For the past several years, New Yorkers have been migrating here to Philly in record numbers. One of their major influences, aside from inspiring every restaurant to offer dining al fresco is that our standing on the fashion chic-o-meter has gone up considerably. I mean, is it possible to even find anyone who is not rocking a scarf around their neck East Village style? Which means that even while your neck is somewhat protected against the elements it is also victim to the assault of different fabrics constantly rubbing against it.

To the rescue (no pun intended) Valmont’s Prime Neck– a deliciously light luxuriant hydrating crèam that not only soothes the delicate neck tissues but helps to restore the lift and texture of that tender area. I personally used this cream like crazy last week to maintain the moisture levels of my neck and décolleté while attending a tech conference in a hyper-air conditioned building and then later during beach time. Because I try to pack for trips as lightly as possible, it also doubled as a night treatment for my eyes and lips. For those women who have been good about taking care of their face but not so diligent about their neck and chest it’s a great product to help improve the area dramatically. I will be using this moisturizer all winter under my turtlenecks and winter gear to ensure a great looking décolleté come holiday season.

Do I need to specifically address my winter brides on this issue? You know who you are. If the neckline on your bridal gown is v, draped, square, plunging or strapless you need to pay huge attention to this area of your body as well.  We’ll chat about further when you come in for your bridal facial.
Btw I had the opportunity last week to interview the vibrant Tracey Archer of Sandy Lane Spa in Barbados, Conde Nast winner for Best Spa in the Caribbean 2011. Stay tuned for my live chat with her but in the meantime check out my latest interview with Aude Koch, Directrice of La Mamounia Spa in Morocco, winner of Conde’ Nast’s Best Hotel Spa in the World 2011.

Linda Harding