Eyelash Tinting

Summer humidity and swimming make it a little tough to keep that mascara on. Try eyelash tinting! Having your lashes professionally dyed makes it easy to have the look of dark extended eyelashes all day long. This treatment takes about half an hour and the results can last for weeks! It not only gives you the appearance of having mascara on all day but it outlines and enhances your eyes and their beautiful natural color.  Eyelash tinting creates a gorgeous frame for the eyes and makes looking beautiful easy and convenient!
Jeni Dalponte

Staff Pick: Osmoclean by Institut Esthederm

Osmoclean from Institut Esthederm is one of my favorite skin care products!
It is a lightly and fresh scented deep pore cleanser that is massaged in your skin to clean out impurities and clogged pores. It’s great to use at least once a week to give your skin that extra cleansing and to keep it happy. I love this product especially for this time of the year with the humidity.  Osmoclean deep pore cleanser leaves your face feeling so soft & clean!



Jeni Dalponte

Summer Rescue!

Valid June 1st – August 31st

Summerize Facial: Prepare your skin for warmer weather.  Boost your moisture level with a thorough exfoliation, hydrating mask, and cell recharging electric currents.  ($125)

Open Toe Pedicure and a Manicure: Reveal your toes and show off your hands with Rescue’s specialized mani/pedi.  Be sure to check out our summer collection of polishes. ($70)

Brazilian, Lip, and Brow: Hair free summer guarantee!  Rescue’s waxing services are top notch.  ($75)

Faux Glow: Our skilled therapist begins with sugar scrub for a thorough exfoliation which is then followed by a meticulous application of the award winning Sothy’s self tanner formula (none of that orange smelly stuff). The result is a supple, soft and healthy glow!  ($90)

Have fun in the sun… the smart way!

As the days are getting warmer and longer we all need a refresher about using sun protection.  Are you diligently using sunscreen everyday?  Are you aware that not all sunscreens are created equal?  Let’s simply sum this sunscreen dilemma up!

So what you are looking for is Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  You have a choice between chemical sunscreen which means it absorbs UVA once it hits the skin (a popular ingredient is avobenzone), or natural physical block that reflects UVA light off your skin and back into the atmosphere like a mirror (zinc oxide).   It is even suitable for sensitive skin.

As for the number there is very little difference between UVB protection provided by SPF 30 or 60.  While SPF 30 gets you about 96% coverage, SPF 45 about 97%, and SPF 60 about 98%.   It is very important that you use enough product, meticulously covering your skin, and reapplying every few hours.  Reapplication is the key to the right protection!

If you put on your sunscreen every morning, please remember to reapply by the time you take your lunch break.  For myself I like to double up on sunscreen, I use the Hollywood cult favorite Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30, followed by Valmont Time Perfection (it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide natural sun protection) this way I’m sure I’m covered.  I also carry a tube of sunscreen in my bag and whenever I’m out I cover my hands and exposed areas diligently.  Have fun in the sun the smart way!

Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa & Esthetician,

Danuta Mieloch