Hello Fitness Peeps!

I’m sure all of you are working out your abs under the eye of your personal trainer, getting in shape for summer. Awesome!  But have you thought about your face??!  YOUR FACE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR ABS… because that is what people see first.

Think about being fit head to toe! The face has 43 muscles and as part of your body those muscles need a workout too.
The answer? A FITNESS FACIAL!  Not only will it lift your muscles but also oxygenate, detox, and nourish your skin.

I’ve been an aesthetician for over 15 years and I really believe in a holistic touch.  But to enhance a great workout I always love to include some skin products as well. I could go on and on with that but let’s make our lives a little more simple and step out of the fancy spa, since many of us are mothers and we need a quick fix! 

Here are a few quick ‘ fixer uppers’ from my most beloved company, Biologique Recherche:

1. Lotion P50: Known as a ‘facial in a bottle’. You will find this cult favorite on many a famous face’s lists of products they can not live without. P50 will tone, balance, hydrate and exfoliate your skin. It is a magic toner, rich in acids and antibacterial phenol. Amazing after a workout.  Use it twice a day, post cleanse. Dispense onto a cotton pad and lightly wipe all over face, neck, and chest.
2. Mask Vivant: It contains pure live yeast, vitamin B and a pinch of baking soda. It provides great balance and purification, preps your skin, closes your pores and exfoliates. For best results, use weekly. Leave it in the kitchen and apply while making dinner or tending to other tasks around the house.  Just don’t offer to help the kids with homework while wearing the “brown smelly goo” as my kids refer to it.  (Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing?)
3. Creme Dermopurifiante: My favorite moisturizer to balance the skin’s pH (which is its natural protection). This cream regulates your skin by moisturizing the dry parts, yet it absorbs excess sebum (oil).
4. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
There you have it. A very basic but powerful regimen for every busy woman.  If you have time for a workout you’ll be able to find time for your ‘business card’ (your face)!  If you are interested in learning more I would be pleased to help you at Rescue Spa 🙂 
Stay fit head to toe.
Monika Kozłowska