NEW at RESCUE! the Biologique Recherche Triple Shield Sun Care Range.

After years of intense research and testing, Biologique Recherche’s technologically advanced creams, made from non-nano mineral filters and innovative plant-based active ingredients, were formulated in a complete approach to sun care.

The three-step process (Preparation U.V.) readies your skin for the sun, (Protection U.V.) keeps it safe from harmful UVA, UVB & Infrared rays and (Reparation U.V.) regenerates the epidermis after sun exposure.





NEW at RESCUE! Baudelaire…


Baudelaire is PASSIONATE. About importing HIGH-QUALITY body-care products based on authentic local traditions of formulation and fragrance. Ever since 1987 they have been in search of artisanal companies owned by people who are passionate about authenticity. People like:

Jim Cantonis, a fourth generation sponge harvester in Tarpon Springs, Florida, a leading advocate for renewable harvesting of NATURAL sea sponges from the Gulf of Mexico.

Cara Spinelli who, inspired by her commitment to renewable resources and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, founded a women’s collective in Transylvania to create jobs in remote villages, who supply our hemp wash mitts.

You! Customers who also have a PASSION for authentic high-quality products, elegant packaging, and distinctive fragrances.



Experts believe that facial massage is good for your skin at any age, with benefits that include stimulating circulation, decongesting, decreasing puffiness, strengthening the skin’s layers, promoting the natural production of collagen and elastin and relaxing wrinkles.

By massaging Eve Lom Cleanser into your skin, even just for a minute each day, you really help to increase movement and circulation below the skin to help draw out toxins. We like to extend massage time once a week and spend up to twenty minutes kneading skin to really get the glow!