From Bridal to Babies

Most of my brides-to be use P50 Lotion by Biologique Recherché. It is one of my go to products to whip pre wedding skin into perfection. But what happens after the wedding when the decision is made to add another little member to the family? For months now I have been raving about Cellcosmet, a botanically based, triple patented skin care line from Switzerland. I am obsessed with their Activator Gel and Toner which makes the skin extremely soft, supple and luminous with absolutely no redness or irritation. It is the perfect transitional product to use while pregnant or while trying to become pregnant (and beyond). I know that the idea of weaning oneself off P50 is traumatic, (I personally have witnessed my clients hyperventilating) however when my future mommies see the results of their Cellcosmet facial all is right again with the world.

Philadelphia has been in the throes of a vicious heat wave and we’re all looking for creative ways to stay hydrated. Our very own Erika Ianoale has a watermelon-mint juice from her Pangaea Earth Foods line that is too good; super hydrating, negligible calories and simply delicious. Kudos to Erika for keeping us juicy.

Rescue Spa Esthetician,

Linda Harding

Vacation Skin

It’s impossible for me to plan a vacation away without checking out the spa scene at my chosen destination. This time I set my sights on Hotel Villa Rolandi in Isla Mujeres because of their extensive Thalassotherapy department. I booked a Balneotherapy treatment which reminded me of a new-age Jacuzzi on steroids with its alternating programs designed to stimulate or relax different body parts through varying degrees of salt water pulsation. The Vichy shower was interesting too although I found the experience of being massaged while being rained upon a bit distracting. When I introduced myself to the estheticians they were super charming and proudly showed me their retail department which carried a single product line. I must admit that I felt a sense of relief to have such an extensive international selection of skin care products to work with and offer my clients at Rescue. There’s no place like home.

Is it possible not to have oily breakouts when vacationing in temperatures of 90 degrees and higher? My skin loved my Valmont cleansing gel, and Purifying Pack clay masque which I obsessively used every night to refresh my skin before hitting the town. During the day sunglasses were the standard but evenings I relied upon my beauty staple, Blinc eyeliner which didn’t budge or smudge.

Upon my return to Rescue, I will make it a point to have a facial using the Ultrasound machine to deeply but gently remove the nasty buildup of sun block that tends to clog pores and cause skin irritations. It’s easy to forgo skin care in the summer because we look so sun-kissed but now is the time to book regular facials to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy.


Linda Harding

VelaShape: Post Pregnancy

After having my son nearly four years ago, I was challenged by the results of post pregnancy. I tried everything. Diets, exercise, and diet pills — which was a huge mistake. I felt like no matter what I did I couldn’t shed the “extra” saggy skin, and surgery was not an option. I had heard of the Vela Shape that “celebrity moms” were trying and decided to give it a try. I received five treatments on my jelly belly and thighs, and was extremely impressed with the results. I left more attractive and was able to fit in my jeans without the help from Spanx. I recommend Vela Shape not only to my clients, but to all my friends to get that extra little boost in confidence they need to truly be a hot mama.



Shannon Mansor

Love the skin you’re in

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s your body’s first line of defense from external factors and has many important functions it protects you from the environment, helps maintain body temperature, etc.  Skin being thinnest on the eyelids and thickest on the palms of hands and soles of feet.  Truly skin is our most visible asset — especially in the summer when we show a lot of it off!

Today I’m going to talk about exfoliation, the key to great skin. I recommend an old fashioned but very effective method, dry brushing.  It increases circulation, assists the skin in excreting toxins, encourages healing, stimulates, helps lymphatic drainage, and sheds dead skin cells, all of which can improve skin texture and cell renewal.  When dry brushing make sure you use a natural bristle brush, always brushing towards the heart with sweeping strokes starting from the bottom at the feet, overlapping and repeating movements.  Follow with a shower, using alternate water temperatures and always finish with a cold rinse.  Immediately afterwards apply body oil on damp skin.  Do this as often as you can, especially while doing a juice cleanse (these are super popular right now).   I also recommend using a body scrub at least twice a week.  After the summer months you can begin to incorporate alpha beta hydroxy lotions as well as oils containing retinol such as Environ’s AVST hydrating lotion and body oil, but remember these two products should not be used during times when you will have sun exposure.

For regular cleansing make sure you use a body cleansing gel rather than soap as it better respects the body pH level.   Daily skin hydration is as important for the body as it is for facial skin.  Rescue has a large selection of paraben-free, eco friendly, body products (which we prefer).  Professional body treatments are also a great way to take care of your body.  My choice would be a body scrub and detoxifying mud wrap, followed by massage.  A whole body nirvana!

Esthetician & Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa

Danuta Mieloch