The beauty routine of French women has been revered as one of elegance and effectiveness. The Parisian routine is minimal yet it works to keep the skin vibrant and fresh-looking. French makeup is traditionally simple leaning towards use of blush, brow brushes and lip stain to maintain a natural profile. Steering in the opposite direction of the 10+ steps skincare routine, we’ve curated a ten-minute nighttime skincare routine for those who want to try something new for the summer. We’ve select French beauty brands which serve as the gold standard in the beauty community due to the high quality of ingredients. The process begins with a cult-favorite — Bioderma‘s Sensibio makeup remover which can be used on a range of skin types. Following cleansing ladies can switch between a chemical exfoliant like Biologique Recherche’s toner… Finish up with Embryolisse‘s Lait-Crème Concentré.