VeronicaBrowsAre you happy with your brow shape? If not? Are you neurotic about your brows and tweezing away hairs that look astray? Well STOP! Chances are you’re over tweezing! Less  is more when it comes to grooming and growing brows.
Here’s how:
Understanding your brow shape is hard if you haven’t been told by a licensed professional what shape frames your eyes. The guidance is a crucial part because you are used to seeing your brows every day and a professional can tell you where you need work.  I used to think I’d achieve the look I wanted by continually tweezing any hair that looked out of place. I also never knew that kitchen scissors and hair scissors where any different (when trimming eyebrows), so let’s just say I’ve had a few mishaps.  First step is the hardest:
1. Let it grow (hide your tweezers)…feel free to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in uneven spots during this process (see number 4)
2. If they won’t grow, use RevitaBrow. Incredible effective eyebrow serum that starts working in three weeks.
3. Go to a licensed professional who specializes in brows to help guide you in your shape and growth
4. Find a brow pencil that looks natural to help guide shape and growth and to fill in bald spots. My personal favorite pencil is Chantecaille retractable pencil because it offers natural shades and has a comb on the opposite end. Make sure you don’t go darker than your brows.
5. Tinting your brows makes them look fuller.  I’m addicted! I tint my brows every three weeks. Even if you are tinting the color of your natural brow, you’d be surprised the number of little blonde hairs around it the tint can grab to achieve a thicker look. Tinting is a must!
6. Make sure you schedule appts 3-4 weeks apart to keep up with the grooming process. And don’t touch in between or you may fall back on old habits.
Check out My eyebrow evolution over time. If I can do it, you can too!
My “Before” Brows:
veronica brow before
And AFTER!image4
Now here’s some hope for you in your process.
Happy growing to you!
Veronica Lopez