By Kate Elliot, Esthetician

If you’ve been on any beauty influencer’s social media in the last year, you may have noticed a trend; contouring galore. Cheeks, nose, forehead, you name it. But an area that has become of more concern and for good reason, is the jaw and neck; an often overlooked and neglected part of the face. With the desire to achieve a more chiseled and smooth appearance, there are better remedies than bronzer. Here’s how you can achieve the jawline of your dreams all from the comfort of your own home. 

While skincare has become a bigger priority for many, the jawline and neck still seem to be forgotten. It’s not until a couple of years down the road that we notice things are not where they used to be. What many don’t realize is that our necks age faster than our faces. This can be due to lack of care and SPF usage, but also because our collagen layer is much thinner in this area. The neck also holds many of our body’s lymph nodes, making it a place where stagnant lymph can easily get trapped, making this area appear more swollen and less defined. But with more mindful care and some added tools it’s easier to tighten your neck skin!



A great first step to showing your neck area some love is using targeted creams and masks to keep the skin hydrated and firm. The skin on our necks is much different from the skin on our faces. It tends to be thinner, has fewer oil glands, and is generally more sensitive. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging happen a lot quicker due to less collagen production and less oil to keep the skin plump. Using products rich in emollients, antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors is key to keeping the signs of aging at bay. When this skin is properly hydrated and nourished, the skin will appear more supple and smooth. So slather on that neck cream and watch your worries and your lines fade away.


A tool that has delivered amazing results for centuries but has recently taken over the skincare world is Gua Sha. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, this flat, curved stone is used to massage and sculpt the face, leaving you lifted, toned, and glowing. This seemingly simple practice helps release facial tension, move stagnant lymph, and promote blood circulation resulting in a less puffy, and more defined appearance allowing the face’s natural contours to be enhanced. When we get the lymphatic system moving, we are allowing toxins and excess fluid to be released. This, along with increased blood circulation, makes for a natural glow to be returned to the skin. To learn how it’s done, follow our video with the Danucera Sculpting Stone.


Similar to Gua Sha but with a different delivery, Face Rollers are a favorite among many for their ease of use and great results. Rollers are used to tighten and tone the face by mimicking the techniques used in a traditional face massage. Whether it’s a single roller or one with double-pronged rollers, with up and outward massage motions, you stimulate those facial muscles and aid in lymphatic drainage. 


To kick it up a notch, Microcurrent is where it’s at. Not only do these devices aid in stimulating blood flow and eliminating excess fluid, but they act as a mini workout for your facial muscles. Like going to the gym, with consistent use, your face will become more lifted and firm with an added glow. These devices use small electrical currents to help stimulate muscle contractions. Over time, the muscles become stronger resulting in a less saggy appearance.

So before you make that appointment with your plastic surgeon and show them a picture of your favorite beauty influencer, try one of these tried and true techniques to get that defined jawline and neck that you’re looking for. Show that neck some love and your neck will love you back. 

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