Managing Editor Alexandra Polkinghorn’s Holiday Gift Guide: Little Luxuries


For those who have everything, or are just looking for a temporary escape from the insanity of the holidays, I always try to gift an experience. Using microcurrents and LED lighting, Rescue Spa’s Fix-It-All facial is customized to your skin to answer each specific issue, and cures a multitude of nog-induced sins. Putting your trust in esthetician Diana Yerkes and brow specialist Ashley Span means you’ll never have to buy yourself the gift of fillers. $300,


Is Microneedling Safe To Do On Your Own? Experts Weigh In On How To Do It Right


“The main ways they can become unsafe is if people overdo it with the pressure, and don’t keep the roller clean, which could cause infection,” she said. Diana Yerkes, head esthetician at New York City’s Rescue Spa agrees. “At home microneedling is safe and effective if you are using a correct tool,” she said.


When it comes to at-home microneedling, both agree that at-home treatments help most with product absorption. “Microneedling rollers improve product penetration by close to 80 percent, therefore increasing its efficacy,” Diana Chiticari Yerkes said.


The Hyperpigmentation Edit

As the daylight grows shorter, treat your skin to the ultimate glow.
Shop RESCUE SPA approved essentials for brightening and evening hyperpigmentation.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400

Treat hyperpigmentation with Vitamin C , Kojic Acid and Niacinamide!
For best results Danuta recommends to alternate in the evening with P50 1970 Original.



Brighten up with Zinc DNA and Niacinamide!
Clarifying Infusion fights hidden and existing pigmentation.



Finally a super anti-ager that also addresses hyperpigmentation.
Super “H” will leave you with a fresh, shine-free complexion.


A beautiful radiance inducing cream that reduces hyperpigmentation irregularities such as dark spots and prevents formation of new ones!


Serum A guards the skin against photo-aging and hyperpigmentation.
Serum B suppresses melanin production, leaving the skin looking clearer and more radiant.



For even brighter results, use C-Boost in addition to your Mela-Fade serums.



The ultimate brightening day cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing hyperpigmentation. Complete with SPF 40!


The newest addition to the PIGM 400 line!
Packed with brightening active ingredients and antioxidants. Masque PIGM 400 is a true complexion perfector.


Don’t forget to schedule a facial with peel.



Perfect for FALL. A comprehensive answer to every skin woe, packaged into one amazing facial! The Fix-It-All Facial is like a magic tool box for your face; not only does it utilize the most effective technology and techniques available including: microdermabrasion, topical peel, electric microcurrent, LED light therapy.

The Trends A-Listers are Loving


Is your post-summer skin in need of a little TLC? Take a cue from the East Coast beauty fanatics and book the Bio-Lift Facial at Rescue Spa, a luxe day spa with locations in New York City and Philadelphia and counts Lucy Hale and Naomi Campbell as fans. The popular hour-long treatment uses noninvasive electric microcurrents to help lift, sculpt and firm the face, with no recovery time (and no Instagram Filters!) needed.


Fall in Love with Self-Care with These Easy Practices

Self-care has become something of a puzzle to many of us. No matter how much we talk about it and say we want to practice more, it somehow manages to slip through the cracks of our busy lives. But caring for yourself doesn’t have to be so hard. There are so many ways to integrate more self-care into our lives and help us all to feel more positive and confident in ourselves. These are a few of our favorite practices that make it easy to keep up with our self-care and feel the amazing effects that come along with it.

Find a good skincare routine
Good skincare is an essential part of taking care of ourselves. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find a fresh zit in the middle of your forehead or that you have dark circles under your eyes. Finding a good skincare regimen will help to make those moments few and far between so you can wake up every day feeling refreshed and bright, helping you to always put your best face forward.

Pamper yourself
Make a point of taking a day or a weekend once a month to completely indulge in treating yourself to something that makes you feel elegant and relaxed. Make an appointment at your favorite spa for a day of mani-pedis, massages, and treatments entirely for yourself. It is so important to take the time to remove ourselves from our busy worlds and zone into our own minds and bodies. What better way to do that than a day of pampering and complete relaxation?

Wear comfortable clothes
Nothing is more frustrating than spending the entire day fidgeting and pulling at your clothes because they are so uncomfortable. No one likes jeans that dig in or a bra that feels like it’s cutting off your circulation. It is crucial to find clothes that fit and feel good on your body. Instead of wearing those tight pants, opt for a flowy dress that makes you feel pretty and lets you breathe. Rather than squeezing into that push-up bra you always wear, put on a super comfy one instead.

