When I traveled to the Dolomites in September by myself I was sure to pack excellent skincare!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the weather, and 9 hour hikes so I chose to bring along 
CELLCOSMET skincare. 

This skincare line was the most luxurious I had on and could stand the climate in the Itlian Alps. If you’ve read my blog by now you know my skin can be very troublesome with adult acne, hyper pigmentation, and so on. 

This cellular product line from Switzerland did not disappoint. Each night I came back to my room I applied the precious mask which revived my skin leaving it bright and hydrated. The cellular eye contour cream revived my eyes without caking up my makeup, smoothing away my fine lines. Last but, absolutely not least the Sensitive day cream rocked my world leaving my skin supple and hydrated. For one, non of these products broke me out which is highly unheard of, and left my skin better looking then before I started using them. 

The cellular components in these products help them to work fast, and if you will, Rescue the skin. ?

In the winter months it may serve you to look into CELLCOSMET if you are searching for an effective skincare line that may just change your view on what real skin care is all about!!!!


Esthetician, Chrissy Dress