Our skin’s condition changes numerous times within a single day.  External factors in the winter such as harsh cold and dry heat causes our skin to become sensitive, dehydrated and dull.  To ensure the best protection from external elements we layer our clothing.  Yet it is easy to forget that our face is the most exposed and vulnerable.  Our daily winter skin-care regimen requires special love, care and attention.
I recommend a holistic approach with the following winter beauty rituals:

  1. Fall in love with oil!  Oil cleansers melt away makeup & buildup, leaving skin supple without stripping away precious moisture. Gounjea’s Organic Lemon Cleanser is perfect for the A.M., while RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream works a treat in the P.M.
  1. Balm Cleanser is an excellent alternative to those who do not prefer oil.  Cult favorite EVE LOM, lasts forever and has the added aromatherapy benefits of clove.
  1. Biologique Recherche treatment milk is a favorite year round staple.  This amazing treatment is multi-tasking; cleansing away make-up & dirt while leaving skin perfectly hydrated.
  1. Using a balancing lotion is super essential.  Naturally the skin’s pH is constantly changing.  For optimal skin health the ideal pH level is 5.5.  Lotion P50 is a miracle worker that provides exfoliation and balances the skin’s pH allowing access to reparation.  P50 1970 is my favorite essential to prep the skin to receive active ingredients from serums & moisturizers. It’s a facial in a bottle.  I encourage everyone to use it.  Apply by gently patting with lifting movements across the face, neck and décolleté.
  1. Winter is a great time to use multi-tasking mask cream products.  My personal favorites are; Renewing Pack – light in texture, yet extremely hydrating.  The consistency is perfect as a masque, massage cream, or moisturizer. Masque Vernix – A winter godsend; a revitalizing, restorative & protective cream mask.  It’s also great to use as a cream or overnight mask.  For intense regeneration use a small amount of Crème Masque Vernix over Serum 3r or Serum Amniotique E.   This masque rebuilds your epidermis, like a winter coat for you skin.
  1. Winter layering is a must!  If you are not using a serum, this is the perfect time to try one for added moisture and anti-aging.  Look to Valmont’s DNA Repair or Serum Extraits Tissulaires.  If you are serum junkie this is the perfect time of the year to layer serums for an amazing glow.  Serum Fluide VIP O2 is my go-to finishing serum or Serum YALL O2 which has hyaluronic acid that binds moisture within your skin.
  1. Super moisturizing is the key.  Your winter moisturizer should feel rich and balm-like.  Regenera-II is an absolute option, perfect to protect skin even in the high altitudes of the Swiss slopes… Crème MSR-H is like food for your skin with an amazing texture and heavenly scent that you could almost eat…
Tip:  For a holiday party radiant glow mix with your favorite foundation serum with Silk Plus for an extra dewy glow.
P.S.  Hydrating your entire body is the ultimate defense. Get in the routine! Immediately after showering apply Huile Benefique followed by a moisturizer directly onto damp skin. Biologique Recherche – MSR-H Corps is the ultimate in luxurious anti-aging!
Stay warm & protected. Xx
– Danuta Mieloch