Erythema, more commonly known as skin redness is caused by some type of inflammatory processes or factors. There are a myriad of factors that can cause skin redness, such as rosacea, heat, over-exfoliation or genetics. While using a color-correcting concealer or a foundation can be a quick-fix to cover up redness, investing in targeted skincare will help treat it from the start. Read our top tips from our estheticians to help calm and reduce skin redness with just a few simple steps. 

Why is my skin red?

One of the most common skin concerns is skin redness, whether that shows as patches or the entirety of the face. There are many answers to this million dollar question and it depends on the person, the products, the environment and the lifestyle. Some of the main reasons why the skin appears red is from topical products, the sun, heat, rosacea, sensitivity, dermatitis, genetics or bad habits. Largely, the redness occurs because of an inflammatory response in the skin where the blood vessels dilate and manifest as redness.

Lifestyle tips to minimize skin redness:

  • Apply cool compresses or use an ice roller
  • Moisturize regularly 
  • Avoid potentially irritating products (retinoids, acids, fragrances etc.) 
  • Try an anti-inflammatory diet 
  • Decrease sun exposure
  • Drink more water!

Christina’s Tip: Redness Calming Masks

Masking helps calm the skin by protecting and rebuilding the skin’s lipid barrier so the skin is strengthened internally and can be less reactive to even external environmental triggers. Masks such as Masque Biosensible and the ContinueLine Sensitive Heal Mask from MBR have extremely nourishing and moisturizing properties to allow the skin to become less reactive. Cryo-Sticks will also help calm redness! My favorites are the ones from Biologique Recherche which are made with stainless steel to offer cooling properties and lower the skin’s temperature. Sometimes the redness can be internal like rosacea and for that lasers are amazing!

Reem’s Tip: Redness Calming Serums

Erythema means redness of the skin. When the skin is red, it means there is an inflammatory process happening. Serum Erythros from Biologique Recherché contains ingredients that are packed with nourishing and anti-inflammatory processes, such as Arnica. This helps decrease the appearance of broken capillaries and consistent redness. I love recommending this to clients who struggle with rosacea. The Hydra-Cool Serum from IS Clinical is also great for calming the skin because of the antioxidants and hyaluronic acid it contains.  Make sure to apply the Hydra-Cool Serum on damp skin as hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic (water-loving). With skin that is inflamed it’s important to hydrate to protect it from external aggressors.

My top tip for improving skin redness is using gentle oil based cleansers like Cerabalm! Also, make sure to hydrate your skin with thicker creams, especially in the winter months and avoid any irritants like skin care products that contain fragrance. Most importantly, it’s all about having a balanced lifestyle. Consuming more prebiotics help to decrease any inflammation both inside and outside the body.

Our skin is constantly changing and while it might not always be red, having on hand skin care that offers calming and healing properties to the skin will be beneficial. Whether you over-exfoliate one night and wake up the next morning with redness or spend too much time in the heat, investing in products that will bring any inflammation down will make all the difference.

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