My earliest memories of my mom are the scent of her perfume, the color and scent of her lipstick in it’s beautiful case and her Nivea cream.  Those 3 things my mom never left home without.  To this day my mom is faithful to her beauty staples.  Although the lipstick has changed and softened up a little bit, the Nivea cream stays.  She happily shares her secrets of how she uses it.   It’s like her windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  She uses it for everything, cuts, rashes, after sun, before sun and even mixes it with cucumbers or fruit to make a mask.  So for this upcoming Mother’s Day I’d like to encourage moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers to share their beauty secrets and continue to stay beautiful!
Happy Mother’s Day
Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa & Esthetician,
Danuta Mieloch
danuta mieloch