ELLE: You mentioned you love skincare. What are your top three must-have items?
Lucy Hale: BIODERMA Micellar Water… And then there’s this toner that I guess has been around for a really long time by Biologique Recherche USA. It’s the P50 lotion that is notorious for smelling really weird. It smells like fennel, so I get really weird about wearing it, but it’s pretty magical. It’s from some European country. It’s hard to find, even hard to find online. I can’t find it in LA; I can only find it New York. I think a place called Rescue Spa NYC sells all their stuff.

ELLE: I was just looking at their Instagram (@rescuespa) yesterday!
Lucy Hale: You have to go there anyway because it’s amazing. 100 percent. There’s this girl, Diana Chiticari Yerkes; I’ve only been twice but usually what I do is I walk in and tell them my needs and concerns and just let them do whatever.