With Memorial Day in the rear-view mirror, the unofficial beginning of summer is here. This also means baring more skin. Like underarms, legs, and bikini lines. Sure, taking care of these areas is a bit easier in “the off-season”. What’s a woman to do? I recommend to my most frequent bathing suit wearers a bikini and underarm wax every 3 weeks. A pair of boy-shorts keeps you feeling less exposed during the regrowth period and be sure to use PFB Vanish every day to keep the hairs from becoming ingrown. As for the legs, I weaken under pressure and pull out my razor. As mid-evil as it may sound, leg stubble is just not an option. A daily dose of your favorite body scrub like the Lemongrass Sugar Scrub from Get Fresh will keep your alligator skin away and make shaving more comfortable. When summer comes to a grinding halt after Labor Day and your bathing suit finds its way to the out-of-season drawer, give yourself 5-6 weeks of regrowth before your next wax.

Look young, feel younger.
Samantha Lowe