Now that the brutal heat waves & sweaty weather are finally behind us, Fall is upon us and it’s time to venture into deep & mysterious colors once again. Fall, much like our moods can sometimes be subtle & flirty or even fierce & feisty. So whether you prefer super poppy shades or classic neutrals, we’ve got a way to transform and transcend your makeup routine for the season.
Make your best features stand out! Let your eyes do all the talking by applying dramatic makeup and leaving the lips bare.  Heavy eyeliner is au courant, so try using a Chantecaille Jet Gel liner pencil to outline the entire perimeter of the eye.  Haven’t tried the omnipresent red lip yet? It’s the quickest and easiest trick in the book.  Just be sure to choose a color that is right for your skin tone and reapply as necessary.  The most important thing to remember is not to emphasize both eyes and lips together as it may be overwhelming. Stick to emphasizing one feature or the other.
Maria Gulraiz, celebrity makeup artist since her breakthrough to VOGUE 2011 Best Dressed Special Edition, prefers a natural yet defined signature look this season using light & instinctive colors. Seamless foundation is her key to looking natural and radiant. To achieve an unmistakably flawless base her go-to product is Chantecaille’s Future Skin foundation. This oil free foundation transfers water into the skin without the use of oil so it is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used daily since it doesn’t clog pores!
The Chantecaille elephant palette has the perfect autumnal colors to create your signature Fall look with this classic collection of colors.
Ivory – a soft, pearly beige inspired by the African Elephant’s tusks use as a highlighter on the brow bone or all over as a base.
Grasslands – an on trend green inspired by the color of the lush savannah grass after the rainy season.
Red Earth – a strong copper which color mimics the rich, red African cliffs.
Iron Ore – a glistening deep gray with flecks of gold, mirrors the way the minerals shimmers in bright African sunlight. The perfect color for a smokey eye! Use a wet liner brush to define your eyes starting at the outer corner of your eyes with a thick line (as seen in the picture).
Cheek Shade Fun – Fun is a soft apricot with a  hint of shimmer that lends a kiss of color.
Lip Chic Amour a pretty pink shade which creates the perfect balance to color rich eye makeup.
Lip chic Isis – light bronze with just the right amount of shimmer for fall!  Isis offers the even coverage of lipstick with the high shine and plumping effects of a gloss. Added collagen gives lips a boost, leaving them fuller and more youthful in appearance without any irritation. As always, paraben-free.
Luminous Gloss Fig– a rich pinky brown that is beloved for its adherence, rich texture and dramatic brilliance and up to 6 hours of long lasting wear.