painless progress. I’ll report back in September, after the final facial, where Danuta promises some sort of Helen of Troy level glow. I believe her.”  

— Christy Speer

NEW at RESCUE! Carita Ideal Hydration

NEW at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa! CARITA’s IDEAL HYDRATION collection, designed to restore the skin’s natural moisturizing system and delay the appearance and signs of aging.  Featuring Lagoon Cream Rich,   Lagoon Eye Contour,  and  Lagoon Scrub.

Ideal Hydratation features a comprehensive collection of anti-aging products that stimulate and optimize the skin’s natural moisturizing mechanisms to boost cellular energy and slow down signs of aging.  Formulated with water from the depths of a lagoon on the Polynesian island of Raiatea, near Bora Bora. Rich in essential minerals and trace elements, lagoon water effectively moisturizes tired and dehydrated skin, infusing it with radiance and vitality. Ideal Hydratation restores the skin’s moisture balance by slowing down external water loss and by improving the skin’s ability to absorb moisture. Ideal Hydratation will act on five vital elements of hydration for the skin:

1. Immediate hydration

2. Continuous hydration

3. Dynamic hydration

4. Skin vitality

5. Skin resistance



Lagoon Water – a precious, moisturizing and energizing source, composed of Essential Minerals and Trace Elements.

Aqua-Fix Complex – helps trap water molecules and retain them within the epidermis.

Bio-Hyaluronate: Biotechnological molecule that offers immediate moisturization and helps retain water within the skin.

Natural Sugars: Sugars sourced from vegetal gum and sugar beet that retain water molecules.

Summer Rescue!

Valid June 1st – August 31st

Summerize Facial: Prepare your skin for warmer weather.  Boost your moisture level with a thorough exfoliation, hydrating mask, and cell recharging electric currents.  ($125)

Open Toe Pedicure and a Manicure: Reveal your toes and show off your hands with Rescue’s specialized mani/pedi.  Be sure to check out our summer collection of polishes. ($70)

Brazilian, Lip, and Brow: Hair free summer guarantee!  Rescue’s waxing services are top notch.  ($75)

Faux Glow: Our skilled therapist begins with sugar scrub for a thorough exfoliation which is then followed by a meticulous application of the award winning Sothy’s self tanner formula (none of that orange smelly stuff). The result is a supple, soft and healthy glow!  ($90)

Have fun in the sun… the smart way!

As the days are getting warmer and longer we all need a refresher about using sun protection.  Are you diligently using sunscreen everyday?  Are you aware that not all sunscreens are created equal?  Let’s simply sum this sunscreen dilemma up!

So what you are looking for is Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  You have a choice between chemical sunscreen which means it absorbs UVA once it hits the skin (a popular ingredient is avobenzone), or natural physical block that reflects UVA light off your skin and back into the atmosphere like a mirror (zinc oxide).   It is even suitable for sensitive skin.

As for the number there is very little difference between UVB protection provided by SPF 30 or 60.  While SPF 30 gets you about 96% coverage, SPF 45 about 97%, and SPF 60 about 98%.   It is very important that you use enough product, meticulously covering your skin, and reapplying every few hours.  Reapplication is the key to the right protection!

If you put on your sunscreen every morning, please remember to reapply by the time you take your lunch break.  For myself I like to double up on sunscreen, I use the Hollywood cult favorite Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30, followed by Valmont Time Perfection (it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide natural sun protection) this way I’m sure I’m covered.  I also carry a tube of sunscreen in my bag and whenever I’m out I cover my hands and exposed areas diligently.  Have fun in the sun the smart way!

Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa & Esthetician,

Danuta Mieloch

Mother’s beauty secrets…

My earliest memories of my mom are the scent of her perfume, the color and scent of her lipstick in it’s beautiful case and her Nivea cream.  Those 3 things my mom never left home without.  To this day my mom is faithful to her beauty staples.  Although the lipstick has changed and softened up a little bit, the Nivea cream stays.  She happily shares her secrets of how she uses it.   It’s like her windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  She uses it for everything, cuts, rashes, after sun, before sun and even mixes it with cucumbers or fruit to make a mask.  So for this upcoming Mother’s Day I’d like to encourage moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers to share their beauty secrets and continue to stay beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day

Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa & Esthetician,

Danuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch


Mother’s Day Specials at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa!

Mother & Daughter Facial: $250 (for two)
Every woman deserves to be pampered, so share it with the most important woman in your life!  Indulge in a unique facial treatment formulated to lift and regenerate the skin. A Rescue esthetician will begin with the analysis of your skin type & condition, followed by a cleanse, massage, light peel, mask, and our famous Bio-Lift electric currents. In just 60 minutes you’ll both be gorgeously radiant!

Mother & Daughter Mani/Pedi: $150
(for two)
Rescue is the perfect atmosphere for a mother and daughter to share some quality time. Our side-by-side manicure/pedicure is guaranteed to bring the two of you closer together as you unwind, chat and relax.

Regenerating Lift Facial & Swedish Massage:  $250

Treat your mother like royalty! Leave her in the skilled hands of a Rescue esthetican and massage therapist for a full body 60 minute Swedish Massage and Regenerating Lift Facial (including a cleanse, light peel, mask, massage and our famous Bio-Lift electric currents).  Rest assured, your mom will leave Rescue feeling like a queen!