Beauty Spring Clean

beauty-spring-cleaningWhen was the last time you checked the expiration date of your sunscreen? How about your favorite mascara? Like most things in life, beauty products don’t last forever, and as you are going through and sprucing up your home for new season, why not take the time and spring clean your cosmetics?

Here Are My Basic Guidelines:


PAO stands for Period After Opening. It looks like a picture of a jar with a number next to it. The letter M stands for months and the number for how many months the product is good after opening.


Trust your own eyes and nose when it comes to any strange smelling or odd looking foundation, lipstick or really any cosmetic product for that matter. Throw away anything that has changed in color, smell or texture.
In addition to losing their effectiveness, some expired beauty products can cause irritation or other problems. Here are some of the more common products and their typical lifespans:
Moisturizer and eye cream: 6 months to a year
Cleanser: up to 1 year
Toner: 6 months to 1 year
Sunscreen: 6 months to a year
Creams and serums with antioxidants and retinoids: 2 to 9 months
Organic products: 4 to 6 months
Tip: Products in pump bottles tend to last longer
Mascara (regular or waterproof), liquid or gel eyeliners: 4 to 6 months
Cream, Liquid or Stick Foundations: 6 months to 1 year
Powder-based products (including mineral makeup): 2-3 years
Lipsticks, Lip Gloss, & Lip Pencils: 2-3 years
TIP: Don’t pump your mascara and do not add water to your cosmetics to make them last longer! Do sharpen your lip or eye pencils before each use to get rid of the bacteria.


To make your favorite items last as long as possible, keep them away from humidity, heat, air and sunlight. The most common mistake is to keep your products “safe” in the bathroom medicine cabinet. That is so wrong! Products stored that close to the shower and in humidity tend to spoil sooner. I find that designating an area for a vanity is very exciting and storing your products in a vanity drawer is a MUST.
We all share a tendency to collect too much make up or skin care. I definitely am guilty of this and belong in the second category. I find it gratifying to go through my possessions and find items my friends and family can benefit from, thus making space for much more needed or craved new item.
With hotter months upon us, it is beneficial to switch to a lighter product formula. I tend to swap my favorite Dermopurifiante for lighter Emulsion Biosensible S.R., and upgrade my SPF from Environ SPF25 to a Jan Marini SPF45.
We all know that sharing is caring but in order to avoid infections, it’s best to keep your beauty products to yourself.
The awakening of spring brings an awareness of a new season and I hope this article has inspired you to freshen up your beauty stash and move forward more confident and informed.
Your Esthetician,
Diana Yerkes


spring updates

perfect-spf-30 physical-45perfect-spf-50


chantecaille-sharpener oolong-eye-liner emulsion gel biosensible s.r.


petunia marisa tuberose

Spring Is For Skin That Glows Within


Spring is all about skin that glows from within.  Here are some tips to help shed winter skin…

This is the time to explore ways to nourish your skin from the inside out.  Look for key supplements like Vitamin D (sun vitamin).  Nearly 80% of the population is plagued by a Vitamin D deficiency which has been linked to skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.  I suggest incorporating Vitamin D & Fish Oil supplements to help boost your internal defense.  Vitamin B is another favorite which is naturally occurring in Brewer’s Yeast.  Enjoy a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fatty oils for best results.

Beautiful skin reflects overall wellness.  With the warmer weather approaching we are inspired to partake in outdoor activities, adopt a better diet, lifestyle, and habits.  Take advantage of your motivation to make better choices and schedule a facial.  At Rescue we offer a wide scope of treatments: microdermabrasion, different strength peels, microcurrents, laser treatments, etc.  A good facial with massage gives the muscle tone and oxygenates the skin from within to increase the production of collagen and elastin.  (For even more dramatic results add a BR Second Peau treatment to your facial.  This supercharged hyaluronic acid treatment results in the ultimate lifting and firming.)  Think of your esthetician as a personal trainer and the 60 minute facial as a workout for your skin to keep it fresh, plump, and young!  You are guaranteed to leave Rescue refreshed & glowing.  The accumulative results of daily massage can be seen quickly, while good skincare strengthens the skin.


DIY – the Ritual

For those who want to go the extra mile (good for you!) and maximize their at-home regimen I recommend Valmont Prime Renewing Pack which provides a good amount of slip for self massage.  The accumulative results of daily massage can be seen quickly so it is worth investing the time.  Tools are also an excellent way to reap the benefits of massage with very little effort, look to ReFa favored by Japanese & Korean women.  In general good skincare strengthens the skin and a healthy lifestyle; exercise, sleep, great products, exfoliation, water consumption, supports this.  For exfoliation I prefer skin peels that gently dissolve dead skin and resurface. Reach for Dr. Dennis Gross Medi Spa Peel pads whenever your skin needs a little oomph!

Try multitasking with Masks.  Since our skin does not fit a one-size-fits-all mold and changes from instant to instant it is a good idea to have multiple masks in your skincare arsenal.

Oily Skin:  (T-zone): Opt for a clay mask like Bio Magic Mask.  Spot treat oily areas…
Dry Skin:  A moisturizing mask like Masque VIP O2  is perfect to apply to cheeks and under eye area.
Lifting:  Apply Crème Masque Biofixine to the neck & jaw line or anywhere you’d like to see a little lift.

*Please feel free to contact for a tailored recommendation.


