NEW at RESCUE! ReFa 4 Carat

Dual rolling designed to deliver consecutive kneading.
Awaken the beauty within, with double the pleasure!


ReFa 4 CARAT features four multi-angular rollers that provide 360-degree coverage. The spacing and angle between each roller is precisely calculated to deliver a “double kneading”, a mechanism to replicate the continuous and consecutive kneading by a skilled hand.

The four rollers draw in the skin from all angles, tightening not only the face, but the neck, hip, and waist as well.  Read all about it!

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Amazing Products You’ve Never Heard Of *And if you have: We’re calling you next time. – Allure

refa in allure

Amazing Products You’ve Never Heard Of
*And if you have: We’re calling you next time. – Allure

Sure you can spell “exfoliation” — in Korean. You can cite the RPM of the Dyson hair-dryer. And when someone says she likes her Fetish with a touch of Orgasm? You know the statement is entirely PG. But friends, you do not know it all. And we’re about to prove it. Our editors convinced beauty-world icons to tell us the products that they didn’t want to tell us about. Their secret weapons. Their holy grails. We guarantee you’ve never used these products before* — and now you’ll never stop.
Refa S Carat Roller
Recommended By: Val Garland, Makeup Artist
“If a makeup rule exists, Garland is backstage breaking it. Lipstick gets smudged. Eyeliner gets blurry. And flowers are more likely to end up on the face than in the hair. But underneath all the creativity, Garland’s real gift is perfecting skin – which is where this roller (that’s it above) comes in. “I plunge it into ice or stick it in the fridge, and then just go up and down on the face,” she says. “It feels like a facial, and it’s a great way to depuff the skin — especially around the eyes. When I’m working on a celebrity or a nervous client, it’s also a great way of making them feel relaxed. “


Before & After: Bridal Makeup Trial by Veronica Lopez


 To achieve this gorgeous bridal look I started with a Biologique Recherche cleansing and toning routine with Lait U, P50 1970,  and Finishing Serum Fluide VipO2.  I also applied Serum Silk plus on the cheekbones for extra hydration and to enhance a dewy glow.  Once the skin is perfectly prepped I begin applying makeup from the luxurious Chantecaille line.
On the eyes, I used a neutral light colored pebble in Sesame to wash out any discoloration then blended darker colors into the lash line. The brows were enhanced with Oak brown retractable pencil from Chantecaille.  For the complexion, we mixed some Rose de Mai oil with Vanilla Future Skin color foundation for an extra supple natural texture. On the apples of the cheeks she is wearing “Emotion” powder blush and on her lips the beautiful “Primrose” lip chic color mixed with “Tone” lip liner.
The look was finished with the famous Chantecaille rose water to set the makeup.

Makeup Artist, Veronica Lopez

How The Estheticians Do It: Bridal Skin

By Samantha Lowe

So let me begin by saying yes. I got married. And probably the thing I was most focused on was my skin and hair. Obviously, I cared about the rest but hey, it’s my thing. Beautiful skin is your best accessory I always say.

I’m going to address body skin first. Exfoliate. Really. Everyday. Invest inP50 for the body or just swipe the same version for your face on your shoulders and arms. A body lotion containing lactic acid is also a nice way to hydrate and exfoliate. Just watch the sun as some photosensitivity can occur.  Derma-Lac lotion layered with the Vitamin A,C, & E body oil from Environ is what I recommend. Especially if you suffer from keratosis pilaris. Check with your esthetician for particulars.  Use a sugar scrub all over your body a few times per week. Follow every shower with a rich body cream and at least one other time per day.

Six months before your wedding is the time to up your skin care game. Schedule regular facials, become dedicated to your regimen.  No more going to bed without washing your face let alone skipping an application of P50 1970. Your esthetician will guide you but YOU have to do the homework. I’m using Masque Vivant mixed with either Masque VIP 02 orBiomagic Masque (all from Biologique Recherche) 3 times a week to keep my completion clear, hydrated and bright. Daily application of SPF 45 to your face, neck and decollete to keep your skin protected from sun damage, tan lines, and aging.  Jan Marini makes a fantastic product that doesn’t leave your skin white like other physical blocks do. Add a facial scrub to your routine twice a week. And if for some reason you aren’t using P50 1970 from BR, start. Serums, moisturizers and eye creams are all important steps to every routine. Make sure yours contains them all.

The week of your wedding isn’t the time to let stress take over your skin. A thick coat of Prime Renewing Pack from Valmont is an excellent way to de-stress your skin. Massage it in for 5 minutes and let it penetrate for 15 more. Pay attention to your water intake to keep puffy eyes at bay. Stay away from new products or treatments the days before your wedding. If you haven’t been getting regular facials, have your facial 2 weeks before your wedding. I had my final Biolift facial just 2 days before I said “I do”. What about you?