Now that Valentine’s day is around the corner I was thinking it’s pretty easy for men to get a gift for their ladies… but for us it’s always a struggle.  In my years as an esthetician I have noticed that the men who come to me for facials love it!!! Usually they come in because they received a gift from their wife or girlfriend, etc….. Men need facials too, it just takes them one time for them to keep coming back. Rescue Spa has such a nice atmosphere which is gender neutral that allows men to feel more comfortable. There is a steam room that is such a plus with men that work out and take care of themselves. If we also want to talk about a product that is good for men, of course the p50 1970 helps ingrown hair and razor burn and the dermopurifiante for a cream; it’s good for combination skin, reduces redness and regulates oil production. Seems to me a go-to for men.

Suzanne Zelley