Maintaining Healthy Feet

Had a long day at work; a stressful week? Why not pamper yourself for 30 minutes? For a quick pick me up, our great new Classic Pedicure includes shaping of the nail, cuticle work, removal of dead skin and calluses, massage, and polish.

Our feet are an essential part of our daily lives and it’s important to take care of them. A pedicure not only benefits the overall appearance of your toes and feet, but over time, can have long lasting health benefits. Coming in for a pedicure on a routine schedule (every 4-6 weeks) prevents ingrown nails, callus build up, cracked heels, and improves the overall appearance of the feet.

To reverse the age of your feet, at home care is essential in between appointments. Cracked heals and calluses can be avoided and cured by maintaining a regular schedule of care. Filing or using pumice on your feet in the shower at least 2 times a week gets rid of dead skin and keeps your heals nice and soft, the Gehwol foot files are fantastic. After filing the feet it is important to keep your feet moisturized. One of my favorite exfoliators is out of our new LaLicious line. The Sugar Kiss Soufflé Scrub is an all natural scrub that contains Coconut Oil, Cane Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential and Fragrance Oils, Soybean Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Honey. It’s a refreshing scent of vanilla, citrus and rose. The best part is that is contains NO PARABENS! It’s highly moisturizing and can be used all over the body, including the hands.

Some quick at home tips:

Not only can you use Sugar Kiss Soufflé Scrub as a moisturizing exfoliant you can use it to shave! In the shower rinse the sugar crystals away and you have the perfect opportunity to get the closet shave ever; your legs will be moisturized and silky smooth. It’s the perfect scrub no need for lotion, just get out and go!

Our Gehwol foot file is big enough that it allows you to find the perfect angle on your foot regardless if you are quickly showering or settling in for a relaxing bubble bath.

Hope to see you for a pedicure soon, and be sure to ask about at-home tips to supplement your regular pedicure schedule.

Nail Technician,
“Jean” Calogera Collana

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Winter Bridal Tips

Around this time of year in a desperate effort to stay warm (if only in my mind) I begin to live vicariously. I live through my clients who come in for their Brazilian waxes in preparation for cruises. I live through anyone who is attending the Golden Globes or Oscars because it’s warmer in Cali than it is in Philly and the after parties are fabulous. And I live through my brides who are leaving for their honeymoons to beach locales like Bali or Tanzania. I find that burning fabulous scents at home helps a lot in creating a sensual winter resistant environment. I have always loved Rescue’s signature candle which is slightly exotic and smells like Japanese quince. Another favorite is the Nest line. Their scents are soft, very subtle and won’t jar the olfactory of your fiancé.

Don’t say no one told you; the “Running of the Brides” is almost officially upon us. This world famous bridal event, (which is not for the faint hearted), takes place at Filenes Basement in NYC on February 18. Recessionista brides-to-be will love this wacky crazy way to get a deeply discounted designer gown. Visit for more information.

Speaking of waxing, my brides need to know that two weeks out from the wedding is not the best time to decide to get extreme waxing done. I highly recommend having your waxing done incrementally. It’s much less painful and easier on your “area”. As you plan your regimen to whip your skin into shape you can also strategize your waxing schedule with your esthetician to ensure that you can jump off the deck of that over-water villa in your skimpiest thong.

Just imagine, you and your man sitting snuggled up in luxurious robes on a cushy sofa with
champagne. Valentine’s Day is coming and a visit to Rescue Rittenhouse Spa makes the best date possible. If you’ve been having blackhead sightings on his nose, but refuse to let him use your Biologique Recherche P50 lotion now is a good time to get him into the spa. I’ll see you both soon.

Love ya,

Linda Harding

Staff Pick: Prime B Cellular Serum

If you are looking for a high powered anti-aging serum that boosts the efficiency of your skin’s vital functions then look no further.  The anti-wrinkle action of the Prime B Cellular serum helps protect the tone and elasticity of the skin.  It significantly improves skin texture and suppleness. I prefer to follow up with Prime Regenera I.  It’s also great for guy’s post shaving with it’s anti-inflammatory qualities. Pick up your Prime B today, use morning and night!


Kelly Cronin

Q: Is the Lotion P50 “1970” safe?

A: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 is the most famous and coveted product in the skincare world. It’s an active exfoliator that has been around for over 30 years. It’s a potent formula that tackles wrinkles, enlarged pores, regulates the sebum, hydrates, and helps skin maintain the correct pH balance. It prevents ingrown hairs, that’s why men love it. The Lotion P50 “1970” version has a high concentration of botanical, marine and biological extracts. It has the highest quality of active ingredients that provide dramatically visible results yet it does contain lactic acid and a miniscule amount of phenol which activates the product. So if you are pregnant or nursing, or going through cancer treatments I would advise to use the regular Lotion P50 (without phenol). As for me I’ve been using Lotion P50 “1970” for 15 years and I cannot imagine going a morning or night without it, because I love the way it makes my skin look. There is nothing else out there that compares!

Beauty Aficionado Founder & Aesthetician,
Danuta Mieloch
Danuta Mieloch

Just One Thing: Chanel’s chic gray “vernis”

“Vernis” is French for polish, with a silent “s.”

“So. I admit: I’m totes late to the party when it comes to nail polish. My excuses are myriad. First is, I nearly never get my nails done. Second is, well, I nearly never get my nails done. Still, when I kept seeing these great grays cropping up on the shiny finger tops of fashion types, I felt compelled to join the smoky digit movement. So, on a recent sad, rainy day, when generous and lovely Rescue Rittenhouse Spa just happened to invite me over for a mani, I figured it must be a sign from god. Or at least a good omen from beauty goddess Kim and Dana et al at Rescue. Anyway. I went, gave over my withered hands (not pictured here, because even with their nails polished, the veiny, dishpan endpoints of my upper appendages are not fit for human eyes) to nail guru Jean — whose real name is Kelly and whom I forgot to compliment on her lovely makeup — and ,after several blissful minutes of buffing and smoothing and eventual polishing with Chanel’s subtly glittery Paradoxal, I found my plain Jane hands transformed into something vastly chicer. Industrial yet lustrous. Dark yet bright. Gray like a winter day, but also totally upbeat, modern, mood-lifting. Paradoxical. You get the picture.

Anyway. Gray nails may no longer be 100% new to market, but they remain totally pretty and completely available at Rescue for a mere $25 manicure (plus tip for Jean/Kelly). I say, so what if you’re a little late to the party? At least you’ll be fashionably late.”

Posted by Lauren McCutcheon on 1/19/2011 @

The culprits that give away your age!

With all the innovations for your face your hands are the culprits that will give away your age. Just like your face, your hands need care and protection. No worries, there are a couple of simple steps you can take to help maintain the youthful appearance of those over worked phalanges.

Exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week is a great way to remove dead skin and let a new radiant layer shine through. One of my favorite exfoliators is the One Minute Manicure. It has over 7 different oils combined with dead sea salt which makes for one effective yet gentle & hydrating exfoliant.

The care starts with exfoliation then continues with moisturizing. Carrying a portable bottle of hand cream with you is essential. Since you’re always using your hands they dry out relatively quickly. Also, being good about hydrating them will aid with dry cuticles and brittle nails. If you don’t have a favorite hand cream already, I’d suggest Deborah Lippmann’s Rich Girl Anti-Aging Hand & Cuticle Cream with SPF 25. Its always nice to have a moisturizer with SPF because not only does it hydrate it also protects you from skin damaging sun rays.

And last of all, you should always wear gloves when you step outside. Even if its for just a minute, because frigid air really takes a toll on your hands.

Pretty simple, right? Exfoliate, moisturize & protect three painless routines to keep your hands as ageless as your face.

Nail Technician,
Sally Man

Q: How do you use Biologique Recherche product MC 110?

A: MC 110 is a phenomenal product. It complements Biologique Recherche P50 1970 with an exfoliating, restructuring and a toning effect to the skin while plumping and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. After P50 apply MC 110 to a thin cotton pad using an upward patting & lifting motion. Make sure to apply around the eyes as it gives that instant lift to your eye area. Follow with Fluide VIP O2 and Crème VIP O2, suitable for all skin types. (We at Rescue recommend MC 110 No.2 it is more effective because it is a bit stronger.)

Beauty Aficionado Founder & Aesthetician,
Danuta Mieloch

Q: I’m 20 years old, when should I start using anti-aging products?

A: It’s never too early to start, I believe a good skincare regimen is the key to younger, healthier, glowing skin for life. Because it’s easier to prevent than to correct visible signs of aging I encourage everyone to start taking care of their skin now.

-All you babies, teenagers, young adults, and the rest of us make sure to use the most anti-aging product available: broad spectrum sunscreen.

-Practice a good cleansing routine. It will give everyone a great foundation regardless of their age.

-It’s never too early or too late to start hydrating your skin with a facial moisturizer, especially when skin feels dry or tight. We even use baby lotion on babies.

-Anyone over 20 can benefit from a wide range of antioxidants, Vitamin A products (retinol), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and fruit acids.

Healthy eating and exercise can dramatically improve the way your skin looks so I encourage everyone to eat rich foods in protein, vitamins, omega 3 (salmon, lean meats, nuts, berries, avocados, flax seed) these all have anti aging power.

Beauty Aficionado Founder & Aesthetician,
Danuta Mieloch
danuta mieloch