Currently Burning: Cire Trudon BALMORAL Classic Candle

Cire Trudon Classic Candle + box - 2014 - low res

Currently Burning: Cire Trudon’s BALMORAL Classic Candle:  After the rain, mist rises from the plains in an earthy haze. Wet ferns, young plants and meadows… Under the green sun, already draining the storm, they surrender their herbaceous vapors to the passing wind.

top note : foliage, mint, cut grass
middle : freesia, tea, iris
base : musk, pine wood, sap

Balmoral (545x800)Classic Candle – Weight: 9.5 oz – Burn Time : 55 to 60 hours


Turn your Pope Staycation into a luxurious experience with Cire Trudon candles in Carmelite & Spiritus Sancti…


Cire Trudon Classic Candle + box - 2014 - low res

CARMELITE: The perfume of old stonewalls, in the shade of cloisters and convents, this scent of fresh and mossy stone tells us about the black and white silhouettes of sisters moving in the silence of ritual mass. Under the light of votives and psalmody, Carmélite refers to the peace of souls and eternity.

top note : orange, mugwort / middle : rose, geranium, spices, iris / base : patchouli, sandalwood, cedar



SPIRITUS SANCTI: Flickers of crimson, gold and olibanum, holy perfume of altar candles, luxurious wake of censers filled with burning amber : under the nave the choir jubilates, heavenly scents caressing their souls.

top note : aldehyde, incense vapours / middle : lily of the valley / base : labdanum, benzoin resin

Spiritus Sancti

*Available at Rescue Spa.  We are open today Friday, September 25th until 6pm and Monday, September 28th from 9am-8pm. (Closed this Saturday & Sunday).

Home Fragrance: Fall Edition

fall blogThe crisp, cool air, colorful foliage and fall fashion are some of the many reasons fall is my favorite time of year.
Autumn aromas evoke a sense of family in all of us. From spicy cinnamon to warm vanilla, autumn delivers rich aromas that make you want to relax, curl up with a good book, watch the leaves fall from the trees in the backyard and enjoy your home. Bring the outside in by making your home cozy, warm and inviting. Ingredients like apple peels, orange rinds, cloves, apple juice, pumpkin, brown sugar, anise and nutmeg will make your home smell like you’ve been baking all day.
I also love Nest candles. A natural, soy blend with close to 60 hours burn time, they fill your home with rich aroma. My current favorites are Cedar Leaf and Lavender, Moroccan Amber and Pumpkin Chai.
Oil diffusers are great alternatives to candles. They not only cleanse and diffuse the air, but also provide relaxing and calming scents to any room. Antica Farmacista reed diffusers are natural, luxurious and long lasting. My favorites are as follows: Manhattan with top notes of bergamot and black pepper, Green Fig with top notes of sandalwood and wild fig and Santorini – my all time favorite -crisp with sandalwood, bergamot and vetiver.
For DIY experts, there are plenty of fall simmer pots and potpourri recipes on Pinterest if you’re feeling adventurous.
Stop by Rescue Spa and check out the large selection of home scents for yourself! Open your windows, let the fresh air in and get baking!

From my cozy home to yours,



CellTeint: the unicorn of tinted moisturizers

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never met a tinted moisturizer I like. They’re either all moisture and no tint, or they provide some strange form of streaky coverage that never quite sits right on my skin. I always have the distinct feeling while I’m applying tinted moisturizers (or any foundation for that matter) that I’m just reversing the skincare efforts I work so hard to maintain. But a girl needs coverage, plain and simple.

Is there no hope for the makeup-wearing, skin-conscious women of the world??

Fear not, because I’ve found the solution: CellTeint by Cellcosmet. Thank the powers that be for Swiss research, because they’ve produced the happiest medium I didn’t think was possible.

I used shade 01 Opal #palegirlproblems

CellTeint is awesome because it’s more than your wannabe tinted moisturizers. It’s ultra hydrating while it actively revitalizes the skin with bio-integral cells that fire all day long. That’s Swiss skincare jargon for anti-aging to the max – it actually plumps and firms the skin. How amazing is that?

Much to my surprise, this tinted moisturizer applies beautifully and evenly, and it self-adjusts to your specific skin tone. CellTeint is strong enough to provide buildable coverage for those areas that need a little extra help (we’ve all got em). And it leaves the skin with a healthy, hydrated glow — so much so that Danuta complimented my skin. That’s like Anna Wintour telling you “Cute shoes”. When she says it, you know it’s real.

What’s even better is that it feels fantastic when you apply. CellTeint left my skin tingling for about an hour after I applied it, almost like P50 does. Not in an uncomfortable way, just a nice little reminder that my skin was alive, awake and working – and for me to feel any of those things before 8am is nothing short of a small miracle. That’s the bio-cells working for ya.

It stayed on evenly all day long and never settled into my pores or fine lines, unlike most foundations I’ve ever tried. And I didn’t feel like I was clogging up my skin with makeup because CellTeint has active minerals that nourish and hydrate the skin, while making it look flawless.

Can you tell I’m a fan?

One caveat I will say is that Cellcosmet is a line generally geared towards more mature skin than mine. As a 23 year old saying this, that’s a huge margin, so don’t let that make you feel bad. CellTeint is keratinizing, which is great for skin that could use more plumping and firming. Unfortunately for me, the formula was a little too rich for me to use this product every day, but it is perfect for skin a bit more mature than mine so don’t let that dissuade you! I would bathe in this stuff every day if I could.

So come on in and see what all the hype is about, or just visit our online store at, conveniently open 24hrs a day at your fingertips 🙂


xo Lauren


Photography: Lauren McGrath, all rights reserved