Among skin-care enthusiasts, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 has a formidable reputation for its exfoliating powers — and an extremely stinky aroma. Formulated decades ago, the French toner contains a hyperspecific blend of lactic acid, onion extract and plankton that loyalists swear will clear up acne and render your skin silky smooth. If you can withstand the assault on your nose, that is.

“It has a distinct medicinal smell,” admits Danuta Mieloch of the famed lotion. The aesthetician and founder of Rescue Spas has been faithful to Biologique Recherche for 25 years, and calls its P50 ($27) a miracle potion. “It’s highly addictive because it helps to achieve healthy, glowing skin. You sort of can’t live without it.” While its stench is similar to vinegar or sour breast milk (depending on who you ask), Mieloch says, “Women go to extremes to maintain their skin. A little smell — it’s a small price to pay.”

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