Out of the season’s none but autumn displays such a glorious array of warm colors, and this season’s new makeup shades are bold reds, passionate plums, gold, navy blue, green, brown, and burgundy. Illuminate nature with hues and textures that jump from the earth, whether it is smoky eyes, lush lips, precious metals or deep, purple this fall there are plenty of fashion forward makeup choices.
A smokey look doesn’t have to be a frightening one. The aim is sophistication that smoulders with lightness of touch, allowing this look to work for both day and night.
With eyes being strong, keep lips simple. Choose a light neutral shade with a touch of gloss for finished yet relaxed look.

Luxurious lips take on this effect when draped with depth. Try deep wine, velvety crimson, bronzed brick, and red. Whatever the color selection, let the lips lead and the rest of the makeup follow, balance the look with a soft neutral shadow on the eyes. Choose one with shimmer to make the eye pop.
When applying dark lip color use a lip brush for preciseness and ease.
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Maria Gulraiz