THE CUT: Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan: Favorite Spa: Rescue Spa in New York

Favorite Spa: Rescue Spa in New York.
Scented Candle of Choice: Cire Trudon Abd el Kader.
What Do You Foresee As The Top Beauty Trends For The Remainder Of 2019? And please explain? Healthy hair. Nothing is more chic than beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. I also love that dewy skin is in and we’ve moved from matte. Skin with a little glow and shine looks young and healthy.


VOGUE: This Fall Simplify Your Skin Care With a Do-It-All Moisturizer: Biologique Recherche MSR-H

“Following inevitable fatigue from multistep skin-care routines popularized by Korean beauty imports and viral tutorials on YouTube and Instagram Stories, there is a new demand for streamlined, do-it-all moisturizers. At her spa’s boutique, Mieloch is consistently re-upping her supply of Biologique Recherche Creme MSRH, a velvety salve with yam and soy extracts to balance dry, hormonal skin (“I can’t wean women off it.”



COVETEUR: The Best Pre-Wedding Facials For Glowing Skin, According to Experts: Danuta Mieloch, Founder of Rescue Spa

Which of your treatments would you recommend to brides?

“Our Biolift Facial is world-renowned for its lifting and firming results.”

What makes this treatment ideal for achieving that bridal glow?

“It is an ideal pre-wedding treatment. [It’s] gentle yet result-oriented, guaranteed to leave skin glowing, lifted, and dewy. It produces immediately visible results. It’s like a lift without going to extreme measures. You’ll still look like yourself, but better! Refreshed, hydrated, plump, glowing, and gorgeous! It is a must-have on a pre-wedding list. Every celebrity makeup artist will tell you that good skin is the best canvas for a perfect application.

“[It involves] deep cleansing, expert skin analysis, exfoliation with either a manual scrub or a gentle peel depending on the skin, [and] trademark manual lifting massage with an active cream mask. It is oxygenating, de-puffing, offers lymphatic drainage, and lift, aside from relaxation, which you definitely need before the wedding! A micro-current treatment with a cocktail of hyper-customized serums [addresses] all of your concerns plus lifting, firming, smoothing, and energizing effects. Then finishing serums and moisturizers to get that glow!”

How soon before the wedding should brides come in for a treatment?

“I would recommend starting a good skin-care regimen at least six months before the big day to get your skin acclimated to treatments and active products that produce results. This is a good timeline, since you might need extractions, microdermabrasion, or a light IPL that may require a tiny bit of downtime. Your last biolift facial can be done the week of the wedding. Think of it as a workout regimen; you need to be consistent and put the work in before you start seeing the results!”

What do brides typically request their skin to look like, or what issues do they want to be addressed before the ceremony?

“Usually it is uneven skin tone, breakouts, blotchiness, enlarged pores, and lackluster skin. The ultimate request is glowy, even-toned, poreless skin that looks great without makeup and no filter.”


THE CUT: Bettina Cho: On Beauty Splurges

This is tricky because you’re going to have to publish this and my husband is going to see it and he’s going to freak out. [Laughs] I do love facials, and I go to Diana Yerkes at Rescue Spa in New York. The facial itself is expensive, 100 percent, and absolutely a luxury, but I love going to her. I don’t go as often because I’m watching my wallet, but if I could, I would go every month and that would probably be the most expensive thing over time.


INTO THE GLOSS: Top Shelf After Dark: Rio Viera-Newton: P50, Mask Vivant, Biomagic Mask

Then I might pat a little bit of P50 onto my face, depending on what my skin’s doing. A pro-tip is I’ll put on my P50, and then I’ll brush my teeth, or choose an outfit, so I have a little bit of time in between that and other products. Then, usually I’ll do either Biomagic or Masque Vivant, or a sheet mask—I try a lot of them. Today I did the Biomagic mask and a sheet mask.


BYRDIE: The Best Facials in NYC, According to Beauty Editors: Hallie Gould

The Best Facials in NYC, According to Beauty Editors, Hallie Gould, senior editor at Byrdie: The Biologique Recherche Facial at Rescue Spa⁣ @gouldhallie ⁣

“We stand firmly that beauty has to do with far more than the state of your skin—it’s confidence, energy, and it’s entirely personal. But, sometimes a little external pampering feels good too. Especially when your skin is in the hands of the right people. Which brings us to facials: a beauty treatment that can help nix breakouts, lift, sculpt, plump, smooth, and tone your skin in minutes. That being said, there is a ton of variety when it comes to technique, products, and skill level. And when you’re talking about #NYC, where there’s a little salon, beauty bar, spa, or medical office on every corner, you may need some discerning advice. After all, your skin can’t handle every peel, laser, or microdermabrasion treatment because adverse reactions and irritation are no joke.” @byrdiebeauty ⁣


HARPER’S BAZAAR, JAPAN: Simple Beauty, Rescue Spa NYC

From Philadelphia to NYC, Rescue Spa’s second location has arrived! A super popular one-stop destination offering beauty products and services.

Danuta Mieloch: Founder of Rescue Spa
Danuta studied to become a dermatologist nurse while living in her native country Poland. Moving to New York in 1991, she has over 30 years of experience in the United States.

Danuta Highly Recommends Creating Skincare Routine
My essential skincare routine begins with a double cleanse.
Massaging for 1-2 minutes, then gently remove using a warm, wet washcloth. Next, apply Lotion P50. A toner that moisturizes, exfoliates and balances of the pH of the skin . Next layer your serums and moisturizer massing into the skin. Finally, sunscreen is absolutely necessary everyday!

Danuta’s Recommended Product
“From the age of 28, the skin regeneration cycle tends to slow down.
Gentle exfoliation should be practiced.” Danuta’s recommended and favorite product is Lotion P50.

ALLURE: Skin: Why Demi Moore Layers Three Face Creams on Her Skin Every Night

Demi starts off with two different Biologique Recherche moisturizers, the first of which, Crème Dermopurifiante, goes for $96. It’s the second Biologique Recherche product, La Grande Crème Moisturizer, that, at $680, makes up almost half the cost of Moore’s nearly $1600 nighttime regimen. “I always put it on my hand first,” she says as she pats it onto her face and neck. “It allows you to be much more gentle with your face and your skin. And always put any extra down on your chest, on your boobs.”


THE STRATEGIST: The Best Splurge-Worthy Scrub: Valmont Face Exfoliant

In a business where your job is to know the best skin-care products, product loyalty can be rare, but Danuta Mieloch, an esthetician and owner of New York and Philadelphia’s Rescue Spa, has been using Valmont’s Face Exfoliant for years. “The ultra-creamy texture and micro quartz particles make it the perfect scrub for everyone,” she says, adding that you can mix it with your cleanser or a drop of micellar water to create a polish (and perhaps make it last longer.)