Spring Laser Specials


Always be ready for a swimsuit! Using Syneron Elos laser hair removal technology, our highly trained technicians will get you ready to bare all! For a limited time only, save $100 dollars off a single session bikini area laser hair removal, regularly $250, now only $150. Or save $500 off a package of six bikini area laser hair removal, regularly $1250, now only $750.



Spring has sprung, Vela your way to sleek lines and effortless elegance! VelaShape helps by reducing the appearance of cellulite. Now just $150 per treatment, regularly $200.

Benefits:  Noninvasive laser energy zaps unwanted fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. Treatments boost metabolism and slim inches from stomach, thighs, and arms.



Using the most advanced technologies for noninvasive lifting and color correction, ReFirme and FotoFacial, this amazing treatment will set back the clock for your skin.

ReFirme is ideal for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including, sagging under the eyes, saggy brow lines, and nasolabial folds. The FDA-cleared ReFirme treatment offers a virtually painless and fast tightening treatment for skin using infrared light source paired with bipolar radio frequency. These energies work to tone and tighten by heating deep layers of the skin. This treatment results in long-term collagen  production and younger looking skin.

Together with the revolutionary FotoFacial skin rejuvenation treatment, you will see improved spider veins, age spots, uneven skin tone, and sun-damaged skin. The FotoFacial procedure combines safe and effective levels of infrared light and bipolar radio frequency energies to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth. FotoFacial exclusively combines intense pulsed light and bipolar radio-frequency energy for ideal treatment outcomes with a very low risk of side effects and virtually no downtime. Now just $300


Here are Five Expert Tips for Glowing, Spring-Ready Skin: RACKED Philly

As seen on RACKED Philly:

Since we’ve managed to sidestep yet another winter storm, it’s probably safe to say spring’s officially headed our way. But if your skin’s yet to get the memo, then read on: Here, the experts at Rescue Rittenhouse—a swanky Rittenhouse spa that’s renowned for its facials and new, virtual beauty consults—share skincare tips and product recommendations for shedding the winter blahs—so you can put your best face forward.

1) Cleanse
First and foremost, following a skincare regimen is so important for all skin types. Once you get in the routine ,it’s really easy to keep up with! To cleanse, choose a product that does not strip skin or clog pores. Institut Esthederm’s Pure Cleansing Gel is great for anyone.

2) Exfoliate
Use a product with lactic acid in the ingredients list; it’ll allow for gentle exfoliation and gives the skin an unmistakable glow. You’ll find all of your other products will absorb better since that dead layer of skin that usually hangs around will be lifted. For manual exfoliation, use a Clarisonic brush or a clean, warm, wet washcloth to shed dead skin cells each time you cleanse.

3) Mask
The transition from winter to spring can be a bit unpredictable, but if there’s anything we can learn from French women, it’s to take the time to mask! Just 10-20 minutes, up to three times a week is all it takes.

4) Moisturize
It seems counter-intuitive, but even oily skin needs moisturizer. Creme Dermopurifiante is a favorite because it balances and purifies, which is especially great for keeping breakouts few and far between. For severely dehydrated skin or anyone in need of a great anti-aging hydrating cream, Hydra3 Regenetic Cream is fantastic. And never forget to moisturize around your eyes.

5) Protect
If you’re going to be exposed to the sun then always be sure to wear a broad spectrum SPF! If you’re going to the beach or you’re going to have a lot of sun exposure, then up the SPF.
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Trend Spotting

Working in the treatment room at Rescue Spa affords me the opportunity to spot the trends early on. Now this can be a good or bad thing. Some trends are worth following. Others, maybe not so much.

For instance, trending heavily now are sallow skin and rough dry hands. Even though we haven’t been deluged with snow the weather has been less than agreeable. One of the smartest and most economical ways to look perpetually sun kissed is to invest in a self tanner like Dr. Gross’ Alpha Beta Glow Pad. These little alpha hydroxy loaded gems not only gently remove the buildup of dead cells that keep your skin from looking bright but also provide a measured drench of soy proteins which delivers color deep into the skin. You’ll look like you just jetted up from Exuma after a long weekend with your BFFs.

Which leads me to another trend; rough dry hands. I know, it is cold outside and staying smooth and hydrated can be tough. But with the constant movie making in Philadelphia why would you risk running into Bradley Cooper or Terrence Howard with hands too rough to extend for a kiss? I love Get Fresh and their entire line of products for hands body and feet. Get a tiny scoop of sugar scrub and gently massage your hands together for 30 seconds paying particular attention to the palms. Rinse well and slather on a bit of body crème or for really dry hands foot crème. Commit to doing this for yourself before you go to bed each night for just one week. Voila’. Feel the difference.

Spring will be here before you know it and look at you, already on the fast track to gorgeousness.

Rescue Esthetician, Linda Harding

Parisienne Facial

Valid March 1st -May 31st 2013

If you can’t drop everything and jet set to Paris for a facial treatment at Ambasade De La Beaute Biologique Recherche, look no further than Rescue Rittenhouse Spa for an equally luxurious facial.

The same techniques used by the estheticians in Paris are used right here in Philadelphia with the famous Biologique Recherche Remodeling Machine and Lift CVS treatment. Electric currents and manual exfoliation instantly lift that veil of winter dullness.  Erase years from your face and reveals beautiful, youthful glowing skin!  ($200)