Lit-From-Within Facial

“Lit-From-Within-Facial” Featured in Town & Country Weddings: Spring/Summer 2011

PHILADELPHIA: Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, Danuta MielochBio-Lift Facial, $200.

The words “glowing” and “bride” go hand in hand.  But by the time the big day arrives, most women feel about as radiant as a dim bulb.  While heavy exfoliation and blackhead extractions aren’t going out of style anytime soon, microcurrent treatments that use electrical currents to target facial muscles have brides signing in droves.  Microcurent facials have the benefit of being completely noninvasive.  Plus, the treatments have immediate (if not incredibly long-lasting) benefits.  The microcurrent works by “exercising” and toning the facial muscles.  It’s basically a low-level electric stimulation that helps contract the muscles all over the face to give a lifted appearance.  There’s no downtime and it’s painless.  The treatment works best when done in a series, with the last one performed close to D-day.  If it’s a slightly older bride in her mid-thirties or forties, you could even do the last treatment the day before the wedding.  It hides the effects of stress on the face.  People do come out with a real twinkle in their eyes and that glow from the inside.

If you’re thinking surgery… think eMatrix at Rescue first.

As the new year begins it is always great to have a fresh start.  I want to make sure that I exercise, eat right, feel good, and look my best.  As a 45 year old woman in the beauty industry, I too am a consumer and admitted “beauty junkie”.  I am constantly on the quest for new treatments, the latest beauty products, and the most advanced non-invasive procedures that will help me look just as good as I feel. So when I found eMatrix I was stunned at how great the results were from the treatment.  My skin looked refreshed, clearer, firmer, and I got tons of compliments!

The technology is brilliant. Unlike other treatments that work from the outside in, eMatrix works from the inside out by providing sublative rejuvenation (a fractionated bi-polar radio frequency energy delivering bulk dermal heating beneath the skin to maximize collagen production while keeping the top layer of skin intact).  This means that eMatrix targets collagen production (one can never have enough!), and the results from just one treatment are so wonderfully visible.

eMatrix is especially suited for

  • those considering cosmetic surgery
  • wrinkles and irregularities
  • acne scars
  • pigmentation and sun damage
  • sagging skin

It is the only sublative rejuvenation that can be done on any skin type and color.  The treatment takes 45 minutes, you experience a warm prickly sensation, and you might need to wear makeup for a few days, as there is a little bit of downtime involved. But hey no pain, no gain!

If you’re thinking surgery or have a persistent skin characteristic that hasn’t responded to conventional skin care treatments, then think eMatrix at Rescue first.  Call and schedule a free consultation (215) 772-2766 or email us at

Beauty Aficionado Founder & Aesthetician,

Danuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch


A New Year, A New Body!

A New Year, A New Body!  Integrate VelaShape as part of your wellness regime to achieve better, faster results.  VelaShape technology utilizes a combination of infrared light, radio frequency and mechanical manipulation to reshape, recontour and redefine your figure.  Vacuum and mechanical manipulation improves circulation, activates the production of new collagen and sends heat to the fat cells causing them to expel triglycerides and water.  That then causes circumferential reduction and an overall improvement of texture and tone of problem areas.  Whether you’ve resolved to fit into those old jeans or slink into your bikini by Memorial Day, VelaShape will help you achieve the results your working so hard for.


Kelly Cronin

Staff Pick: Clarisonic PRO Sonic Skin Cleansing System for Face & Body

Clarisonic PRO Sonic Skin Cleansing System for Face & Body, it’s a fool proof tool to use for exf0liation on face and body.  It removes dead cells and gives your skin an instant glow.   The three different heads give every type of skin the proper treatment.  I like to wash my face first and then apply cleanser directly to the brush itself starting at the forehead then moving to the chin, cheeks and nose.  When used properly your skin feels clean and radiant.  It removes up to six times more dirt and makeup than manual cleansing so it’s great to use before Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant when you need a little extra love.  Pick one up, enjoy it!

