These incredibly refreshing Institut Esthederm products do much more than refresh and uplift your spirits… they also repair and regenerate your skin with advanced technologies!

  1. WATER: Improve the skin’s overall quality and vitality. Cellular Water Energizing Spray (3.5 oz) is a treatment water that replicates the skin’s own water, it contains high levels of mineral salts and trace elements and boosts the effectiveness of all other skin care products. The skin regains natural balance. It bubbles with vitality and radiates health.  Spray onto the face and body and massage in gently. Can be used before cream as a serum, after make-up as a setter, or during the day as often as needed.
  2. LIGHT: Preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. UV Incellium Spray (3.3 oz) boosts the skin’s natural defenses, protecting it from environmental aggressors and preventing sun damage. This patented technology “Eau Cellulaire” is the equivalent to water found in the skin. Cellular Water optimizes the cells’ vital functions, better adapting skin to its environment.  Regular use slows the skin’s aging process down.
  3. SKIN: The skin stays young longer. E.V.E (1 oz) naturally regenerates the skin by replenishing basic biological substances to ensure continuous self-regeneration, preserving and restoring the skin’s original qualities. Essentially creating brand new skin.  E.V.E. is to be used as a cure.  We recommend a 3 week intensive treatment, 4 times a year, day and night.  Ideal for change of seasons or whenever your skin is tired, stressed, and weakened.