Staff Pick: Shannon’s favorite innovative treatments

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa has all of your skin care needs! Where do I begin? From the Classic Rescue Facial, the amazing Bio-lift, Microdermabrasion, Peels, all the way to high-tech!!  Let me break down some of my favorite innovative treatments.

LED Therapy: LED therapy is a NASA based technology used to grow plants in space. WOW! As far as your skin is concerned LED therapy recharges your skin cells, improves collagen, and reduces sun damage.  In a nut shell, if you’re not an ideal candidate for microdermabrasion, or peels, LED therapy helps to calm your skin. This is a happy treatment for Rescue clients with sensitive skin, rosacea and or acne.  LED light therapy is safe and has no side effects, non-invasive, pain-free and cost effective.

Bio-lift Facial: Sometime last year I ran into a friend and couldn’t help but notice how incredible her skin looked. I honestly thought she had work done! I asked her what she did and she told me it was the Bio-lift facial!  Exclusive to Rescue, Bio-lift is a specialized treatment that uses micro-electric currents to stimulate the muscles of the face and neck. Leaving your skin absolutely radiant!

Trinti Skin Treatment: The Triniti treatment is a perfect trifecta using the most effective technologies in a non-surgical treatment.

  1. First, Foto Facial which improves color correction, age spots, and skin damage.
  2. Second, Refirme – Skin tightening. Wrinkle reduction that targets signs of aging including jowls, neck laxity, and marionette lines.
  3. Third, eMatrix– fractional ablasion that resolves moderate wrinkles and skin texture so skin becomes smoother.

These are just a few of the most innovative techniques offered at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, we look forward to seeing you soon!




Currently Obsessed with CHANEL: Spring Nails

Spring 2012’s must-have CHANEL nail colors are available for your next manicure and pedicure at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa!  APRIL, MAY, and JUNE are perfectly punchy and totally current.  Of course you’ll want to show off your manicure & pedicure when you leave… which gives you a great excuse to buy those platform sandals you’ve been dying for!

Passage To India

The wonderful thing about working at an award winning spa is that you have access to some of the best products and services in the world. The bad thing is that your level of expectation at other spas is very high and you have no tolerance for service that is mediocre.

That however will not be my concern next month. Moontide Consulting aka Linda has been invited to train the spa therapists at the Oberoi Hotels in India for the month of April. The Oberoi Hotel Group has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for luxury and excellence and is ranked by Travel & Leisure magazine as #1 in the world!

I will be training at seven locations including the Himalayas, Agra which hosts the spectacular Taj Mahal, gorgeous Udaipur, site of the James Bond flick Octopussy and Mumbai which I hear is like New York City on steroids. I will take a very serious arsenal of Rescue’s products with me to ensure that I’ll look presentable after the 14 hour flight even if my internal clock is going haywire but I’ll consult with Rescue owner Danuta as well, who has quite a few air miles logged from her frequent junkets to Paris and Poland. My thoughts are to take Biologigue Recherché P50 (of course), mist like crazy with their
L’eauxgenante and layer Valmont’s Hydra 3 serum & cream which delivers 15x the amount of hydration three levels deep into the skin. (This will work while in the Himalayas too because of the cold and high altitude).

Upon arrival, I’ll give my skin a good dose of Valmont’s Renewing Pack and then transition to a daily regimen of their Elixir Eye Crème, Neck and Adaptation which is great for combination skin. Environs’ sun block is also essential.

I miss my co-workers already (there’s no place like home) but I’m very excited to try the Ayurvedic treatments that our Indian cohorts offer and learn something new. I’ll blog as I go along and hopefully return to Philly with a more global outlook and vision for the future.




Linda’s Beauty Bag Must Haves!

“These are the products I can’t live without!” – Esthetician, Linda Harding

Antica Farmacista Diffuser 500 ml in Champagne– Infuses the air with a super long lasting, constant and beautiful scent. It lasts all year!

Me & the Girls Wedding Body Scrub -This vegan exfoliant is created by Sharon Hackney a local entrepreneur. It has the perfect blend of hydrating oils & scrub to leave the skin buffed and touchable. Perfect for parched winter skin.

Intensive C-Boost by Environ-A perfect antidote for hyperpigmentation it can be used alone or blended with a daily moisturizer to add a boost of radiance.

Gel Moisturizer by Environ– Weightless, scentless and wonderfully priced. This is my go to moisturizer for oily or combination skin. Also perfect for men.

Cellcosmet Activator Gel– A soft soothing botanical facial exfoliant that gently dissolves dead cells leaving the skin unbelievably calm fresh and luminous. Love love love!

