Valentine’s Day a la Parisienne!

This Valentine’s Day take your loved one on a quick escape to Rescue Spa where we have the quintessential beauty treatments of Paris!  Experience what famed French women have been doing for years. 

Paris Remodel & Lift Facial A 90 minute age defying treatment that includes a combination of manual lifting and electric current innovated by Biologique Recherche Spa.  Your loved one will feel like she just left Champs de Elysse 32. For extra vavoom, Champagne optional! ($200)

Biarritz Algae Body Wrap This special marine algae body wrap is designed to help the body eliminate toxins. To revitalize, tighten, and slim the body.  One of French women’s secrets on how to stay famously slim. ($100)

St. Tropez Mani/Pedi Our favorite new take on the classic French Manicure/Pedicure. Chanel ‘Top Coat Velvet’ (the perfect matte polish) with High Gloss Tips.  Tres chic! ($75)

Honeymoon Massage Melt away side by side with a 60 minute Couples massage, celebrated with a glass of bubbly. ( $200)

Offer Valid February 1-29th 2012



Winter is here and so often clients complain of skin that is dry and dull. Their spirit is worn down by winter blues and their skin shows signs of lethargy. So how do I keep my glow you ask? Here it is, inside and out!

First, I start with increasing my colored foods, even if I’m not in the mood. This means eating or drinking more greens, more orange, red and purple. For example a kale salad with beets, orange and red bell peppers, throw in some nuts and you have a party! Two of my favorite local restaurants, Milah and Pure Fare help me keep my diet colorful, especially on the go! Or, my all time favorite is Pangaea Earth Foods, for phyto nutrient packed juices that are fresh, organic and raw! In about a week of incorporating juice supplements into your diet, you will notice a gradual elevation in energy, mood and glowing skin! Promise.

Secondly, I take a Nordic Naturals omega 3, plus D3 supplement daily, this helps with maintaining the skins immune system. It is great for spikes in eczema or psoriasis. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to see if omega 3’s could benefit you!

Next, you got it , P50 by Biologique Recherche! This product exfoliates, hydrates and evens out skin tone, giving you back that luster.  Here’s a little secret, sometimes in winter if my skin is feeling exceptionally sensitive, I dilute my cotton round with a little water to make the sting a little less intense. It’s a great way to ease the P50 bite during harsh winter months.

Then, of course you must serum!  Serums are equivalent of taking a supplement or vitamin, but on the face. Sometimes, your moisturizer simply can’t do it all. Serums can either go on top of, or underneath of your moisturizer.  Currently I am using Infinite Radiance Essence by Valmont. Ask your esthetician today for suggestions on a serum that’s right for you, mention this blog post and receive 10% off your next serum purchase, or use promo code TIRZAH on for 10% off on your serum purchase.

Finally, I have two products that are truly essential to maintaining my glow in the winter, first, for my face it’s my Bare Minerals All-over Face color.  This is a magical loose powder that I typically use everyday. It has a luminescent quality, great for sensitive skin types, and lightly conceals skin imperfections with out that heavy foundation feel. It’s free of just about everything and it’s high mineral content gives you gentle sun and free radical protection. It’s my secret to keeping my summer glow, even in winter! *must be applied with large cheek brush for best result. Dip, shake and dust.

And last but definitely not least, is Weleda’s Calendula Body Wash For Baby. You don’t have to have kids to buy this product! This is a best kept secret, it’s a baby body wash that I use on my body in the shower daily. It’s wonderful for skin that is sensitive, dry, itchy etc… This body wash is a silky, luxurious texture that is formulated with hand-picked Biodynamic calendula, it soothes dry winter skin, eczema, or if you just want to maintain healthy glowing skin all year long.  Get rid of your pH stripping, hard, moisturizing soaps and give this wonderful healing body wash a whirl!

Well, there you have it, this is how I keep my glow in winter! Try one or all of these suggestions and you won’t be disappointed!

Happy and healthy New Year!







Ethnic Skin 2012

Hyperpigmentation. It’s like an unwanted, unexpected guest. It especially loves to visit folks with Ethnic Skin and stay a long time. And it doesn’t discriminate. It loves women and men. If your skin tone ranges from golden to black, if you are of Asian, African, East Indian, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Native American descent you have probably experienced hyperpigmentation or dark marks at some point in your life. As an African-American it took me years to learn exactly what I can and cannot do to my skin to avoid hyper pigmenting it. As an esthetician I have also worked on a lot of different ethnic
skin types and I will tell you that the experience is invaluable because ethnic skin is generally not a topic extensively addressed in esthetic schools and requires an expanded depth of knowledge.

I believe that having melanin (black or brown pigment) in your skin is like having curly hair. Just as you would seek out a stylist who specializes in working with your unique hair type, it is advantageous to find a professional who understands your skin. There are just too many variables involved and often the same regimen which may work perfectly for someone with blond hair and blue eyes is the trigger for causing damage and hyperpigmentation on a darker skin.

If you have ethnic skin you should be treating your skin very gently for every step of your daily regime; no aggressive scrubbing picking or squeezing. No “over the top” peels. If you are a man and experiencing hyperpigmentation around your beard and throat area from shaving there are steps which can be taken to help control this development. I am in love with the Environ line of products which can be customized to correct many of the flaws often found with darker skin tones.

Make it a point to begin 2012 with an updated regimen which takes your skin tone into consideration. A little tweaking may result in skin that is more radiant, free of dark marks and more wonderful looking than you could ever have imagined.

Esthetician Linda Harding,






Say goodbye to cellulite!

So it’s that time of year again. Time to lose weight by conducting a healthy and active lifestyle! Still have a few spots of cellulite no matter what you do? What’s the solution? Velashape treatments offered at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.
Velashape is a high-impact combination of laser energy, intense pulsed light and bi-polar radio frequency which vacuum and mechanically massage to deliver precisely targeted energy to shrink the cells responsible for cellulite.
Book a vacation, and get bikini ready with Velashape!






A New Year, A New You!

VelaShape $150 per session

Get a smooth start to the New Year!  VelaShape contours, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 sessions.

Refirme $300 per session
Refirme is a Rescue cult favorite and complete anti-aging solution for targeting the telltale signs of aging.  Achieve dramatic, longer lasting results for smoother, firmer, skin, with no downtime.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal $150 per session

Your 2012 resolution is to look perfect in a bikini.  Between all your hard work at the gym and bikini laser hair removal sessions at Rescue you’ll be ready to hit the beach by summer!  In as few as 6 sessions long lasting results are yours.

A relaxing package designed to ease and relieve tension in your mind and body. Allow the warmth of therapeutic hot stones to restore your body back to balance while our classic mani/pedi shapes, buffs, and glosses your nails to perfection.