-Michele Brand

Winter Bride Body Tips

Winter weather is finally upon us in full force and I must admit that this does not make me happy. I recently returned from Oracabessa, Jamaica where I had the opportunity to consult for the grand reopening of the GoldenEye Resort and Spa. Owned by legendary music producer, Chris Blackwell (who brought us U2 , and Bob Marley among others) the 52 acre property is a testament to organic and sustainable luxury vacationing. The spa which overlooks a breathtaking lagoon is grounded in the philosophy of totally eco-friendly treatments. A honeymooner’s paradise, Scarlett Johansson and new hubby stayed there recently. During my 2 weeks I found it funny how quickly my body readjusted to
warm weather and flip flops. Conversely upon returning to Philly my skin began protesting the cold in a big way. Excessive dryness and flakiness is not a pretty situation. Which leads me to the question for my brides-how are you winterizing your skin?

Lotions, dry oils, body butters are great products but can’t penetrate multiple layers of dry skin. Forced air heating, low levels of humidity, moisture evaporation from the skin’s surface at a rapid pace all contribute to dryness. If you have scheduled a winter wedding you must be as diligent with your body as you are with your face. The time to address dryness is not the week of the wedding. To get back on track schedule a sugar scrub treatment. It’s a great feeling to have your skin sloughed and hydrated
and having your therapist perform the service insures that all the hard to reach areas will be addressed. You’ll find that your home care products will perform better and the results will last longer. Venus, massage therapist du jour informed me that she has a few special customizations just for brides to make their skin extra dewy for that big day (She’ll be blogging about that later).

I really like the lotions by Get Fresh. My clients will frequently rouse themselves from their doze during the hand treatment portion of the facial to ask what I’m using. The aromas are bright but not overpowering and the lotions are luxurious enough to slather on after a warm bath or shower. We do know how hot water depletes the natural oils in the skin don’t we? Kai’s body butter is wonderful too. It has a richer texture and a light fragrance.

I wish everyone the best holiday season ever and everything you dream for in the New Year to come true.

Peace and Blessings

Luv Ya,

Linda Harding, Aesthetician

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa: Best Of Philadelphia

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, in Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse area, is a nationally recognized establishment: Danuta Mieloch, owner of and skincare expert, creates every treatment based on what she learned while working in the most exclusive day spas in New York and Paris.  Under her guidance, every aesthetician provides an unsurpassed level of service with treatments utilizing top-of-the-line skincare programs and the best in modern skincare technology.  This talented team treats everyone who walks into their opulent setting as a priority, meeting their individual needs and exceeding their expectations.  Rescue Rittenhouse Spa provides an unparalleled level of luxury in the heart of Rittenhouse Square.

Since Rescue’s inception in September of 2004 much praise has been given to this Philadelphia spa including “Best Facial in Philadelphia: Danuta Mieloch”-Philadelphia Magazine (2010), “Best Facial in Philadelphia: Danuta Mieloch” -Daily Candy (2010), “Best of Beauty, City Guide” -Lucky Magazine (2010), “Best Day Spa in Philadelphia” -Philadelphia Magazine (2009), “Beauty Blackbook” In Style Magazine (2007), “Best of Beauty in Phialdelphia: Facial & Nails”-Allure Magazine (2007), “Best Day Spa in Philadelphia” -Philadelphia Magazine (2007), “Best Manicure & Pedicure in Philadelphia “-Philadelphia Magazine (2007), “Best Massage in Philadelphia”-Philadelphia Style (2007), “Best Make-Up Artist in Philadelphia: Nives Riddles” -Philadelphia Magazine (2006), “Best Hard Massage in Philadelphia” -Philadelphia Magazine (2006), “Best Urban Spa in Philadlephia”-Philadelphia Magazine (2005)

With all of these awards its no wonder why Rescue Rittenhouse Spa is the best place in Philadelphia to get a facial, manicure, pedicure, or any of our other comprehensive services.  Call one of our beauty concierges at (215) 772-2766 or email us at to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

Danuta’s Tips for a Beautiful Beginning in 2011

Are you stuck in a beauty rut as the new year approaches?  Have you been using the same moisturizer and eye cream forever? It’s time for a change, change is never easy but it’s worth a try.  We all have 2 shampoos and conditioners because we believe we need to switch things up.  Same goes for skincare.  I alternate two or three face creams and eye creams most of the time.  As our skin is forever changing sometimes we need more hydration, I like Regenetic.  Other times we need more treatment, then I go to Retinol and Vitamin C creams by Environ.  If you’re unsure how to make a change please check in for a free consultation with a Rescue aesthetician.  Happy New Year and always remember ‘Beautiful Skin is a matter of choice, not chance.’

Best Wishes,

Danuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch