Figure out what your skin needs and the best skincare regime for you.
BY  |  MARCH 26, 2014 AT 3:12 PM

“If you haven’t gotten one of Rescue’s cult-adored facials yet, go. Run. (Yes, we all swear by them.) If you have gotten one, then you’re already probably familiar with Valmont, one of the luxe product lines the spa carries and swears by. And for good reason: Valmont’s Renewing Pack gives you an insta-glow. But with all the skin care products out there—BB creams, CC creams, masks, exfoliants, serums—it can be tricky to decide what you should be slathering on your skin, when you should be using it, and which products are better left alone. Rescue Spa to the, er, rescue.
Tomorrow (Thursday, March 27th) from 10am to 7pm and Friday, from 10am to 6pm, head to the spa’s newish location—curated/designed by brilliant art curator Eileen Tognini, which gives it total cool cred—and get a free, in-depth skin analysis by a Valmont ambassador. The beauty expert will measure your skin’s hydration levels, the depth of your fine lines, and any UV damage you might have, and then she’ll work with you to nail down your perfect skincare regime and figure out which products you actually need. RSVP by calling 215-772-2766.”   –Philly  Shoppist