Philadelphia Style Magazine: Rescue Spa Philadelphia’s talented nail technician Sally Man reveals what’s trending in nail art.

Philadelphia Style Magazine: September, 2013


Sally Man’s love of graphic design finds an outlet.

“Nail art is that special something that makes manicures fun again. Lately people are leaning toward geometric designs — sharp, crisp lines that make you wonder, Was that really done freehand?  Nail polish with texture is really starting to get popular, too.  Nail Inc. has leather textured nail polish that actually looks like you have leather on your nails.  I love a challenge, so I’m always looking for anything new and exciting.” – Sally Man

Philadelphia Magazine’s Best Of Philly 2013: Facial at Rescue Spa

Philadelphia Magazine, 40th Anniversary Edition: Best of Philly 2013

FACE-SAVER:  The Rescue Facial is a timeless beauty at its best.

Sometime in my mid-20s, three faint but distinct lines decided to plant themselves on my brow, stretching from temple to temple across my forehead like a fence without posts.  I sometimes stand under the harshest light in my bathroom, dabbing on a variety of products to see if – with the right combination – they might plump back out, like little troughs just waiting to be filled.  They never do.

Well, they never did, I should say.

Five years ago, on the advice of a friend, I went to Rescue Rittenhouse Spa’s Danuta Mieloch, a Polish-born aesthetician who worked in Paris and Manhattan before opening Rescue here nearly a decade ago.  Her facials are the only thing that has ever made the lines fade into near-nothingness.

I realize this sounds absurd, especially because we’re not talking about injectables or lasers or anything you’ve seen on Real Housewives.  The magic comes courtesy of a non-invasive, utterly relaxing 60 minutes filled with exfoliating, a little mircodermabrasion, and lots of moisturizing.  The result is Beyonce-level luminosity and smoothed-out skin.  One glows -no exaggeration- for weeks.

Chances are good that I’m not writing anything you haven’t read about or experienced yourself: Danuta (or Dana, as she’s known to clients) long ago became an instant Philly classic.  Friends told friends, and suddenly you had to wait 6 months to get an appointment.  But Rescue –the closest thing I’ve ever found to redemption for all those sunburns of my youth – is always worth it.

Rittenhouse, 215-772-2766; ask about their new location. – C.S.L