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Vogue‘s Guide to Your Weekend Manicure

Sunday mornings are made for lazy brunches, languishing in bed with a book—and, of course, your standing manicure appointment. We’ll give you our recommendations for the best hands-and-feet pairing for the week ahead, and where to go for a flawless polish job.

Photo: Tim Hout

How to nail the all-important New Year’s Eve mani-pedi? With a karma-cleansing bright white minimalist pedicure—and a more-is-more platinum manicure that twinkles like a paillette.

Essie nail polish in Hors d’Oeuvres (bottom left) on hands and Blanc (top right) on feet, $9 each; ulta.com

“Rescue Spa, located near Rittenhouse Square, is my favorite place for any service when I’m visiting my family in Philadelphia. The atmosphere is extremely soothing and peaceful—which is the point of a 30-minute respite during the day! Manicures are performed in the pretty white-tiled space, and all the nail stations are stocked with products you actually want to buy.”  —Grace Fuller, Vogue Fashion Assistant, New York City

Rescue Spa
1601 Walnut Street, 3rd floor


By Terry Holiday Makeup Inspiration

1. Gelee De Rose – Intensive Multi-Active Moisturizer with Natural Rose Extracts (it’s like a dewy bath), gives a very glowy and revitalized finish, ideal for normal to combination skins.
2. Eclat Opulent – nutri-lifting foundation, it’s a combination of skincare and makeup.
3. Baume de Rose with SPF 15 – it is a must have product of Hollywood stars. An ultra-glamourous, multi protective treatment for lips and nails.
4. Teint de Rose– ultra-smoothing and refreshing highlight moisturizer for instant radiance and glow. Can be applied together with your tinted moisturizer and mixed with your foundation.
5. Touche Veloutee– multi perfection concealer brush sweeps away dark areas and imperfections with High Definition action. It is perfect for all skin types, I love this product because it is a light weight formula that camouflages with high-precision coverage imperfections, fine lines, wrinkles and instantly illuminates the eye contour with a rested radiance.
6. Rose De Rose Sheer Liquid Blush – a liquid highlighting blush, offers skin a sensation of hydration, freshness and extreme softness. Long lasting formula for your cheek bones.
7. Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge (Hydra Balm) – moisturizes, fills in wrinkles and fine lines, boosts volume, smoothes and protects the lips in a “plumping glossy” colored veil. My favorite soft and nude shades are: N1- Nudissimo, N2- mango Tango, N3- Baby Bloom, N9- Dare to Bare.
8. Ombre Blackstar “Color-Fix” Cream Eye Shadow – it is a creamy pencil-like eye-shadow, concentrated in ultra-smoothing black pearl extract, enhances the eyelid with a thin long-lasting veil of color and skincare. It can be used as an eyeshadow base that is really easy to apply and blend with a long lasting formula up to 8 hours. My favorite colors are:
– N1 Black Pearl for a great smokey eye
– N3 Blond Opal
– N4 Bronze Moon
– N5 Misty Rock
– N6 Frozen Quartz

Makeup Artist,

Victoria Roggio

Younger looking skin

Over my years of experience when I ask a client what improvements they would they like to see in their skin, one of the most common answers is ” younger looking skin”.

Wouldn’t it be easy if we can easily wave a magic wand and instantly tighten your skin and smooth out your lines?

Unfortunately we do not have that power but thankfully we have access to great technology including non invasive procedures that provide great results in little to no downtime. Yes, you can even receive these treatments on your lunch break!

The Refirme is an FDA approved skin tightening laser that requires 3-4 sessions spaced at about 3-4 weeks apart.  Each treatment is about one hour long for the full face/neck area.

Refirme uses elos technology which combines bi-polar energy and light energy into one procedure which makes it an effective method in wrinkle reduction and tightening.

Does it hurt? Although “beauty is pain” this procedure is a pretty comfortable treatment.  There may be some areas of slight discomfort but overall there is no downtime.   Your skin may be left slightly pink. You can apply make up and continue on with your day.

For optimal results try the Energy Lift facial which combines the best of two tightening and firming technologies: Refirme and Rescue’s signature Biolift treatment which involves  a customized blend of serums and noninvasive electrical currents used to plump and lift the skin also leaving you with a post facial glow and of course younger looking skin.

For more information, call and book a complimentary consultation.


“Vida” Monica Hernandez


Grace Kelly inspired perfume…

“An extremely chic fragrance, sparkling and fresh. A tribute to American icon Grace Kelly.”

In 1955, one movie star captivated the crowds. To the entire world she was the embodiment of American elegance and her mysterious charm even captured the heart of a Prince. To honor of her extraordinary beauty, Lubin created a perfume which marked the decade: An extremely chic fragrance, sparkling and fresh, evoking that year’s most fashionable cocktail, Gin Fizz. Gin Fizz is a fresh and flowery chypre with lemony top notes over an aldehyde and musky base.

The fragrance was first created in 1955 by celebrated perfumer Henri Giboulet as a tribute to Grace Kelly in the year she won an Oscar for her role in The Country Girl. The name is inspired by a cocktail that was in fashion at the time in the American bars of Paris, and was synonymous with joie de vivre and a fashionably festive lifestyle.

  • bergamot
  • lemon
  • mandarin
  • juniper berry
  • iris
  • galbanum
  • orange blossom
  • rose absolute
  • jasmine
  • lily
  • benzoin
  • vetiver
  • oak moss
  • white musk

Size: 1.07 oz