Best esthetician Viviane Aires shares her pro tips for getting glowy skin. Want to check out her work in person? Get a facial with Aires at Rescue Spa  in Rittenhouse, and follow her on Instagram @bebonita_.

Cleanse your face … twice.Think of your skin-care routine in two steps: wiping off dirt, oils and makeup, and then washing. “I love using balms or cleaning oils as my first cleansing step, and then I follow up with a gentle cleanser,” says Aires. Massage a makeup remover into skin (Aires loves Valmont’s Wonder Falls cleansing cream) and remove with warm — not hot! — water. Then use a gentle cleanser; Aires swears by Environ.

Drink water.

Dehydration makes skin appear dull and exaggerates problems like wrinkles and dark circles. Keep a gallon of water by your bed, and refill a water bottle throughout the day to keep you sipping. “I like to add a pinch of Himalayan salt so my skin stays hydrated and energized,” Aires says.

Embrace moisturizers, masks, serums and sunscreen.

Serums help even out your skin tone and firm up skin; apply one after cleansing and before your morning moisturizer. Make room for a face mask a few times a week. “Masks are a great way to reset and re-energize the skin,” says Aires. And don’t leave the house without sunscreen. (One thing to skip? Makeup wipes for everyday use. Keep these in your gym bag for post-workout wipe-downs only.)


A great skin-care regime doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Aires makes her own body scrubs with coconut oil, jojoba oil, sea salt, and a few drops of sage, jasmine and geranium essential oils. Use once a week for full-body exfoliation.

Published as “How to Get Glowy Skin” in the August 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.