The key to beautiful skin in my opinion is a mix of science, common sense, clean healthy living, a simple skincare regime practiced daily, and Erika’s juices (optional). So the latest Rescue craze? We all enjoy Erika’s concoctions Pangaea Earth Foods. But quite frankly that’s not all the Rescue estheticians are doing. We’re here to promote healthy clean living.

The Rules
1. Don’t smoke. It smells bad, ages you faster and causes cancer.
2. Don’t sunbathe. It gives you a rough, uneven skin tone, ages you prematurely and (like smoking) causes cancer too.
3. Don’t yo-yo diet. It causes sagging skin.
4. Don’t over use skincare products. We see clients using a ton of skincare products and often times they contain too-harsh, medical grade ingredients not suitable for daily use. (Use meds only when in need. Severe acne, outbreaks, dermatitis or other medical conditions only).
In my opinion all estheticians have fabulous skin, the kind that is envied by dermatologists. We don’t over laser. We don’t botox. We don’t inject. We just use simple care. Daily practice makes perfect.  Besides prevention is a cheaper and safer way to maintain beautiful skin than costly visits to the plastic surgeon. My straight forward advice would be to maintain your overall health by eating well, exercising, drinking water, and following a simple skincare routine. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect (SPF 30+). Stick to it… smile and voila!
Owner of Rescue Spa and Esthetician,
Danuta Mieloch
danuta mieloch