Which of your treatments would you recommend to brides?

“Our Biolift Facial is world-renowned for its lifting and firming results.”

What makes this treatment ideal for achieving that bridal glow?

“It is an ideal pre-wedding treatment. [It’s] gentle yet result-oriented, guaranteed to leave skin glowing, lifted, and dewy. It produces immediately visible results. It’s like a lift without going to extreme measures. You’ll still look like yourself, but better! Refreshed, hydrated, plump, glowing, and gorgeous! It is a must-have on a pre-wedding list. Every celebrity makeup artist will tell you that good skin is the best canvas for a perfect application.

“[It involves] deep cleansing, expert skin analysis, exfoliation with either a manual scrub or a gentle peel depending on the skin, [and] trademark manual lifting massage with an active cream mask. It is oxygenating, de-puffing, offers lymphatic drainage, and lift, aside from relaxation, which you definitely need before the wedding! A micro-current treatment with a cocktail of hyper-customized serums [addresses] all of your concerns plus lifting, firming, smoothing, and energizing effects. Then finishing serums and moisturizers to get that glow!”

How soon before the wedding should brides come in for a treatment?

“I would recommend starting a good skin-care regimen at least six months before the big day to get your skin acclimated to treatments and active products that produce results. This is a good timeline, since you might need extractions, microdermabrasion, or a light IPL that may require a tiny bit of downtime. Your last biolift facial can be done the week of the wedding. Think of it as a workout regimen; you need to be consistent and put the work in before you start seeing the results!”

What do brides typically request their skin to look like, or what issues do they want to be addressed before the ceremony?

“Usually it is uneven skin tone, breakouts, blotchiness, enlarged pores, and lackluster skin. The ultimate request is glowy, even-toned, poreless skin that looks great without makeup and no filter.”