Fashionista beauty editor Hannah Baxter tries the super-duo of Danucera’s D22 Tonic and Cerabalm and experiences the amazing results for herself!

“First up: the balm, a multipurpose formula with a honey-like texture devoid of any fragrance, parabens or silicones. As Mieloch explains: “Technique matters with the balm. You massage it in and add a bit of water to get the milky texture. It encourages people to really take time to cleanse the skin. It’s gentle enough for everyone to use, and the skin [is left] clean, but not overly dry. Although Cerabalm can also be used as a mask or spot treatment for dry areas, I decided to try it as a cleanser to remove makeup and reset my chronically dehydrated skin in the evening. I applied a dime-sized dab to my dry face, massaging with my knuckles for 60 seconds to break up any stagnant lymphatic fluid, and using gentle pressure around my eyes to remove my waterproof mascara. Next, I splashed a bit of lukewarm water on my face to activate the oils (like sea buckthorn, meadowfoam, apricot kernel and hibiscus), working the milky texture around my face and neck before using a clean washcloth to remove it — a suggestion from Mieloch herself. As promised, my skin didn’t feel like it was crying out for moisture within seconds of patting it dry…”

– Hannah Baxter, Fashionista

She was equally impressed by the D22 Tonic, which gave her a luminous, poreless complexion:

“After 10 days of use, the blend of grape flower cell extract (for a boost of protective antioxidants), hydrating glycerin and purifying birch juice had left my pores looking less noticeable, with my complexion appearing brighter and any texture issues appearing notably diminished. And any potential irritation or reaction from trying a new product (as can occasionally happen)? Zero to be found, much to my delight.”

– Hannah Baxter, Fashionista

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