Take time to unplug
We live in a world that is completely run by screens. We can’t even go to the bathroom without bringing our phones along with us. Although our technology is a huge and important part of our lives, there is such a thing as being too connected all the time. Take some time to go for a walk without your phone or headphones, sit on the porch and read a good book, or even spend a whole weekend in the woods with no cell or internet connection. Taking even 30 minutes a day to completely unplug and disconnect from our digital worlds, can make such a huge difference in our lives.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in our demanding lives. We are busier than ever before and putting more on our plates than we ever have. With so much packed into our schedules, it isn’t hard for our self-care routines to get lost in the mess. Fitting in some small things that can easily become part of our regular routine is one of the best ways to add some self-care in and help us to be our best selves at all times.  



The Secrets Behind The Exfoliating Toner Adored By Everyone

Biologique Recherche opens up about the hard-to-find miracle product.

Picture this: A biologist, physiotherapist, and doctor walk into a lab and come out with one of the most sought-after products in the beauty space.

No, this isn’t the setup to a joke. Instead, it’s the beginning of the story of one of France’s premiere beauty brands, Biologique Recherche. Founded over 40 years ago, the brand has become known for its clinical-meets-holistic approach to skin care. Dr. Philippe Allouche, the co-owner and head of creation for the brand, says the idea behind the company is to “rebuild a fully functional epidermis in order to protect yourself” from free radicals, aging, dark spots, and whatever other problematic skin conditions you might have. The ingredients used are raw, concentrated, and pure; the packaging simple; the marketing, basically, non-existent. And yet the brand can be found right next to Sunday Riley and Glossier on nearly every influencer’s top shelf, largely due to its star product: the P50 lotion.

The P50 lotion goes by many names: holy grail, Jesus in a bottle, the Hermès of skin-care products. It’s a chemical exfoliating toner (it includes acids like lactic, malic, salicylic, and others) and meant to fade hyperpigmentation, shrink pores, clear acne, and balance out the complexion. People obsess over it because it does all those things. Unlike other so-called miracle products, the P50 lotion isn’t one-size-fits-all; there are actually seven versions of it on the market, meaning that there’s an option for every skin type. The original, the P50 1970, is the most intense and includes the controversial ingredient, phenol, which has been banned in Europe (but not the U.S). Dr. Allouche tells me that he reformulated the original in the 2000s (though it’s still available) because it proved to be too harsh for the skin. “The skin has changed over the decades, it’s more sensitive and thinner,” he says. The other options include the P50V, which is moderately strong; P50W, which is meant for sensitive skin; and P50 PIGM 400, which is specifically for combatting hyperpigmentation.

When you have a product that works, people talk about it. And post about it. And tweet about it. And that’s exactly what’s happened with the P50 lotion, a fact that has greatly benefitted Dr. Allouche and his team. The P50 lotion has always been popular, but, lately (at least in the U.S.), it’s graduated to cult status, even spawning a couple of copy-cats. When I meet with Dr. Allouche last week, though, it isn’t to discuss the lotion; they already know people love it. What the brand is focused on now is making sure customers know the magic potion also extends to body products and even a scalp treatment. “It’s not hair on one side and scalp on the other,” Dr. Allouche says. “They work together. The scalp is like the soil—it’s the temple for all of the hair products.” (We know this already, right? We’ve written about the importance of scalp care several times on this very website.) However, in the same way that the P50 works wonders, its scalp treatment, Biologique Recherche wants you to know, will do the same.

One thing that makes this brand unique, though, is how exclusive it still seems. With the kind of growth the company has experienced, most brands would understandably expand their distribution—but not Biologique. Right now, U.S. customers can only find the products online on Paul Labrecque and Shop Rescue Spa’s websites, and Dr. Allouche plans to keep it that way. “We partner with people who we deeply believe can give the best to our clientele,” he says. “We love aestheticians. We love spas. All of these people are educated about the skin, and we think they’re the best ambassadors.” When I ask him if he plans on making the products more readily available in the future, he shakes his head. “It’s just not the core of the brand,” he stresses.

Cue a sigh of relief from beauty lovers of all things elite.