Avon Bubble Bath– Created in 1928 and still going strong! The best economical product for fat, lush, luxurious, long lasting bubbles.

NEW at RESCUE! The “Water, Light, Skin” Trilogy

These incredibly refreshing Institut Esthederm products do much more than refresh and uplift your spirits… they also repair and regenerate your skin with advanced technologies!

  1. WATER: Improve the skin’s overall quality and vitality. Cellular Water Energizing Spray (3.5 oz) is a treatment water that replicates the skin’s own water, it contains high levels of mineral salts and trace elements and boosts the effectiveness of all other skin care products. The skin regains natural balance. It bubbles with vitality and radiates health.  Spray onto the face and body and massage in gently. Can be used before cream as a serum, after make-up as a setter, or during the day as often as needed.
  2. LIGHT: Preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. UV Incellium Spray (3.3 oz) boosts the skin’s natural defenses, protecting it from environmental aggressors and preventing sun damage. This patented technology “Eau Cellulaire” is the equivalent to water found in the skin. Cellular Water optimizes the cells’ vital functions, better adapting skin to its environment.  Regular use slows the skin’s aging process down.
  3. SKIN: The skin stays young longer. E.V.E (1 oz) naturally regenerates the skin by replenishing basic biological substances to ensure continuous self-regeneration, preserving and restoring the skin’s original qualities. Essentially creating brand new skin.  E.V.E. is to be used as a cure.  We recommend a 3 week intensive treatment, 4 times a year, day and night.  Ideal for change of seasons or whenever your skin is tired, stressed, and weakened.


Spring Cleaning

It’s quite obvious that skincare is my passion. I’ve been an esthetician for over 20 years and I love giving facials. My clients get fantastic results through facials with the help of microdermabrasion, electric currents, peels, massage, and lotions & potions. Still there are times when I need to reach for high tech tools that go beyond what these other treatments can do. This season at Rescue we have created our Spring Cleaning Specials that combine the latest laser technologies in skincare to treat various concerns and deliver results.

Springtime is the perfect time to clean up any sunspots or broken capillaries and for these issues we have ‘tried and true’ IPL Foto Facial. In approximately 2-3 sessions you can improve skin texture and discoloration to create a more even complexion.

If you’re struggling with those few unwanted hairs on your face I would encourage you to try our most effective treatment, light based hair removal.

For skin laxity we have a skin tightening treatment called Refirme. 3 sessions will really tighten up your face and neck.

Our most anti-aging, collagen producing, wrinkle reducing, tightening treatment is eMatrix. I can say from personal experience that I’ve performed numerous eMatrix treatments with amazing results. If you’re thinking you need a dramatic pick-me-up that offers long term visible results then this is the service for you. I like to call it a mini facelift!

Hardcore laser devotees love our Triniti Treatment which offers a trio of Refirme, IPL Foto Facial, and eMatrix all in one session. A triple dose of pain but a whole lot of gain… perfect for those who are time crunched and want results instantly, I’m already signed up!

Danuta Mieloch,  Owner of Rescue Spa

danuta mieloch










• IPL FOTOFACIAL • 1 Session $300, 3 Sessions for $750
Rejuvenate your skin this spring with proven safe and effective Fotofacial with Radio frequency technology. Our targeted approach will rid you of superficial redness and brown spots. Also excellent or acne and rosacea.

• EMATRIX • 1 treatment $400, Series of 3 sessions for $1100
Imagine a treatment that addresses fine lines and wrinkles, improves the appearance of acne scars, textural irregularities and broken blood vessels, treats brown spots and sun damage, and tightens skin…all in one sitting. Allow us to introduce you to eMatrix which can help you can achieve all of this!  It requires little- to-no downtime and is clinically proven for ALL skin types.

• REFIRME • 1 treatment $350, Series of 3 sessions for $900
Looking for an instant facelift? ReFirme offers virtually painless and fast treatment for sagging and wrinkled skin. The latest bipolar radio frequency and infrared energy work together to create lasting results with no downtime.

• HAIR REMOVAL • Lip & Chin $150, Underarm & Bikini $250
Now is the time to get rid of unsightly, unwanted hair with our non-invasive laser hair removal with Elos technology. Safe for all skin types! Be bare by summer!

• TRINITI SKIN TREATMENT • $900 per sessions
A complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results! The Triniti skin treatment combines 3 of today’s most effective technologies in a non-surgical treatment. Color correction, skin tightening and wrinkle treatment can all be achieved in a single session with 3 steps, preformed sequentially, during the same spa visit. Total facial renewal in just 3 treatments sessions!